","highalch":false,"weight":0,"lowalch":false,"tradeable":"no","examine":"There's treasure inside!","noteable":"no"}. The first roll has a 1/14 (or 50/693 with tier 4 luck) chance of hitting the rare table below. This is the minimum amount (2 for easy, 3 for medium, 4 for hard and elite), with the result of a 0-2 roll added. Bag of clues: Ring of coins: Ring of trees: Black, blue, green round glasses: Black, blue, or green stylish glasses: Black, blue, or green half-moon spectacles: Adamant, rune, dragonstone, onyx, or hydrix dragon mask:

If all other rolls fail, coins are received. Sealed clue scrolls also match this new colouring. These are discussed here and then the chances of each item follow in another table. Each clue tier, when completed, first decides how many rewards are given. They are obtained by opening a sealed clue scroll (master). In addition, the 5 animal masks share one droptable slot, as do the male/female variants of elegant clothing (2 per slot) and main-/off-hand briefcases. When opening a master casket, there are a total of 6 rolls that occur. However, as the mechanics were not expanded upon in the same way as hards and elites, further analysis will not be done. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. They are obtained by opening a sealed clue scroll (master). Find out the specific drop rates on master clue items here! Since it is equally likely to be 0, 1, or 2, the average is 1, so the average number of rewards the clue will give is the minimum plus one. When opening a Elite/Hard/Medium/Easy Casket you have the following chance to get a Master Clue. When rolling these slots: 1/85 chance to get a Third Age dye, followed by a 1/60 chance to get an effigy cape, followed by a 1/30 chance to get a backstab cape, with a crystal triskellion fragment received if all rolls fail. In order for the casket to not despawn, the player's inventory had to be set up in a specific way with a specific final clue step and challenge. RuneScape 3 - 10,000 Hard Clue Casket Rewards with Mods Simon and James! 10,000 Easy + Medium Clue Loots - RuneScape Stream Highlight, 10,000 Hard Clue Loots - RuneScape Stream Highlight, 10,000 Elite Clue Loots - RuneScape Stream Highlight, https://runescape.fandom.com/wiki/Treasure_Trails/Rewards?oldid=21923466, The first roll is against the common reward table, Most of the slots contain the 'common' rewards of the clue (runes, normal staves, normal gear, materials, etc); none of these are clue-specific rewards, One slot leads to the rare table for that clue, If the global or rare table is obtained, another roll is performed, Depending on the result of the second roll, a third (or more) roll may be performed to determine precise rewards, All of the following items occupy one droptable slot on the rare table directly; a third roll is not performed, The items grouped together are grouped for comparison only, they are not grouped in the table itself, The parts of the gilded rune set take 1 slot each (5 total), 4 slots are used by each potion set (1 slot each for 15 super energy, 15 super restore, 15 antifire, and 5 super 'sets' [attack, strength, defence]), 1 slot is a starved ancient effigy (or 2,500 coins if 5 effigies are already owned). Note: All rarities listed below assume you have tier 4 luck. When rolling these slots: 1/2 chance for either a Robin Hood upgrade or a Mystic Staff upgrade token.

Master clue rewards: Show all possible level specific rewards (grayed out). This resulted in a flood of valuable items, and was quickly hotfixed after discovery. ), And if... that fails, you get given a Master reroll token (yay!). 1 of them will be on a dedicated table. * Elite: RuneScape Twitch channel.

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