"[30] But general shooting broke out almost immediately. Newton Jasper Earp (October 7, 1837 – December 18, 1928) was the eldest child of Nicholas Porter Earp, patriarch of the famous Earp family.While he was the little-known half-brother of Old West lawmen Wyatt, Virgil, and Morgan Earp, Newton remained close to his father and half-siblings, residing in Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, California, Nevada and Arizona near other members of the Earp family. In 1859, he was tried and convicted of bootlegging.

[10][7], After Earp's return from the American Civil War, he married Nancy Jane Adam in Marion County, Missouri on 12 Sep 1865.

Nicholas was unable to pay the court-imposed fines following his trial, and a lien was levied against the Earp's property. [8], Following the outbreak of the Civil War, Earp enlisted in the Union Army (along with both James and Virgil) on November 11, 1861.

Newton Jasper Earp (October 7, 1837 – December 18, 1928) was the eldest child of Nicholas Porter Earp, patriarch of the famous Earp family.

Not long after their brothers Jim and Morgan left the family in San Bernardino and headed for the mining towns of Montana.

Virgil was eventually exonerated of wrongdoing, but his reputation suffered thereafter.

James then lived for a short time in Shoshone County, Idaho, until settling permanently by 1890 in California. [1], Soon after his birth, the family moved from Virginia to Hartford, Kentucky in 1813, where Nicholas spent the rest of his childhood.

Newton married Nancy Jane (Jennie) Adam sometime between 1865 and 1868.

He became embroiled in the conflict between the Earp lawmen and a loose federation of outlaw Cowboys. [7][9], He was promoted to fourth sergeant on January 1, 1865. The Earps may have hoped to keep the job in the family one way or another.

Brother of Nathan T. Earp and Mary (Mariah) Ann Earp

[13], Their new farm consisted of 160 acres (0.65 km2), and was 7 miles (11 km) northeast of Pella, Iowa.

His mother died when he was two. James accompanied Morgan's body to the family home in Colton, California.[25].

J[onathan] D. EARP. James Cooksey Earp …

[9], On December 28, 1881, his brother Virgil Earp was ambushed and gravely wounded.

[13] Nicholas returned to Illinois and the family left for California but their daughter Martha, became ill and died. Virgil and Newton served the entire war, fighting several battles in the east with Newton mustering out of the Army on June 26, 1865 in Louisville, Kentucky. Once in California, Newton originally worked as a saloon manager. [5] Nicholas' mother, Martha Ann Early, was born in Avery County, North Carolina, on August 28, 1790. d'un demi-million, contient des milliers de photos et plus d'un [11] Descendants Newton Earp. The wagon train was initially composed of the Earp family plus three other families from Pella: the Rousseaus, the Hamiltons, and the Curtises.

Virgil and Newton, however, served the entire war.

37 [abt 1813] M North Carolina Cooper & Farmer Earp Virginia A. ISBN 0-944383-50-5. [5], Nicholas originally intended to become a lawyer like his father, before moving his law practice and his family from North Carolina to Kentucky, where he took up farming.

Wyatt won by 137 votes to Newton's 108, but their father Nicholas lost the election for justice of the peace in a very close four-way race. He was instructed by Dake to move to Tombstone to help resolve ongoing problems with outlaw Cowboys. In Sept. 1886 he was married to … He and the other Earp brothers had received death threats earlier in the day.

The Real Wyatt Earp: A Documentary Biography.

Mariah Ann Earp 1839-1839 Half-siblings. He married Jennie (last name unknown) in 1854. On December 1, 1879, he and Nellie joined his brothers Wyatt and Virgil and their wives in Tombstone in the Arizona Territory. [7] In December 1847, Nicholas was a 33-year-old dragoon sergeant when he was kicked by a mule and seriously injured.

They became embroiled in a conflict with outlaw Cowboys that led to a confrontation and shootout on October 26, 1881, later known as the Gunfight at the O.K. Daughter Effie May and wife Jennie both died on March 29, 1898 in Paradise Hill, Nevada, also known as Paradise Valley.

After another Earp family relocation to California, Newton became a carpenter, building homes in northern California as well as northwestern Nevada. Earp served with Company F of the Fourth Cavalry, Iowa Volunteers. Some time prior to 1880, Nicholas and Virginia Earp moved back to California, settling in San Bernardino County.

They had two children: On July 30, 1840, Nicholas married Virginia Ann Cooksey in Hartford, Kentucky. Only 13 years old, Wyatt was too young to enlist, but he tried on several occasions to run away and enlist. https://www.thefamouspeople.com/profiles/morgan-earp-35219.php James was badly wounded in a battle near Fredericktown, Missouri and returned home only months after his enlistment.

Each time his father found him and brought him home. He was in the Union army during the Civil War, serving as a part of the 4th Iowa Cavalry, and eventually mustered out with the rank of corporal. After Newton and Jennie returned to the midwest in 1868, this time in Lamar, Missouri, Earp took up farming.

He was charged by Ike Clanton with murder, but during a month-long preliminary hearing, Judge Wells Spicer ruled that they had acted within the law and dismissed the charges.

Seven more wagons joined them during the trip. We are

Now a widower and single father, Nicholas married local girl Virginia Cooksey, in July of the following year.

aged 91 years old. The Geneanet family trees are powered by Geneweb 7.0.

The birth of Wyatt was followed by Mary Elizabeth, born also August 25, in Kansas, 1875; Mary Elizabeth later died at 10 years of age in 1885. James Earp died of natural causes in San Bernardino, California, on January 25, 1926. His new wife, the widow of Ambrose Peck Alexander (1825–1884), was 50 years old. Separated by only three and five years respectively, Earp and half-brothers James and Virgil, were close for their entire lives; Newton named his first-born son (born in August 25, 1872) after his not-yet-famous younger brother, Wyatt, and his second son (born April 19, 1880) after his younger brother Virgil. James Newton Earp was born Feb. 26, 1840 near Green Castle, Indiana and died Oct. 25, 1920 near Clarence, Mo., aged 80 years, 7 months, 29 days. 13 [abt 1837] M Kentucky [attended school] Earp James C. 7 [abt 1843] M Kentucky [attended school] Earp Virgil W. 6 [abt 1844] M Kentucky [attended school] Earp Martha E. 5 [abt 1845] F Illinois [7], Earp and family returned to the Midwest in 1868, first settling in Lamar, Missouri, where Earp took up farming. Unlike his more famous brothers, he never entered into law enforcement. Three days after the O.K. [5], Newton was born in Ohio County, Kentucky, to Nicholas Earp and his first wife, Abigail Storm. [3][4] He was said to have hunted buffalo in 1873 near Peace, Kansas. His mother died when he was two.

In 1871 he moved to Kansas, near the town of Stearling, Rice County where he was a farmer and pioneer settler, and thence to Garden City, in which town he rose quickly, becoming marshal for some time. Nicholas was also one of the founders of the San Bernardino Society of California Pioneers.

Nicholas Porter Earp (September 6, 1813 – February 12, 1907) was the father of well-known Western lawmen Virgil, Wyatt, and Morgan, and their lesser-known brothers James, Newton and Warren Earp. Adelia married William Thomas Edwards in Rice County, Kansas in 1877.

"[17], This evening Mr. Earp had another rippet [sic] with his son Warren [for] fighting [with] Jimmy Hatten.

29 [abt 1821] F Kentucky Earp Newton J. Shortly after the birth of Virgil two years later, the family (which included Newton, a half brother born during Nick’s first marriage) moved from Kentucky to Monmouth, Illinois. He is buried in West Los Angeles at the Los Angeles National Cemetery. Newton mustered out of the Army on June 26, 1865, in Louisville, Kentucky.

They named their first-born son (born on August 25, 1872) after his not-yet-famous younger brother, Wyatt; and their second son (born April 19, 1880) after his younger brother, Virgil. Daughter Effie May and wife Jennie both died on March 29, 1898 in Paradise Hill, Nevada, also known as Paradise Valley.

[32], In 1898 Virgil was startled to receive a letter from a Mrs. Levi Law, who turned out to be his long-lost daughter who had disappeared with her mother while Virgil fought in the Civil War. Morgan and Warren on the other hand, were much younger and never particularly close to their older half-brother. He is buried in Sacramento's East Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery. On October 30, 1880, after town marshal Fred White was accidentally shot and killed by outlaw and gunman "Curly Bill" Brocius, Virgil was for a while both Tombstone town marshal and Deputy U.S.

The 1880 United States Census shows the Nicholas Earp household included Warren and Morgan and his wife Louisa ("Lou"). He married Jennie (last name unknown) in 1854.

He was the eldest child of Nicholas Porter Earp and Abigail Storm. California, Death Index, 1930 - 1939.

Five years later, he married Rosella Dragoo (b. January 3, 1845, France) on August 28, 1870 in Lamar, Missouri.

Abigail died at the early age of 26 on October 8, 1839 in Hartford, Kentucky and just eight months following the birth of their second child, daughter Mariah Ann Earp. ... Siblings.

The Earps had five children: Effie May, Wyatt Clyde, Mary Elizabeth, Alice Abigail, and Virgil Edwin.

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