Kai is the focus character.

Ninjago Divided Timeline Season 13 (subtitled Battle Tendency) is a completely original story.Lloyd is the focus character for this season, and Sovrano Supremo is the main antagonist.

Ninjago Epilogue: Episode 2 The War On Ninjago City, Season 13: The End of Fire and Ice Episode Transcript List, https://ninjago-fanon.fandom.com/wiki/Season_13:_The_End_of_Fire_and_Ice?oldid=121370. Kai encounters an unknown person calling himself The Chronicler, together, they begin to travel the Abyssal Realm for an escape.

He battles them with his ability that the Ninja soon realize is not only an ability, but a physical manifestation of the man's fighting spirit-- he calls this ability the Pied Piper. The five Ninja are now tasked with locating two more Stand Arrows, but they have no idea where to look.

The Ninja, being powerless, cannot stop Zane.

Vengetron: Perhaps you failed to notice, but I am no ordinary Oni. Pied Piper's ability, which is to hypnotize his enemies to lure them into his trap, ends up luring Jay and Nya into a ditch. As Lloyd is about to fail to Zane, Kai finds the Reversal Blade in Lloyd's sword sheath in his room behind his bed in a secret compartment. Kai and Manticore find the Dragon King's nest. Using Zane's powers, Supremo freezes each of the Ninja in their place and takes the remaining two Stand Arrows.

Discussing the Realms they know about. Kai is captured by Manticore, seeking to gain control over the mythical Dragon King, he forces Kai to lead him to it.

Lloyd: I starting to think Kai's father isn't much a threat. What’s so bad about it anyway?”. Ninjago Divided Timeline Season 13 (subtitled Battle Tendency) is a completely original story.

The five Ninja sat together, gathered in a circle as Cole told his scary story. He tells them that this side of Ninjago's history is better kept in the dark. He doesn't even know the full extent of his own powers yet. Who are these villains? He has unlocked a new ability within American Zero... Not only is he able to access 'memories' or 'remnants' of the Prime Timeline, but he is able to access it in it's entirety. Supremo reveals two Stand Arrows in his hands, as he ordered another Stand User after Brady to steal it from the museum. Suddenly, the Ninja are attacked from above, as another enemy prepares to battle them. Jay: Holy... How are we suppose to fight someone like that.

A shame you're going to die for your betrayal. Now I have to check it out! Meanwhile, the Oni Warlords march upon Ninjago City, with their massive titan backing their force, all seems lost.

He underestimated the Ninja's combined strength. Sensei Wu.

Kai: There is one last thing we haven't done yet.

Season 14: Time Repeats Itself

Zane: Cole, I do not think it is wise to smart talk against our foe. Lloyd: I can feel it, it's powerful, very powerful. The two slowly open up to each other, discovering that perhaps, old hate can be forgotten and a new era can start. He looks up to find a remnant or 'memory' of Zane from the Prime Timeline, standing in front of them.

This way, he would be able to achieve his "prime," at "absolute zero."

Season 13: The End of Fire and Ice Author The Ninja rush to the Monastery where Zane has held Kai hostage and has set the Monastery into an Ice Fortress.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The first fight goes on, and the Ninja are loosing the fight. On the walls are carvings telling the tale of a meteorite having fallen to Ninjago long ago, and inside possessed untapped potential. However, from behind him, he hears Lloyd scoff. When the Ninja are forced to retreat, Kai is left behind and is tortured to tell Zane the whereabouts of the Reversal blade, hidden in Season 7.

off of a fan-made suit made by Ninjajaynuva on Instagram.

A problem that's answer comes when Kai arrives upon the back of the Dragon King with the other Fusion Dragons being ridden by Sarcusis. No matter where they go, a Stand User will follow them. Years prior, another explorer attended the same temple and found the same arrow and was overcome with the same urge to stab himself. Meanwhile, Vengetron takes Skylor captive to an Oni Temple. The 13th season of LEGO Ninjago Masters Of Spinjitzu is the 1st season to start off a new arc of the show.

Vengetron: Did you really think that'd work? After learning about an ancient ruin in Southern Ninjago that is said to lead people to go missing, the five Ninja depart on a journey to explain the mystery of this temple.

Hatewave: And what will The Omega do when he gets his hands on Kai? I won't let your child grow up without his or her father. The other Oni Warlords arrive in Ninjago with their forces.

Unfortunately, they find another enemy Stand User has beat them to it.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

And I will ensure that he never does.

So I sent him away to a dark place where he'd be greeted with revenge. The name Sovrano Supremo means "supreme ruler" in Italian, which is a reference to the fact that three out of the 6 or 7 JoJo villains are Italian.

Lloyd's mind must go back through recurring and terrible thoughts to find the location of the time blade.

Jay defeats Aidan, and the Ninja's colors return to normal. (Vengetron's eyes glow bright and his skin radiates with red mist). Zane: It would be wise to remain ready for a fight.

Jay: So what now, Kai told his adopted daughter, Kaya to take Nya to some secret location that we will never know about. Season 13: Into The Departed Realm

Each Ninja suit is stylized much like a JoJo character, with the exception of Lloyd. When he is touched by it, he is seemingly possessed, and forces each of the Ninja to draw blood on this sharp material. He calls himself Supremo, and the Ninja made a grave mistake investigating the ancient temple. Hoping to gain their alliance for the impending Oni invasion. Vengetron and the Oni Warlords serve as the antagonist while the Oni serve as the villainous faction. The Ninja are tempted to journey into an ancient temple, only to find themselves with brand new abilities with untapped potential, and that there are other people out there with powers like them.

The second Oni invasion has come. His goal was to return Ninjago to it's prime: 'absolute zero.' Hatewave: Brother, The Omega is powerful. He has taken Wu hostage, and swears he will kill him if he does not reveal the location of the third arrow.

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