Refer section 27.3 of the General Retail Industry Award. Once a decision is made, the Commission will issue a statement and we will make any necessary updates required. Refer section 20.8(b) of the General Retail Industry Award. which days of the week the employee will work; the actual starting and finishing times of each day. Refer section 27.3 of the General Retail Industry Award. Further, a new rule 29.4(b) Evening Work for casual non-shiftworkers has also been created to reflect the rate changes of casual evening work after 6pm. Implicitly, this also means overtime can be converted to TIL by using the 'TIL of OT' employee tag, and this has also been reflected in the rules. A check or direct deposit? The award has been updated to reflect the High Court's decision on the accrual of personal/carer's leave which overturns the decision made by the Full Federal Court of Australia, with personal/carer's leave being calculated on working days not hours. to ensure no overtime will be paid when leave is taken. For further information about the general retail industry award, refer to General Retail Industry Award, Installing and Configuring the Pre-Built Award Package. Refer section 20.6 of the General Retail Industry Award. For details on how to install and configure this Pre-built Award Template, please review the detailed help article here. The minimum break between shift pay category penalty rates for Casuals have also been updated to reflect advice given by the Fair Work Ombudsman that the rate is double the base rate plus the casual loading rate for working any day or time of the week. These changes come into effect from the first full pay period on or after 1 July 2019. The changes apply from the first full pay period on or after 1 October 2019. Any time worked after the end times on Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Sunday will be deemed overtime. What is the best part of working at Instacart? Further information can be found at ATO. The pay condition rule sets for General Retail Permanent Non-Shift Workers, Retail (Newagencies) Permanent Non-Shift Workers, Baking Production Permanent Workers, Extended Hrs Retail Permanent Non-Shift Workers, and General Permanent Shiftworkers have been updated in line with clause 21.2(e) to ensure that Public Holiday overtime is paid at 250% for permanent employees for all overtime worked on a Public Holiday. Further, the Leave Allowance Templates have been updated to ensure this new leave category is enabled and is now accessible for employees to take this leave when required. The 5 day entitlement renews each 12 months of employment but does not accumulate if the leave is not used. Typically, how long does it take from the time you apply until you can start working? Also, new Leave Allowance Templates (LATs) have been created specific to 10 days accrual per year for each state and the LATs have been attached to the current Employment Agreements for selection options for an employee's LAT in their Employee Default Pay Run screen. Choose this work type when annual leave was taken, Choose this work type when carer’s leave was taken, Choose this work type when compassionate leave was taken, Choose this work type when long service leave was taken, Choose this work type when sick leave was taken, Choose this work type when time in lieu was taken. The Top Up rule pay condition for Part-Time employees have been updated to ensure that the top up of hours worked by the employee to their agreed standard hours as per clause 12.2 of the Award, includes any leave taken within the shift period. 52 weeks minus 5.6 weeks - the time the employee is on holiday). Please note that these changes affect the following Managed Award templates: The changes are a replacement of Clause 29.2 - Overtime to include overtime paid for casuals. An employee that was required to work more than 4 hour of overtime with less than 24 hours’ notice and not provided with a meal should add 1 unit of this allowance to their shift. Also, the rule sets have been updated, where necessary, to include/exclude the work type and leave category to some pay conditions. The determination for the new clauses in the award are specific to penalty rates and can be found here.

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