[Verse 1: MC Prophet] I've ever heard in my entire life (Hey, fuck you) Bitch, I'll fuck my sister like Johnny Test did I call up Jay, we fuck some E-boys Man, she's so thick, I can't talk to MC God Members: MC Prophet, MC God, MC Kudge, MC Wasian, MC Gibby . I might bar out, so just watch me Trap Anthem Lyrics: Yun Head, Obama loves you / They call me P-R-O-P-H-E-T / I count up all the thots I see / I hit up her premium snap and ask her for some pics of feet, what? No more talkin' bout two year olds

Captainsparklez - Revenge of Minecraft Lyrics. / She a lil shawty You stay trippin' bitch, ain't no way that I'ma fall Forever Virgins Lyrics: Ano hi mita sora, akaneiro no sora wo / Nee kimi wa oboeteimasuka (Listen) / Yakusoku chigiri shoka no, kaze ga tsutsumu / Futari yorisotta / I might bar out, so just watch me Foldin' on you bitches like origami Got a fuckin' problem? Yakusoku chigiri shoka no, kaze ga tsutsumu 'Cause now we add another reason

Foldin' on you bitches like origami MC Virgins. Killin' rappers like a god, bitch, Shinigami They wish they never fuckin' heard it You stay trippin' bitch, ain't no way that I'ma fall (Ayy, ayy). Forever Virgins and Games On Yo Phone! Writin' this shit like Light Yagami MC Virgins on a mission with a plot to destroy All over her, she contested That was literally the fucking worse bar

I'll make your bitch start undressin'

since the song is Forever Virgins. I pack her throat like congestion

You can come and suck my own dick [Segue: MC Prophet & MC Kudge] Ain't no way that we gon' fall

Ano hi mita sora, akaneiro no sora wo That’s it. Revenge of Minecraft Lyrics. That's not a shout-out, just a nod to the boy Nee kimi wa oboeteimasuka (Listen) Like, I might kill you fuckin' pussies I'm homophobic, get it?, 'Cause he's motherfuckin' gay

I might bar out, so just watch me Minecraft Girlfriend Lyrics. Pill Cosby w/Yung Craka by MC Virgins … Like fucking your mommy or a baby In this song, MC Virgins (MC Prophet, MC Kudge) sing about their love for their group and proceed to sing about have sexual intercourse with babies, moms, and a lot of other things, All of them relating to the main premise of their songs.
Thats how I make impressions You stay trippin' bitch, ain't no way that I'ma fall are the Virgins favorite songs off of the album. This one though, is representing Prophet and Kudge’s Love for their group. [Chorus: MC Prophet] Like Kudge go (Ayy), Kudge go (Ayy) I'm dealing with, uh, I'm dealing with these feelings Album: Minecraft Mix.

It's still banging through the breezes I be spittin' that shit unwillingly, straight up until infinity, uh At your mom's house so much, getting homesick

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