Ben will ask for Vitamin Explosion Yogurt with Guarana before he draws up his resume. Unfortunately, that means she and Lucas can never be together again, but Lucas’s view on love has changed for the better. Requirements: 1 Tea with Saffron, Galangal, and Anise for Bill; 1 Bavarian Coffee with Rose, Saffron and Cardamom for Mary or 50 gems. However, Mary is now very curious about the identity of her real father. Unfortunately, something happens during the fishing trip and Petrovich returns asking for an Americano with Saffron and Cardamom to calm him down so he can tell the story. Surfing class didn't go so well. Each will decline the invite (Bill because he's in love with Mary, Margaret because she has been married 13 times and is tired of going to weddings, Koffksy because he cannot afford a gift and Watson because work has been busy. He returned to the fishing spot to find Jennifer and when she comes to the coffee shop she says she barely got any sleep. While that’s great for Bill, it’s bad news for Ron and his team. If you do not give him the diamonds, you can persuade Donald to help out, and the mayor will convince the bank to give Koffsky more time for the current month's payment. Watson informs you that the girl he saved from thugs was exactly Alice Carroll, and that she's also the girl Koffsky was in love with. Rewards: Pink Gift from Koffsky, Blue Gift from Alice, If you choose Clyde's Cadillac, he asks for. Focus on maxing out Ann’s All Item Prices skill so you can raise how much your menu items cost. Jennifer invites Mike over to her house and the music producer is confident it’s to propose a truce. After some back and forth, you learn that Petrovich made quite and impression at the party but that Felicia's bosses asked her to choose between her job and Petrovich. He asks for an Americano with Saffron and Cardamom to help his aching muscles. When you talk with Ron he tells you he had been kidnapped in broad daylight and blindfolded. He decides to return Bill's computer instead even though this makes him look like a fool. Great instructions, fun play, and interaction with the customers makes this fun. It seems that Mike got the idea from Cleo’s music video to apologize to Jennifer and she accepted it. Now that he has the house to himself, however, Koffsky shares that he has his own ideas for the show. 22.1 Chronicle of a Certain Madness; 22.2 Winners Can't Be Losers; 23 Level 26. The girl turns out to be Alice, Koffsky's love. Then both men leave immediately, even if you didn't realized their orders yet. When Watson returns to the coffee shop, he says there was a mix-up when he arrested Edward. Manage time properly to operate your own worldwide restaurant chain! Purchase the very expensive couch. When you talk to Bill again, he tells you a name-based search didn’t turn up any results for Clyde's children, although there have only been two children raised by single mothers in the town in the last 20 years. Kevin is no longer a suspect, thanks to your help so he rewards you with a Simple Gift. They’ve even come up with a title: “The Universe of Our Love.” Lucas is in charge of working on the logic problems while Emily is finishing writing the script. You can look at the catalog, and even experiment with one or two items from a style. You suggest there might be a connection between the prankster now and the one back then, but Henry tells you that’s impossible because he was the one who had pranked them all, jokingly calling himself “Bloody Henry.” He admits he never meant it to go as far as it did and sincerely regrets it, that’s why he’s hoping the time machine Lucas has been diligently working on for the last month will be finished soon. However, this “scoop” is nothing compared to what she said next: that she’s Mary’s biological mother! Also, apparently, dogs can sense ghosts so, later, you borrow Cleo's dog, Marshmallow, which remains calm. No spoilers for what happens there ;). Turns out, the new customer isn’t a criminal at all, but a celebrity who goes by the name “Workhorse.” When you talk to the new customer, he asks for a Invigorating Tea and introduces himself as Clyde Bowen. But he isn’t the only one the ghost visited. Requirements: a Britsh Berry Pudding with Star Anise for Kevin to start talking, then a tier 3 Plant before she can come to visit; Spicy East Tea with Nutmeg and Cardamom for Bill; a Chocolate Cake with Tapioca, Hazelnuts, and Honey for Emily; Rewards: 2 gems from Kevin for the plant, then 5 gems when you reserve him the tickets. Carl tells you the next recipe fragment is apparently back in the archives too, this time in Corwin Mulligan’s file, Donald’s grandfather. Alice is tired of her humdrum routine and wants to find something to be passionate about. He put the sandwich on the ground and grabbed the ring it dropped. She then tries to call Mike, but he’s too busy to even take her call. You advise her to ask for Margaret's help. Become the leader of your own township or join a township of your friend. She even fulfilled the ridiculous requirements from Cream Hall by exploiting some loopholes thanks to the help of Felicia and Petrovich. Her mother has never liked any of her other exes, but Felicia wants things to be different with Petrovich. Pink Gift and another Pink Gift if you pick her (2nd Pink Gift at level 16). His mom used to tell him if you wanted something, you could get it if only you visualized it. Petrovich wants a Iceberg Yoghurt. Mary gives you a blue gift after the wedding rehearsal fiasco. When you tell Petrovich where the missing fountain is, he says Felicia had planned a make-up dinner for her mother and Petrovich so they could start getting along, but now he’s going to give the woman a piece of his mind for stealing the fountain. For his part, Donald isn’t entirely convinced and says you should talk to Elsa and let her know since she was scared to death of Bloody Penny. He wants to get in touch with his family again and apologize to his father for how he acted when he was young, but he needs a recipe for cinnamon buns. Using Bill’s knowledge of chess and Ron’s affinity for soccer, they create a soccer play that will ensure their win against the Wild Oysters. Unfortunately, Lucas doesn’t feel the same way: Emily failed his compatibility test and now he’s shying away from talking to her about it. Clyde has some bad news: his and Koffsky’s show isn’t doing too well, but they say they’ve got a plan in the works to bring it back. *, From this you get to choose one of the three couches and keep it for the cafe! Ask clients about their past, learn their stories and help Olivia to protect the innocent! Donald hires Daisy as the manager of his real estate company. When you talk with him he’s daydreaming about winning the soccer championship. Requirements: Wooden Table for Two, Carnations and Cheesecake for Mary's wedding reception. They end up making a bet: if Mike doesn’t get the video ready in a week, he’ll have to move away, but if he does manage to finish it, Cleo’s music video will be shown at the start of the ceremony and Jennifer will have to pick up trash around town. He'll sell you your café back and will give you a Blue Gift. When you speak with the mayor, she says the park that she loves is about to be torn down to make way for a mall. Petrovich swore he didn't touch it. If they pick Jennifer she becomes the new mayor. Watson can't quite prove it yet, but getting Bill to confess may mitigate his punishment. But also mentions it'd be great to go on a picnic out of town or at a park. After giving your answer, Emily tells you to talk to Donald and see what his impression of Stage 2 is. 20 Level 23. After your customers return to the coffee shop following the fake fire alarm, Emily tells you she’s come up with new riddles and wants to test them on you. Gives you 1 diamond. How many corners does the table have now? To his surprise, when he checks the video ratings it appears that Koffsky won! For example Koffsky (the guy in the black suit) can give you hints about recipe combinations if you answer his questions correctly which are pretty easy. Seeing her so depressed, you offer to make her a Canelé with Vanilla and Saffron. You'll also get a Gold Gift from Olivia and a Pink Gift from Jennifer. Koffsky gives you 600 diamonds if you lent him 500 earlier. He’s determined to pay her back for the hotel fiasco. Now that she is single, Bill would like to ask her on a date but does not dare speak to her. What's happening in the concert hall.2. Unlock new recipes, buy cool coffee machines and adjust prices to attract visitors. Bill says he'll propose with the ultimate marriage proposal. However, on her way to speak with him, she bumps into Cleo who asks her to give Lucas the Synchrophasotron Fun back. When you see Koffsky again, he tells you about Watson's odd reaction. Ben is also released and for a Summer Raspberry Cake he will agree to give Ron some humour lessons. The news that the elderly man in the gray hat is Clyde Bowen made a strong impression on Elsa. pizzachoco21 . From the case photos, you recognize the necklace in one of them as the same one Margaret is wearing. I LOVE the stories!!! When you speak with the former chef again, he still doesn’t have a plan for getting out of his difficult financial situation. Comfort is in the details! He asks you to make him an Iced Latte to help him collect his thoughts. Mar 6, 2019. Mike confirms all of this but the bad food part. My Cafe - Restaurant Game Rewards: Pink Gift from Koffsky, 5 diamonds from Watson. Whether to calm his anxiety or to fulfill his latest celebrity whim, Clyde asks you for a Muffin before he meets with his daughter. But when he goes to apologize, Felicia’s mother ignores him completely. The first interpretation will lead to more people asking for the same favor. When you talk to Henry, he thinks that there’s a prankster in their midst. Police investigated to know where the money was but she didn't have any. Chocolate Cake – Level 17: Chocolate Cake; Recipes My Cafe Recipes & Stories – Cakes II. Gives you 3 diamonds. I recommend getting this game. On the first day working on Stage 1 of the quest, Emily gets a big surprise from Lucas: a cup of coffee and flowers! Through this feature you can order spices and fulfill takeouts for additional income. He decides to stand by Alice's side no matter what. However there are other recipes that you’ll have to either guess or look around in the customer dialogue for clues. This time, he’s going to hack into Koffsky's security system with help from Bill. Although he wasn’t able to track her down himself, Cleo saw Clyde’s childhood sweetheart. Unbeknownst to Koffsky, he asked him where Clyde dug up that old tune. cherry . Quests are indicated by a gem at the end of the sentence when you check them in your text log. The DJ is currently planning a crazy outdoor party. Throwing a huge party might help her since it worked for her roommate back in college, and Jennifer asks you to talk to Cleo. Requirements: Croissant with Cream for Margaret, Requirements: Tea with Cardamom, Milk and Lemon for Bill, either Vietnamese-Style Iced Coffee with Tapioca for Margaret, either Adrenalino with Guarana for Petrovich, Tibetan Tea with Anise and Cinnamon for Mary's cat, Requirements: Americano with Nutmeg and Whipped Cream for Watson, Rose Tea for Watson. There, Petrovich proposes to her with a little help from Felicia’s mother who hands him the proposal ring he nearly forgot. Note: There is no penalty for incorrectly answering any of the questions. He is very excited to show Clyde all the new tech he’s bought for their show. In an attempt to pass on the message, Koffsky did the same to Clyde and the musician stood up suddenly, complaining that it was too hot in the room.

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