You first need to decide if you can spend the rest of your life like this to know if you have a future. I’m guilty of this too! If you had ever made an effort to actually connect with her before, she might have been willing to open up to you now that she needs someone. I'm just like your girlfriend. You meet up with your girlfriend and she doesn't seem to know if you've been having a rough day. Everyone is welcome but intolerance is not. And then she'd take a shower, put her clothes on and leave. It takes consistent attention and work to maintain. She and I also like a lot of the same kind of stuff. This is honestly the best relationship I've ever had. You wish you will be happy when you're with the one you love. You ask her where she's going but she won't answer. When you found out that her grandfather died and she hadn't told you, you just stayed hanging out with your "bros" (while making sure to blame them for not going to see her). She doesn't care how it makes you jealous when she's having fun with the other people but not you. 10 Things She’s Secretly Thinking About Your Penis. Seems like, she's a bad influence for you. She only knows you are her boyfriend. You call your girlfriend to come over your place but she says she's busy. If you're looking to build and maintain a happy, healthy relationship, you should be aware that it takes more than just ~love~ to make things last: partners also need to … I wonder if she's not just really attached to being the "cool girl". "I hope she doesn't take this as an invitation to open up too much, I'm actually fine if she's distant bc it gives me freedom" Gee, I don't know, I'm sure you haven't said anything to make her feel like she needs to be reserved or closed off. If she’s just a friend with benefits, you need to know that ASAP. If after a A YEAR of being "together", she doesn't want to meet your family, you have only but "shallow" conversations, and her friends know about her life struggles, but you don't, there's something going on here. She can't tell if you're having a bad day. She always looks for a reason that doesn't make sense. I'll keep you updated if anything else happens. You ask your girlfriend about what to do but she says that whatever you do only bothers you. Not only is my gf incredibly hot fun, sex with her is the best I've ever had. Anonymous says: at number 4 and number 7 all the way here man. Plus she's great in bed! 10. by Men's Fitness Editors Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) She asked how I found out and I told her. Everyone is welcome but intolerance is not. Everything you do is never right for her. When you haven't eaten yet, she doesn't get you food or at least reminds you to get something to eat. This could happen before you reach that deep stage of love. She doesn't congratulate you when you achieve something, She doesn't look for you when you're away, She doesn't call you when you're not around, She doesn't look you in the eyes while talking, Your parents don't think she really loves you. You're complaining how she acts the way she wants, goes out often, makes you jealous. She keeps your car's apartment's key so she can use them anytime she wants. This OP reads like a form letter. Girlfriend won’t tell me what’s wrong. She doesn't display any on the other signs of cheating like hiding/spending too much time … She doesn’t want to teach you how to be the sort of man that will be attractive to her, because she will then be taking on the role of “mother” or “big sister” to you, which will destroy her feelings of sexual attraction for you. It sounds like you love the emotional distance and so does she. You take her to your parents' house cause you want to introduce her to your parents. Moreover, don't waste your time loving someone who don't give a damn about you. Reading your description of normal Girlfriends not giving you freedom and being dramatic is kind of concerning. Ask why she’s not comfortable sharing info with you or you with her family. You want to see her but she says she can't. I once asked her to meet mine, she said she wasn't ready. I was a bit confused as to why she would phrase it that way. Being yourself is really attractive and you don't want to sacrifice yourself (dignity, self respect) for her needs. Seems like, she doesn't want you to know what she's doing and going to. Not talking about your life would be a sign. She's too busy with her own things and she goes out often. She told me to go back to bed and she'd be there when she was sleepy. 19. You seem to really like her. Those are signs that your girlfriend doesn't love you anymore. Besides, I married a "needy" woman, and she's not going to call me repeatedly when I'm out. Seems like, she doesn't want you to know what she's doing and going to. Insecure people are negative, and they love misery. She wants to hang out with her friends who are boys. But, this time she didn't leave afterwards. However, this goes beyond that. If her friends are aware of her major life events and you aren't, then you aren't actually her boyfriend. She makes you doubt if she really loves you or not. But with her, the happiness isn't there. They Share Your Important Values. But, I spoke to her when she came over yesterday and asked why she didn't tell me about her grandfather's death. If it isn't some kind of parody, then you are not a good boyfriend and you've brought this situation on yourself. Don’t jump to the conclusion that your girlfriend doesn’t want a relationship anymore just because feelings are distant and attraction seems to be fading away. Thank you. A possibility is that the feelings between the two of you really have changed. Sounds like progress. I don’t know if you’ve had a bad experience and see girlfriends through that lens? It is definitely a problem, or potential problem. If I'm still upset and say nothing's wrong, don't ask again. You just said she never complains and is really easy to get along with. Let her know how you feel about things so far and ask her where she sits on the relationship. It sounds like you guys communicate just fine sexually. She could be really hurting or having a serious issue and you should definitely be one person she should be able to turn to. She asked "how is she holding up?" Sounds like maybe she's also afraid of being a burden. Nobody's perfect, neither are you. My friends have often told me they envy my relationship and the kind of freedom I have while still having a hot ass gf. Have you tried talking to her about her lack of communication? You would have had a taste of it by now if she has that personality. You Don't Find A Happiness When You're With Her, 18. She never nags, never complains about shit, never cries or makes drama. Sometimes she cracks and tells me but I don’t want to be the guys who is always asking what’s wrong when she is saying nothing even though something is clearly wrong. So let me start off my thanking all of you for all the advice and kind words. Your girlfriend doesn't seem to see how much you're worth it. Lead the conversation. "Why doesn't my girlfriend tell me things or share her life with me?" I don't want to sound rude or anything but your post makes it seem like she doesn't think you're in a relationship. You call her your girlfriend, but you aren't really describing that kind of relationship. “Values” can feel like a big word, but in a nutshell, values are the … u/hamstershoulders is spot on: communication is key. And they all had gone to his funeral. But the truth is, not really. If it is the same or worse, go away. You want to tell someone how your day was and how much you're happy to be where you are. I think it’s referred to as “paralysis by analysis” it’s a symptom of anxiety. But, whenever you're with her you can't seem to find a happiness you've been hoping when you first met her. It worries you that you will fail if you choose the wrong one. She doesn't care about you. She Only Comes To You When She Needs You, 13. 20. Information about your device and internet connection, including your IP address, Browsing and search activity while using Verizon Media websites and apps. It sounds like the boyfriend is acting like a confused little boy and doesn't know how to give his girlfriend the respect and space they she deserves. Maybe she's afraid of cracking that facade and she'll no longer be the cool girl to you; she'll just be like all those other girls who get emotional and "complain about shit". Are you worried that this isn't your dream relationship? (pun intended), I read both stories and honestly I don't think you are her only bf my guy. One thing that has been consistent for the time we have been together is that when something upsets her she turns into a totally different person. She becomes very quiet and cut off from everyone. It's caused problems in my marriage, but it's just how I am though I'm working on it. Plus she's actually a good gf in other areas. She Doesn't Take Care Of You. I can deal with cold and distant, but I'm gonna run AWAY screaming if she turns into my friend's gf who calls like 5 times when just us guys are hanging out. Plus there's the stuff I mentioned in my last post about her not being a drama queen LOL. She seems happy whenever she hangs out with her friends. To enable Verizon Media and our partners to process your personal data select 'I agree', or select 'Manage settings' for more information and to manage your choices. The first person you want to share your happiness and sadness is your girlfriend. Be there for her when she needs it because this is life: shit happens. She told me she doesn't think it will effect me as I didn't know him. How to Get a Guy to Notice You Without Talking to Him at School. We've been together for almost a year and I haven't met her family. I mean, she's always fine so I couldn't fault that logic. Or is it the same? The fact that she wouldn’t tell you about a death in her almost immediate family and won’t introduce you after a year says WARNING. I would take time to see what's really going on with you and why you're not satisfied with your dream woman. She makes good money and always pays for herself on dates (she insists) . If she isn’t used to sharing, it may take some time to even out and your perfect drama free relationship may take some time to get to a manageable place. She smiled a little and again said "OK". Sometimes, eyes speak more than a mouth can. She told me she doesn't think it will effect me as I didn't know him. Whenever you're with her, she asks you to buy her shoes, clothes, bag, food and any other material things. She lost her grandfather and didn't tell you, so you're going to have to press her, but you don't want her to write you off as intrusive, controlling, demanding, etc. You ask her where she's going but she won't answer. If I get mad, I get quiet. You ask her to stay home cause it's not good for her to go out at night. You choose her to be the person you get through things with. I had no clue about this, she never mentioned it. Good luck to you and your friend. I really appreciate it. I really though that maybe she and her grandfather weren't close and it wasn't a big deal to her. You want her to feel like she can rely on you. If it’s important to you (seems to be) then it’s worth the work and you get closer to that every day. Let me start by saying that I have a great gf. Again, we communicate. Glad it’s starting to work out. She barely listens to what you want her to know.

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