Benjamin had gotten upset at school (Kindergarten) and told us about it. Mike rarely smiled or laughed, unless it was at the expense of others with sarcastic, cutting remarks meant to degrade them. As a matter of fact, the first thing I know, he’s on my mom, screaming at her, screaming profanities, yelling at her, “You b-i-t-c-h!” And with such hatred. He would tell him that he was too small physically, that he should be a certain way. I presume that most people checking in on this site will have seen the video footage and the posts and sworn testimony of Mike Rinder viciously attacking and injuring his former wife. He screamed profanities at her, held her down with the strongest grip that he could, so she couldn’t move, and actually so he could break her shoulder, essentially, and hurt her arm. I remember him seeing one of my friends and insensitively saying, “She’s pretty.” I can’t think of one time he complimented my looks or said something nice like that about me. So we go to see him in Florida. He didn’t even care about his own mother. Despite generous attempts by seniors to help him straighten out and come clean, Rinder eventually deserted his church, his wife of over thirty years and his two children and skulked off. I really didn’t. I worked with or around Mike for many years. Mike was smug and would tell me to quit being a “scaredy cat.” He forced me to climb a tall ladder and stood there and said he wasn’t leaving until I did it. Bio Media Advocacy Recognition Blog Activist. And now life entails working around that pain and helping my mom be as happy and as physically well as she can be considering the circumstances of the permanent damage. Later Mike Rinder and I shared an office so I spent many years knowing him. I kept asking him about this. He would scream, he would shout, get very angry, and just was not pleasant to be around. Good riddance. Writer. My son told me years ago that he was unable to handle the fact that Mike berated the way he looked. Mike acted demeaning toward me and as if I was weird for being so upset. He was surly to the extreme, rarely smiled and when he did it was usually at someone else’s expense after he had said something particularly derogatory to or about them in their presence. And I want the support of Mike Rinder to end. Ms. Catherine Bernardini and her children (Taryn Kelly Teutsch and Benjamin Rinder) informed A+E that by hiring Mike Rinder they were supporting an abusive father and husband who abandoned his son who was faced with life-threatening cancer. Mike Rinder had a terrible time dealing with women in a professional setting. He gave me the distinct feeling I had done something wrong, was a bad person, and that he did not love me. Mike Rinder chose to abandon a son, a daughter, a wife of three decades, a brother and even his mother in the years before she died. And I will support her for sure, for as long as it takes. It was embarrassing working for him as he would regularly get caught in a lie. My husband of 35 years was physically assaulting me. Mike purposefully picked on this gentleman and made less of him constantly. It can be violence, neglect or years of abusive comments from a loveless parent who believes his children can do nothing right. She is damaged for life because of Mike Rinder. I may have been blind to it when it was all happening, but I, of anyone…. We went to reconcile this as a family. One night Mike Rinder was driving home from the office and I hitched a ride with him. My Background . You belittled and harassed my brother and me both physically and emotionally, while abusing our mother. There was an elderly staff member Mike used to work with, one of the nicest people in the world. I'm writing this from firsthand knowledge, having worked with him for a long period. I “froze” and he didn’t care. I have a specific incident to relate which illustrates how Mike Rinder could lose his temper, way out of proportion to circumstances. “Unarmed assault. And this is all in the face of the pandemic. Benjamin from early on knew that Mike didn’t give a sh_t about him or actually care or show any affection. The only time Mike seemed to show interest in our daughter was when he thought he could use it to flirt with girls. Mike Rinder is easily the most evil person I have ever met. I want her pain to end. Husband forcefully grabbed her by the arm.” — Paramedic Report. I knew Mike Rinder and worked with him for 30 years, and this was probably 20, 25 years into our being colleagues. I have had a lot of time to review the 38 years I knew and was married to Mike Rinder. At first I thought Mike’s snide remarks and bad jokes about girls was just a teenage boy being stupid and trying to be witty. And he was holding onto her arms and he was cracking her shoulder and causing her flesh wounds and damage and nerve damage and injuring her for life. Even though Mike never asked about me and my brother once after he deserted us, or cared if we were okay, the fact that he was gone made no difference in our lives because he was never there for us as kids. A black man walked out to service us and he seemed to be limping. And he’s the only person in the last 24 years that I’ve been on Church staff who’s punched me. He treated others as beneath him. When I went into labor I called Mike who said he was too busy. I want Mike Rinder to tell the truth about it. I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and the doctor told my husband that I had only a number of months to live. Mike’s mother and father (Ian and Barbara) used to travel from Australia to America, every six months, to visit. Don’t make the mistake of assuming this was a one-time occurrence. Legal Consultant. It has been said that Mike Rinder was often caught sound asleep at his desk in the middle of the day. I know what it is like to experience the threat of possibly being sent to jail for using Scientology to help others. I worried about my kids. Mike Rinder is a sexist. I fell and was on the ground. Thank you for your continued support. Now available. Just fully 100% deserted our family and my brother, my mom, his family, his mother, his brother, sister that all live in Australia and he left. He was having trouble with his phone (so he said) and told me to go under the desk and see if it was something with the connection to the box. He put down our son Benjamin as a kid. When Mike Rinder wants something, he’s as sweet as can be, smiling, sucking up and fluttering his eyelashes like a Southern belle. He didn’t attend her funeral and was nowhere to be found when his son was battling life-threatening cancer. I was about to give birth to our first child, and he showed no interest or emotion. One time I tried to visit my father, Mike Rinder, at work. She’s damaged for life. I remember very vividly standing there and seeing it and thinking to myself: “He wants to hurt her, he wants to hurt her. It was plain as day. An analysis of Mike Rinder: In retrospect of the last 38 years and Mike’s despicable actions of late, I realized that the Mike Rinder today is actually how Mike always has been. This is a misconception because I have seen this practice at work during the time when I worked with Mike Rinder, all the way up to the moment he left. I can relate the following about Mike Rinder. While at boarding school different parents would come each week and see their children. I have never ever worked with someone like Mike Rinder. Mike Rinder Blog, Video, Photos, Biography, Pics, Links | Mike Rinder is a former executive of the Church of Scientology who was removed from his position for incompetence and gross malfeasance. I really didn’t understand why my dad wouldn’t come see me. There were also flesh wounds. Despite generous attempts by seniors to help him straighten out and come clean, Rinder eventually deserted his church, his wife of over thirty years and his two children and skulked off. A+E has ignored this family’s right to privacy and right to uphold truth. Mike Rinder was the best man at my wedding in 1997. I believed in the institution of marriage. While I cannot speak from any vast personal knowledge of Mike, I have seen what his cruelty has done to members of his own family.”, “I am Mike Rinder’s daughter. We went to Copenhagen, and it was a big deal for me and I was eager to go out and learn everything I could. Proudly created and updated by Taryn Teutsch, #4 - 10 THINGS But not Mike. He treated me as his lackey. It gave him a sick pleasure, whether it was calling someone I worked with named Lester “The Molester,” or taunting a friend of mine who had very curly hair about her looks.

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