A proposed class and collective action has been filed against MasTec, Inc. on behalf of Massachusetts and Connecticut satellite installation technicians who were allegedly subject to unlawful wage deductions. At the end of every week, we have to turn in a timecard saying when we started and finished for the day.

Why? As a technician the chargebacks are phenominally rediculous. Then after having to follow other techs around at my own gas expense for weeks...no other training than that. I RESPONDED TO A ADVERTISEMENT PROMISING... © 2004-2020 ComplaintsBoard.com.

By signing this form I certify: (there are actually 5 different lines here but I am pulling this from line 4 in bold print) I UNDERSTAND NO MASTEC EMPLOYEE, INCLUDING MANAGERS AND SUPERVISORS, IS AUTHORIZED TO INSTRUCT ME TO INCORRECTLY REPORT MY WORKING TIME, MEAL PERIODS OR ABSENCES FROM WORK.

New to ClassAction.org? This is a direct sentence from the front of the timecard. They tell us that we get paid piece work, so we are not able to claim our hours for driving to, and from, the first and last job of the day even if it is 2 hours away. Also funny how MasTec takes the brunt of the blame... ha! So, now I am required to drive for 2 hours to my first job for free, and another 2 hours home from my last job for free. From the lawsuit: The suit goes on to allege that while MasTec purports to offer technicians “enhanced piecework rates” for certain categories of work, the company has never paid the plaintiff at any such rates. ClassAction.org is a group of online professionals (designers, developers and writers) with years of experience in the legal industry. Resolved MASTEC — Rude and/or Untrained Technicians. I have seen and worked for some really bad companies over the years but this outfit takes a cake. MASTEC Complaints & Reviews. DirecTV and Mastec have used deceptive business practices to gain an unfair business advantage against the very workers providing installation services. According to the lawsuit, technicians often worked up to six days per week, totaling 60 hours per week, without proper overtime wages. by Corrado Rizzi. It would make me sick. Imagine this past check when I get charged $30 for phone lines, yet over 50% of the new installs I did in that period had no phone service, or refused to allow the phone line to be connected to the reciever.

They claim it's from call backs, which they just so happened to have gotten in a 2 day time span which was like I said $400 worth. Somebody please tell me how this is ethical.

A lot of the dates that they said he did the service on were way past his 90 day period where he would be responsible for those clients, so they really had no business messing with his money. Directv keep apologizing and rescheduled. I can't even imagine how much money they have screwed me out of up to this point. All of the above comments are true! By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Complaints Board’s Terms and Conditions. There need to be options. Now, in order to figure out which cable goes to which unit, they all have to be "re-toned", which is extra time and money. Of course, everyday the drive time is not like this, but if you figure out how many hours per week your getting screwed out of, it doesn't make you very happy. Something seriously needs to be done about this!
431 MasTec reviews.

I would just like to add something else that is going on right now. Purchased an 'original' 1940s Greetings Card from a seller on Etsy... AT&T / Direc TV Bundle My Services - overcharged, Direct TV - very poor service and unacceptable contract, Direct TV - someone elso opened an account with my last name and address, Direct TV - failure to get proper credits on my bill, Bank of The Philippine Islands [BPI] - Finance charges, fraud, not much assistance, Doris A Campagna and Richard D Lauersdorf - Harasser, mocker, theft, forgery, impersonation, took communcation away from me.
I been waiting to get an upgrade from Directv for the last 3 months with no luck.

Alberto Torresini and Araya Cha are the brains of scams in Thailand. Also, I know about the charge backs for phone-lines from experience. And it was only around $80! This browser does not support PDFs. Total rip off companies Mastec Advanced technologies and Directv all the all complaints seen above are true to this day in 2015. Last Updated on October 10, 2018.

To reach lead tech you have to get 3 out of 4 of the categories within thier determined percentages. Citing potential violations of state labor laws and the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), the case claims MasTec assigned the plaintiff and roughly 100 other technicians installation and repair jobs to be compensated at a per-job piece rate. For example, we have a multistory building and one of their techs decided to cut the ends off all the cables, which happened to be numbered. My husband was a subcontractor for Mastec. Started end of Nov. didn't get paid until AFTER XMAS!!! I have been charged back for service calls where the problem resided in the piece of junk refurbished recievers that Direct TV places into the field at new prices. I would hate to be the guy who has to retone all the lines.


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