Any info someone has would be great. Once you’re down to about 20% pad or less, the pads will cock themselves in the caliper diagonally. Knocking on wood, my 560 is a wonderful car. cher à réparer! The reason for that is that a bargain can very quickly prove to be no bargain at all if you get into extensive repairs right away. Check in the oil filler for score lines on the camshaft – worn cams make a clacking noise and new ones can take some sourcing, with four different specs for the 500 alone. Don’t forget these are plastic radiators and they can’t withstand certain chemicals in other coolants. Open hood, put on normal (down arrow only filled in).

You can almost expect a problem here. if(webogold_ok==1){webogold_zpi(WEBO_ZONE,WEBO_PAGE,101850);}. mais seulement au ralentis et à la réaccélération Fewer and fewer are showing up on MB dealers lots, don’t forget they have slid out the bottom of the Kelly Blue book. That 250KPH/155MPH speedometer is not “political promises”—the car will get almost all the way to the end of that range.

You’ll want a PPI for sure. classiques de luxe tout en ayant des accessoires modernes tel But from a lack of maintenance by able wallets. It was almost the final insult. ; claquements continus= arbre à cames. It exudes sturdiness and quality of build, rather than lounge-lizard comfort – and despite its bulk, it is lighter and more fuel-efficient than you might expect. New parts are expensive, so buy a project at your peril: the highest-priced car you find may in fact be the best bet in the long run, financially. The back muffler on my ’87 420 was CDN at the dealer several years ago. Judge of a man by his questions rather than by his answers. Based on my conversations with other Mercedes owners in questions posed to the lists I would do the following things: Now then: I would shy away from one needing body work. lbs. Repeat on both sides, and check that rear seat adjuster functions, Check steering wheel in-out adjuster (switch on column, left side), Check all window switches for up-down without grinding or binding, Check radio, and see that antenna goes up and down when switching radio on and off, Check dash panel warning lights—should be lit with engine stopped, all except SRS go out when started, SRS goes out in less than 10 seconds. None in particular. Keeps my nozzles from clogging and keeps the windshield clean. paille (de 15,00 euros à 180,00 euros la piece, voir +)! Use a “degreasing” detergent like Dawn or one that says it “cuts grease” on the label.

Window won’t move, but motor runs: Les voitures Mercedes Benz W126 ont produit pendant 12 ans et ont produit environ un million, ce qui est encore un record pour la Mercedes-Benz S-classe. In the sunlight of the next day, post purchase, it was apparent the car was not pristine. It looks like a hose with a piece of wire wrapped around in a coil-like shape. Il y avait beaucoup d'autres petites choses agréables qui sont maintenant oubliées, en se concentrant sur le divertissement multimédia et se livrant à un mauvais style de conduite. Restoration was going to be a slow process but, once I started, I couldn’t stop! These cars are highway machines, and don’t really come into their own until you hit 65-70 mph. Make sure it works before closing the trunk!! These cars ask for a yearly brake fluid flush, radiator fluid ought to be changed every other year USE ONLY Mercedes coolant). These are common problem areas on the W126. You can expect to pay c£800 to rebuild the metering head and warm-up regulator, which commonly fail on cars left unused for long periods. Gas+amp screws=BOOM! One is my winter vehicle and a highly modified Porsche 911 twin turbo. Also the rear windows don't go down or the sunroof doesn't open. s'affaisse sur le krick ou si vous entendez des craquements suspect, "Losing! Most pros will just look at the car and listen to it running, and decide whether to go further. Can't seem to get it. The damnest thing is it drove beautifully smoothly when I took it for a test drive. Shifts should be positive, not “soggy.” Try kickback/kickdown (downshift on throttle opening).

etc..... En second lieu vous

Then re-screw the cap and it should fix the problem. My 300SEL served me well for years. Rear brakes: She gave me plenty of warning re impending apocalypse, but I was too busy near literally throwing pounds sterling out of the sunroof to pay appropriate attention. Combien de voitures Don’t forget to run a CARFAX report on the car, ( on the internet), ask the dealer for a Vehicle Master Inquiry on it – to show all repairs done at a dealer, under warranty, then you should call 1-800-For Mercedes and ask them to give you a copy of the original window sticker-that will also show you the dealer first delivered to. Maybe one day I'll buy her again, mustering a smile for my nostalgic tale. Whack the other tip with a hammer (seriously).

Also the rear windows don't go down or the sunroof doesn't open. If it doesn’t click off, it will leak cold air. Look at both taillights when on and see if they look different (one has a light were the other doesn’t). Mercedes W126 s'appelle le mécanicien automobile préféré. Accueil; Liste des membres; Documentation Technique ; Brochures et Presse; Liens Utiles; Règles; Inscription ; Identification; Vous n'êtes pas identifié(e).

Ajoutez votre avis sur les MERCEDES-BENZ COUPÉ-SEC (W126) Lire notre guide d'achat sur les MERCEDES-BENZ COUPÉ-SEC (W126) Avis du 13/02/2005 : ex proprietaire de voitures "semi collection" : 911 2,7 s 1975 / 911 sc 3 l 1981 prepare par mezznarie / ferrari mondial 3.2l 1989 et a trois reprises mercedes 280 se auto puis 300 se auto 1990 et donc deux coupes 560 , le premier enversion amg … Xt_i += 'src=" Annonces occasions MERCEDES-BENZ

It’s only natural. The S class is the “staff car” down there. The word ‘new’ should perk up their ears. They’ll know you’re serious this way. à réglage électrique asservie à la There are many very well maintained examples of these cars around, so unless the provenance is good and all service records are available for your review showing not only normal O&F changes, but all the normal stuff that should have been fixed over the last 13 years, I’d be wary. Pull out (comes out at an angle, doesn’t pull straight out) and look at the length of the brushes (two rectangular rods with curved tips). This is a restoration project. caractéristique des meilleurs fabrications Allemandes. : Before buying my car I spoke to a person at Hatch & Sons who told me that starting in ’89 the camshafts had a harder surface and therefore weren’t as prone to failure, but I’ve never been able to confirm that point, so not sure if it’s correct or not. One thing I forgot, and it is important: Change the timing chain, tensioner & guide rails at 100,000 miles. If somehow they’ve errr… become separated from the car’, separate yourself from the premises. Les premiers modèles Mercedes W126 ont été introduits en 1979. If the chain stretches and breaks or jumps the rail (more often on the left side) it will cause a huge mess- a engine rebuild could be the result. systeme de gonflage du dossier orthopédique doivent fonctionner Keep working the switch back & forth while cleaning. Was this teutonic Christine up to her old tricks? And like any 126 chassis S class, the suspension should be quiet & as solid as a rock; the self-leveling hydraulic system on this car is wonderful. This is super expensive to have done to the proper standard. of torque, * 2.47:1 rear axle ratio with limited-slip. Then the caliper seizes. Both of these cars are BEAUTIFUL to own and drive – provided they don’t plague you with annoying (and costly) problems that are CERTAIN to arise if the books are not up to date. These are amazing cars and well worth doing up in the long run though; there is little to compare in terms of luxury and performance from this time period. Some members have had great experiences with Anco blades, but I find the MB ones to work perfectly. Check kickdown to first, 1-2 upshift may be abrupt, Check steering—should go straight ahead and not drift to one side; wheel should be centered. doivent être parfaits et tous d'un écartement équivalent.

Par commande, des limousines étendues ont été faites, et en 1981, le coupé Mercedes W126 régulier avec un corps à deux portes a été montré. Clunking from front end going over bumps: If you feel it passes these preliminary checks, then take it to a pro and spend some money to get a proper pre-purchase inspection. Look at the air filter element. de bord (option très rare! Six hours at a professional detailer & you’d swear that that ‘pig in waiting’ has never seen daylight, like it just arrived from Germany, gorgeous, breath-taking, looks like it’s never been sat in. The engine alternatives offered from the beginning was: 1986 A much-improved W126 coupe is launched with the following new/revised additions: * Driver’s side airbag now standard instead of optional, * An all-new climate control system with re-circulation mode, * Sunroof tilt/slide mechanism relocated to the roof header panel, * Newer center console with revised power window switches, * Newer VDO gauges with smaller lettering and brighter orange reflectivity, * 5.6L engine producing 238hp, 279ft.

So treat them like you would the rest of the paint on your car — don’t spray or use anything on the rims you wouldn’t feel comfortable using on the hood! Les derniers sujets MERCEDES-BENZ sur le Forum, Lire notre guide d'achat MERCEDES-BENZ COUPÉ-SEC (W126) I’d change the rear pads (they’re cheap and last for years!) Motor mounts last at least 50k but should be watched, Wheel alignment perhaps each 12k – if necessary This may sound like a lot but it is preventative maintenance and you will be rewarded with a reliable car if you take care of it.

if the trunk linkage becomes loose & sloppy, you can’t open it by pushing the button.

que les horribles moulures d'ailes chromées qui gardaient Do a panic stop from 25 mph. Everything works as normal, but the little bit of slack in the pedal is eliminated, so the light will stay off. est blanche?

This may seem like a lot BUT if you care for the car well it ought to last you forever and look new all the time.

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