this boat is not an exact duplicate of the many thousands and thousands Whalers with dealer-delivered Mercury outboards were not as common.

Boats that spent most of their time on a He used a method of trial and error, laying fiberglass on the bottom of the hull in the morning and running the boat behind his house when the glass cured. Also if your ever interested in selling let me know. Eastport. ][by whom?] For each hull, the factory published a chart All motorboats (and certain other boat types) under 20 feet (6.1 m), manufactured for sale in the United States are required by law to have positive flotation, such that a completely swamped boat will still float. This is an older model that launched in 1968 and was sold as new through 1975. Some boats have been heavily used in commercial or rental service, while but were there one, assuming the new prices didn't keep rising,

However, the best part is you can typically, buy one for under $15,000 and there’s very little depreciation since it’s already so old.

Reselling? Fisher tested the boat all that summer and thought it was “the greatest thing ever”. I don't know of any formula-based solution for assessing the depreciation, Shop carefully, keeping these guidelines in mind, and I am sure you will find the right boat for your budget and needs. Boats vary widely in their condition. That leads to consistent awards and accolades from people who know. I used a one part polyurethane sealer from Interlux called Compass Clear which turned out great. Get your Montauk ready for the summer! The pictures listed in this post show a boat I purchased a few years ago. Richard "Dick" Fisher graduated from Harvard University in 1936. That deck often softens over time because it’s reinforced with plywood and the plywood tends to rot. motor. Galvanized steel or aluminum construction is preferred and is more common Your observations will decide how thorough your restoration will be, mine needed all new paint, wood, and a new motor. Find A Dealer Enter Zip: 2013 - - 130 Super Sport. The appearance of small spider-like cracks in the gelcoat is common. The one I’m going to focus on is the Outrage 18/19 — … For further information on how we use cookies and how to change your browser settings, please read our Cookie Policy. Another source of delamination is improper mounting of large and heavy For some models of Classic Boston Whaler, there is no equivalent Condition, especially for these "older" hulls, is more a factor in price than age. I did three coats of the white topside and two coats of bottom paint starting with the topside. Look over the interior of the boat carefully, The process that gives the hull its combination of strength and light weight depends upon the integrity of the Uni-bond construction.

First, make sure the area where you apply it is clean, then peel the backing off and stick it on, take care that it is parallel to the rub rail. The boat wound up costing me $20,000 all-in. A few, like the runabout boat i'd like to have. The outlet of the drain is always underwater and should be properly With a storied history and a forward-looking present, Boston Whaler is in a class all its own.

The stencil number just identifies the hull; the hull identification number identifies the completed boat: what the hull became with additional components like seats, railings, and consoles added to it. Few boat manufacturers can accurately say they’re “legendary,” but Boston Whaler can certainly make the claim. © 2020. Improved facilities and technology have allowed for more and larger boats—including the flagship 420 Outrage. There are many variables here to consider. A reliable trailer is a necessity for enjoyable trailer-boat boating. The construction of a Boston Whaler is unique in the boating industry. A used trailer does not retain great value, but they often represent only a small portion of the purchase price, especially with smaller boats. two effects will be noticed. I have a 1987 Outrage 18' that I have owned for 24 years. Hunt recognized potential in the process, however he did not feel the design was particularly suited to sailboats. If the interior foam has been soaked with water One of these tests was to run the 13-foot (4.0 m) boat from Cohasset, Massachusetts to New Bedford and back, which is roughly 120 miles (190 km). Underneath it is a layer of laminates with a bluish cast. A frequently lost item is the front hatch cover, often replaced with something homemade. For stories, product first looks and offers. So when you do see a boat that you want and the price is reasonable,

It is not uncommon

However, Hickman thought his design needed no modifications. (wood, whale board, aluminum, or melamine) embedded underneath the laminate The boat is a 1990 Boston Whaler Outrage 19. 1985 Boston whaler - 17 montauk. Boston Whaler boats were fabricated with excellent gelcoat, and even 25-year-old boats can maintain a like new appearance with proper care.

The tanks are prone to water intrusion so special consideration should be taken when inspecting a potential boat to buy. LIFE magazine documented the whole thing, and the legend was born.

Once you have sanded all the filled areas, go over the boat with another round of filler for the areas you missed and sand again after. I'm getting ready to restore a 13' Boston Whaler.
Generally a ten-year-old outboard engine is only worth a fraction of its new price. At a minimum, the outboard should demonstrated by being run on ear-muffs hose adaptors. The rub rail on my Whaler was pretty dilapidated so I decided to replace it entirely. I sanded mine by hand and it took several hours, the most menial part of the restoration. With what I know now about laminate and gelcoat repair, I could have easily fixed that boat up in a few weekends to almost factory original condition. 1989 Boston Whaler Super Sport with 1987 70hp Yamaha. This website uses cookies to enhance and improve your browsing experience. beware of hidden internal corrosion, particularly in the central frame member. It is a subsidiary of the Brunswick Boat Group, a division of the Brunswick Corporation.Boston Whalers were originally produced in Massachusetts, hence the name, but today are manufactured in Edgewater, Florida They usually are good indicators of the care given to the engine. nauset. Unauthorized reproduction prohibited! Since I’m a classic Whaler enthusiast I intended to buy a new motor and mount the correct center console for that boat.

for used Boston Whaler boats to sell for more than their original price, The greatest depreciation occurs within the first few years, then decreases after that.

Next put some caulk in the holes for the bottom two bolts then hammer them through and tighten. Now lets get started with bringing this heap of a legend back to its former glory! be seen visually by looking for waviness in areas of smooth gelcoat. Ironically, it is often quite easy to sell an used trailer as there seems to be a ready market of bargain hunters looking for inexpensive trailers.

A twenty year old marine radio is probably worthless. Generally a ten-year-old outboard engine is only worth a fraction of its new price. is not too steep. It was a slight leap of faith but for the price I paid ($6,000) it was worth the risk. I need to repair some holes first before I try to restore. I started with the exterior paint and bottom paint, then did the interior. Boats that have spent a great deal of their life in the water are most

in bad condition. Very cool! Replacement 17-foot (5.2 m) Boston Whaler Montauk in 2002 Boston Whaler is an American boat manufacturer. To ensure that it is parallel, I measured and used masking tape. Here’s where Boston Whaler came from, where it is headed, and a few of the accolades we’ve collected along the way. What does it need? left in them. I rolled it on simply because it was quicker.

The reason for this, according to him, was the 9-inch-wide (23 cm) sole throwing spray into the boat. Should I worry about those hairline cracks or will the fairing compound fill them in? I do it because most “boaters” rarely use their boats and the last thing you need is having a very expensive boat depreciate and deteriorate from non-use. I'd love to restore a little boat like this someday. to help give you the best experience we can. With your friends help, hold the motor in place on the transom and hammer the top two bolts through and tighten them down. Thanks for the details. List per Page: Results: 1 - 45 of 45 . It is normal to find an older Boston Whaler with a much newer engine. Find Boston Whaler boats for sale in your area & across the world on YachtWorld. and have not rotted, amazing restoration can be accomplished. All mahogany parts have been fabricated utilizing the original Boston Whaler drawings, but with modern improvements that will ensure longevity. If the design did not work, he would bring it back to his house and start over. On a 25-year old package of boat-engine-trailer, if you figure that you're only paying $250 for the outboard, $100 for the trailer, and $0 for the electronics, you'll be able to see the real price-value of the hull.

What are you restoring it for? may also affect the price.

Are the original elements of the boat--the interior pieces--intact and available? The same goes for old depth sounders, old fish finders, old LORANs, old speedometers, and all the other electronics that you are likely to find installed. and to use an appropriate number of smaller screws to distribute the load. Seating, railing, lighting. Refinished mahogany console, bench seat and anchor locker hatch with annual varnish work to all mahogany. Browsing through the 1988 catalogue, you will see dozens of photographs of the various boats, powered mainly by OMC engines, with Yamaha a distant second, and Mercury a rare third. Even recently purchased electronics like GPS receivers suffer depreciation because of the rapid advancement and technologic development of these devices. You'll want your older Boston Whaler to look classic, and undoing a lot of poor work will take time and money.

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