The complex includes The Park Centre for Mental Health (former Wolston Park Hospital), Basil Stafford Centre, Wacol Rehabilitation Centre (male and female), Wacol Repatriation Pavilion, Barrett Psychiatric Centre and the John Oxley Centre. [1], Lewis House, McDonnell House and Noble House (all 1915) are ward buildings of similar design, located along Barrett Drive. The physical evolution of the site highlights these changes as the complex has developed incrementally across the substantial 450hectare reserve, rather than intensively in layers in one area. On the eastern side the buildings overlook lawns and the cricket oval. (Both bathroom blocks remain, one of which is now known as Dawson Annexe). The complex also has social significance for the Queensland community in general, being synonymous with the treatment of mental illness in the State.[1]. Wolston Park Hospital Complex was listed on the Queensland Heritage Register on 21 October 1992 having satisfied the following criteria.[1]. While aesthetically pleasing gardens and views were considered parts of the therapeutic process, the grounds were also important to the public image of the institution. Go to Table The eastern elevation runs parallel to the street and has regular sets of tall windows grouped in threes. The self-contained nature of the place is reflected in the range of buildings and facilities on the site including ward accommodation, health and hospital facilities, administration buildings, staff quarters, recreation facilities, chapels and service buildings such as kitchens, laundries and a powerhouse. The building has two interior staircases, a lift and an external concrete fire escape stair. Dark brick additions with flat roofs run the full length of the building on both the east and west elevations and accommodate smaller recreation rooms and a kitchen. [1], Postwar elements include Dawson House (1944), the Female Recreation Area encompassing the cafeteria (1955), workroom (1950) and shelter sheds (1955). The Recreation Hall was erected in 1890 and was used as a sewing room by female patients during the days and was also available for dances, concerts and church services. I was running a organisation since 2011 to which I was the founder and president, up until January 2020 where I lost my treasurer to illness. Moral treatment marked a major turning point in an understanding of madness and insanity. Care in the design of hospital buildings and grounds reflects efforts to mitigate the stigma attached to mental illness, while at the same time the substantial and formal character of many of the buildings demonstrates strong State control and regulation of mentally ill people in Queensland.[1]. Patients were also employed in farming activities that aided the hospital's self-sufficiency. As the earliest and best-known public institution providing care and treatment for mentally ill and intellectually disabled people in Queensland, Wolston Park Hospital Complex is important in demonstrating the evolution of Queensland's history. Timber sash windows with concrete sills and lintels are found throughout the building. I ran. For many decades the hospital was serviced by employees who lived in the local area and there are now a number of staff who have a family history of employment at the complex going back generations. Read your article online and download the PDF from your email or your account. McDonnell House is situated between Lewis House and Noble House. [1], From 1999 to 2002 many new buildings were erected, including a large new maximum-security facility at the eastern edge of the site. I want to build community an awareness so that my story could stop it from happening to another child or family again. Each floor of the building has long central hallways with rooms of various sizes to either side. \c&M#m��箰�;m�"_K�N��"��#�(c.PF�_��3����Ȑ�ss�I�;�|>&��Z�Л�J�I�~�@(jeb�V�W�lo��Tlꄇ>��l�V��B� .�'�p aI�:�2�2��,�_j#�Й8B.�y�8������` #R�ɄJ�����j4%_ڰ�� ΚG�+���hB���'�C�vPV�8F�gh�\�Y���q���T�e۵5/� ���7`�yv@��v^Y�M����e+�7 x�^�H&���:�Ǜ��X9�P�LJ�>U�#��HNG� ��Zcbr��I�}+���y�ia�밐%{�aj��@@J����������f7Ol ��[������|��02�#�8P�b���h�b&]�h���b/�hY/ E)`�)!1��AŽ. Circular windows are located in the gable ends on the northern and southern elevations. The grounds and landscaping are also important elements with recreation and agricultural facilities demonstrating the role of useful employment and recreation in the hospital's operations. A number of the 19th century buildings were demolished in the 1970s and 1980s, with renovation and rehabilitation of other remaining 19th century buildings occurring in the late 1990s.[1]. The second is adjacent to the riverbank and evidence of workings remain. Male patients increased by 30% during this period, rising from 779 to 1010. Each of the dining rooms has a large roof lantern with fixed glass panels that allow natural light to penetrate the room. [1], The John Oxley Centre (1990) is a low-set one-storeyed building clad in fibre-cement with a corrugated steel roof. The interior has timber joinery, two fireplaces and pressed metal ceilings in the major rooms. [1], The hospital population peaked in the mid-1950s, with an average of approximately 2500 residents daily (not including Wacol Repatriation Pavilion patients) and 700 staff. [1], In 1890 the asylum experienced severe flooding as the Brisbane River rose to a height of 40 feet (12 m), the highest level ever recorded. [1], The former Wacol Rehabilitation Area (now used by the Department of Corrective Services) is located in the northernmost portion of the site and comprises physically separate male and female sections, with the male section occupying former Farm Ward buildings. Regular arched openings are on all sides of the building; some have sets of nine windows and others have doors. They are constructed of cream brick with hipped, corrugated colourbond steel roofs with boxed eaves. The building has hipped corrugated fibre-cement roofs and high level, multi-paned sash windows throughout. To access this article, please, Vol. “They were aborting babies, they were sterilising girls. Ellerton felt that the expansion of the female section was limited due to the topography of the Goodna site and advocated additional female wards at other institutions such as Ipswich Mental Hospital. He believed that mental illness "demands active therapy, and treatment must not become merely custodial" and urged the use of new types of treatment such as insulin, cardiazol and electrotherapy. The verandahs are enclosed with glass louvres and the interior is lined with Masonite. Yet when Wolston Park finally closed in 2001, Queensland Health did not vacate the site. There is a verandah on the ground floor on the western elevation with brick and timber piers and stairs located both centrally and at each end. A redress … Stafford advocated the separation of chronic wards from those dealing with admission, convalescence and hospital cases. In her video, talks about her experiences and the need for redress. These consist of Quarter Way House, Farm Ward and Farm Sheds. Yet when Wolston Park finally closed in 2001, Queensland Health did not vacate the site. '4 As this brief commentary suggests, a good deal resides in a name. The institution was opened up to visits from relatives and friends and recreational activities became integral to the asylum's operations. The main section of the building has three separate roofs, all corrugated iron. It's the section sometimes called ‘Hospital Bend’, and on one map it's marked as Woogaroo Reach. The society organizes a bi-annual national conference, publishes a newsletter and the journal Health and History. It was the former operating room and has a five-sided projecting bay with large windows in each section. It is constructed of light-coloured brick with narrow bands of red bricks at sill level on both floors and at the upper floor-line. PicCampbell/Scott. Dr Cannan was dismissed from his post as a result of the first inquiry. Windows throughout the building are multi-paned sash windows with painted cast iron security grills at low level. However, the transition to a less coercive approach to treatment occurred slowly and in 1947 Stafford reported that only 34 of the total 570 patients had been admitted under the voluntary provisions of the Act. Drone footage taken 22/03/2018. Osler House front entrance. It is a low-set, single-storeyed, symmetrical brick building with hipped terracotta-tiled roofs and a decorative fleche, sympathetic in design to the Administration Building. Select a purchase The building is domestic in scale. It comprised three wards each with accommodation for 88 patients and a kitchen/canteen block. It has an asymmetrical plan with projecting bay windows and complex verandah forms. The hospital does not provide emergency medical services, the closest general hospital is the Ipswich Hospital. Tennis courts, bowling green (1951), bowling green clubhouse (1968) and plant nursery (original bush house established 1911) are located at the northern end. Osler House front entrance. buildings exterior hospital qld The 69 patients were accommodated in a two-storeyed brick building initially intended to be the administration block (no longer extant). They were going to kill me.” Sandra managed to successfully escape in 1967, and fled interstate where she tried to start a new life. Ellerton Drive is the formal road through the grounds from the Goodna entrance to the site and is flanked by an avenue of trees. 01 Jun 2007 Wolston Park now called The Park Centre for Mental Health. There are two timber pump houses, an elevated water reservoir and a second smaller reservoir. The remnants of a sandstone quarry along the riverbank dates from the 1860s and was one of the first sandstone quarries developed in Queensland. The area is bounded by Woogaroo Creek to the south and the Brisbane River to the north and is visually separated from the main hospital complex by bushland and mature plantings. Most of the area is now part of Wolston Park Golfcourse. The hexagonal section is surrounded by a verandah with turned timber posts and dowel balustrade. The relationships between the buildings and other site elements are fundamental to our understanding of the functioning of the place as a mental health institution since the 1860s. Each of the buildings has terracotta tiled roofs and large casement windows which have aluminium security screens fitted on the outside. It has a timber verandah with a skillion roof along the front elevation and has tall sash windows throughout. The same year, a substantial brick residence (now Manor House), replacing a timber house badly damaged by the 1893 flood, was erected for the new medical superintendent, James Hogg, appointed in 1898.

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