Marigold grows all over the United States and is known for its yellow and orange flowers. Adult longtailed mealybugs on houseplant leaf. That is the exact stuff I use to make my DIY insecticidal soap to kill pests like mealybugs on my plants. Fill a spray bottle with the anti-mealybug solution, shake well and spray your plant liberally to kill the white bugs. This won’t reach the mealybugs that are deep in the soil eating the roots, but it will kill off any mealybugs that are near the soil surface. Your email address will not be published.

Mealybugs are a type of insect belonging to the family Pseudococcidae. This is better for smaller and localized infestations only. The ants don’t eat the mealybugs, unless they’re dead, but will often carry them and disperse them through all your plants. Biological control suppliers (pdf document). Mealybugs can weaken plants and excrete a sticky substance (honeydew) on foliage, which allows the growth of sooty moulds.

It’s easy to mistake them for white plant fungus. You’ll want to first test it on a localized area such as one or two of these before you spray the whole plant.

So just when you think you have conquered the beast, they will come out of hiding and re-infest your houseplant when you’re not looking. Mealybugs suck sap from plants and then excrete the excess sugars as a substance called honeydew.

Mealybugs spread in multiple ways. It seems like overnight there’s white cottony growth on plants that appeared out of nowhere. Hence, the first things you need to do in case you have ants on your basil is to look for aphids or other plant-eater insects such as mealybugs. You can mix neem oil and dish soap to make an effective pesticide at home. I spray it with 7 and it keeps coming back, what kind of bug ? Thus, increasing the infestation. Some mealybugs are brown or even cream-colored. Protect your garden They’ll suck out the sap from your plants and leave behind a honeydew residue, which will only further damage your plant by attracting other bugs. Mealybugs have special glands on their body that produce this wax and give them their signature white appearance.
I never add alcohol to my spray because the soapy water works very well. It is best to avoid using chemical pesticides to kill mealybugs. When you use garden tools on an infected plant and then use it again on a clean plant, the mealybugs can transfer from one plant to the other.

But if you want to get rid of them all together, then I would add neem oil into the mix. A forceful jet of water can help to remove as many mealybugs from your plant as possible. Fortunately, if you act quickly to eliminate mealybugs, you can save your plant and limit the damage. The most effective oils were the citrus oils from the lemon and orange peels. If it’s OK, then continue applying.

Their only job is to find female mealybugs and fertilize them.

Rubbing alcohol is another effective way to kill mealybugs at home. Mealybugs often come from new houseplants you bring home. My green thumb comes from my parents, and I've been gardening most of my life.

The University of Wisconsin reports that mealybugs cause “stunting, chlorosis, defoliation and wilting” of plants. There is plenty to try and utilize.
Mature females will lay up to 500 eggs in a single egg clutch. This will kill a large number of the mealybugs, and help to give you the upper hand.

So, skip the toxic stuff and use the safer pest control methods listed below instead! The white cottony mealybug eggs stick to leaves, bark, or twigs.

Since then, the pink hibiscus mealybug has been eating up many of Florida’s cash crops and has done extensive damage to them. But people will soon find out that this fungus moves around and is eating up their plant. Follow these organic mealybug treatment methods to kill them, also learn how to prevent mealybugs …

The best way to attract these natural predators is to grow plants that naturally attract them.


The force of water should be enough to dislodge the majority of the tiny white plant bugs. Dish soap has always been an effective home remedy to get rid of pests. Do the research, and buy the one that looks the most appealing to you.

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