Alice McDermott, Pulitzer Prize winner for That Night; At Weddings and Wakes; After This (1988; 1993; 2007) Fifteenth century variant, "Alys". Alice, title character in 1972 song Slack Alice My name's Alycia and I was named for my Aunt Alice. The name Alice appears on the comeback by the 100-year rule, and expect the name to rise further in popularity now with the Twilight series, as one of the main vampire characters in the popular series. She hates the name and says it's "low-class", and sees it as completely different from "pretty names" like Alison and Alicia. I wish I had been named Alicia or Alison or something like that! Alice Neel - American painter Hottest Topics -- Last 30 Days   November. My daughter's name too, she was born this December and people always say it's not heard very much anymore. Ceci, maybe. Allyson Alice), Olympic bronze medalist in cycling-track (2012) One of the downsides is that everyone thinks you’re over 50. Meanings and history of the name Alice. Sigh.

Alice name diminutives: List of possible nicknames, name diminutives for Alice.

The humorous housekeeper on "The Brady Bunch" She’s starting at a new preschool soon where there is another Alice in the class. Why should you come up with a nickname, OP? Alice, title character in 2010 song Alice

DD is two and named Alice. I would insist on that. Blessed Alicja Kotowska (a.k.a. Beautiful, sweet name.

Adalheidis was contracted to Adalheid, which the French changed to Adelaide, then contracted to Adaliz, and contracted yet again to Aaliz, Alia, and Alix. Below you'll find name ideas for Alice with different categories depending on your needs. Ace Is alice? Mara – A nickname for a Mary that is your good friend. Alice is such a beautiful and perfect name. Mary Lou – A popular Mary nickname. PART OF WILD SKY MEDIA | Family & Parenting. PRONOUNCED: AL-is (English), a-LEES (French), ah-LEE-che (Italian). Blessed Alix Le Clercq (a.k.a Alice) ?-1622 How about Al, Lilly, Lisa, Lissa, CC, Issa.

Alice, title character in 2011 book The Liberation of Alice Love Alice, title character in 1985 book The Agony of Alice

Alice, title character in 2007 book Still Alice Alice, title character in 1950 book A Town Like Alice

According to Wikipedia: Alice is a feminine given name used primarily in English and French. Alice Zenobia Richmond - Daughter of Tina Fey and Jeff Richmond Alice, Shakespearian character from Henry V A name that has evolved through a series of variants of the Germanic Adalheidis, a compound name composed of the elements adal (noble, nobility) and heid (kind, sort): hence, "noble one." Alice Hamilton - Physician and authority on lead poisoning and industrial disease. Alice, title character in 1967 song Alice's Restaurant Massacree

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