They were Good old days. ;- Bob c. Me and my mates used to get up there pretty regularly for the 3 bands for 99c Thursday nights. / Mark Gibson This site built and maintained by My Business Engine, Recording the Golden Age of Australian Live Music, Australian Musicians born in September 1st Sept 1954 – Riccardo …, Australian Musicians born in August 8th August 1928 – Don …, Australian Musicians born in July 3 July 1943 – Judith …, Australian Musicians born in June 2nd Jun 1968 – Merril …, Australian Musicians born in May 3rd May 1961 – Paul Field, …, The Roll Of Honour for 2012 is a distinguished one …, This month in Australian Music – September.

That’s pretty cool. Sorry… I forgot to mention the band…. I distinctly remember leaving there on more than one occasion, just in time to… For even more gigs check the War & Peace page in our database. ears later I was used as a lesson in the re-training of staff at Jands for power. Yes it was a crazy and fun place. Peter it was a great time for sure. What a time we had. Here is my email. Luckily they had a drink menu and I spotted something that looked familiar, Bacardi & Coke for $1.20. One of my Favourite Venues! And carlotta with her drag show ☺, My mother worked there in the 70s as a bar manager i think.

What are your memories of War & Peace? / Mark Gibson There was a short in the lighting system and in the second last song of the gig – strangely called “Notice Me” – I reached up with the mic in my hand, covered in sweat and grabbed the in-house lighting bar that ran across the top of the stage front, and zap, I copped the full force.

The “lifesaver”, as it was widely known, started out as a wine bar in a couple of terrace houses but eventually, walls were knocked down to… Miss the old War and Peace. / Plus the security guys…PJ…I remember him,Kiwi…a Maori guy.Paul(another kiwi).Barrie who met and married Mary.Lots of memories…great place to be in ones early 20s.

I would regularly see two or three bands per week from the time I was old enough to pass for 18.

Last stop is a disused Chinese Restaurant in Station St, once known as the nightclub Lucky Lil’s that has been transformed into nightclub central.

It was a great band venue and even one Christmas eve they had Izzy Dye throwing frozen chickens into the audience, I caught one. The Bondi Lifesaver was a staple of the Sydney music scene for almost 10 years from 1971 until it closed with a bang on the 31st of August 1980.

Dave, the head tech was actually at the gig and saw it happen…..there you go….the old War & Peace….. For a few years in the 70’s my wife & I were living in a unit @ Nth.

1/9/1983: War & Peace with Hoodoo Gurus and Soft Toys. . I guess my curiosity is whether a girl called Eva. I have made 2 comments before relating to seeing DRAGON , Mark Hunter at WAP in the 70s, but I’ve not seen a reply . I am desperately trying to find my father Mick and this is where they met. Yes W&P was a great place to be back then. Anyway my mate who had been there before stepped in and explained that I would love a meal and we were in. Is Mick King a Muscian.

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WAR and Peace is better known as a literary masterpiece but in 1970s Parramatta it was the name of one of the city’s most notorious nightclubs—and it was wild.

This is also known as Online Behavioural Advertising.

I think it was on the corner of Ross street. Deb Patterson…known then as Debbie Clark.Please pass my regards to mum and dad for me.

Antion was the owner btw.

Yes that’s right Shaun. Awesome! Not sure she worked there? Once we had Billy Thorpe (Most People I Know Think That I’m crazy) playing and the manager told us to make everyone sit down. I was in a band called the Aviators that played at WAP often in the 80’s. Are you on face book. Awesome venue. I went round the corner and took my black socks off and put them over my shoes and went back to the door – the bouncer pissed himself laughing and let me in – no way would that happen these days – happy memories. regards, Spider. Hi Jennifer. We are trying to find a Bruce Moir who also worked there around this time.

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I played in a band called Outline and we played at The War & Peace many times, usually to a pretty packed house. Tops! Anyone remember her?

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We can chat further if you like. Bill.

do you or any of your followers have any info on the dj Richard drake brockman All rights reserved, unless otherwise noted. Great venue especially Thursday nights which were 3 bands for 99cents.

You can listen to the stories of people including someone who met the love of his love on the dancefloor at Traders. Great to see you get this site up. Remember going there in 1977. Venues – M, The Manly Vale Hotel is one of those venues that everyone has played at and everyone has been to… except me! Yes Shaun. Now ,December 2013 we have tickets to see Air Supply @ Jupiters Casino.With a bit of luck they will turn up this time.. War and Peace (WAP) Thursday night 3 bands for a $.

A few Karen Penn’s but appears only one probably the right age and lives in Canberra. “People used to go out closer to home,” he tells us, which is why Parramatta CBD was once home to more than 20 nightclubs in the 70s and 80s. I’d been to a pub or two & seen some bands but this was like, at least in my 17 year old head, the big time!

Some big nights! You know we were living the best decades in Australian music history and at the time we didn’t realise it. Izzy used to be one of the first late night infomercial people on TV. At least some memory works.

5/5/1983: War & Peace with Matt Taylor

I’d love to see that flyer if you get a chance. Kevin borich. / And a long walk home.

I’d been to a pub or two & seen some bands but this was like, at least in my… Songs like disco inferno and lets not forget the golden oldies from Grease… Wow!! Next stop is Fitness First in Macquarie St, once home to a nightclub where punters would have been getting physical on the dancefloor, rather than the exercise equipment. 65 comments I was a member of “The War & Peace Band” That opened and played at this venue Monday to Thursday back in 1976 (I Have live recordings from the venue) Then we played in Newcastle Fri day & Sat at the other venue that Warwick Miller owned – “The Castle Grape & Grill” Steel St Newcastle

Hi Bob, I don’t have any specific information to say whether they did or didn’t but I’d be very surprised if they didn’t. Register, Join the conversation, you are commenting as Logout. Hey Bill. Worked with Mary and Barrie…went to their wedding.Most of the staff did.Returned to NZ in 1983. I worked at WAP , Tues – Friday early 80s for 3 years behind the bar with Angela, Caz, Punkannella, Gayle, Denise, Debbie, Jennifer, Anton the owner, Greg & Marie-Ann in the kitchen, Richard W DJ Tuesdays & Sharon DJ other days, Birds of Prey favourite band, married the guitarist. Name was Dianne.

Went there with Wendy and Sue Hayes from Carlingford . It was almost like a parody of the ultimate rock venue. / here. Just thought I’d add some more gigs played at the War & Peace, 15/4/1982: War & Peace Hotel Supporting the Hitmen They weren’t on,I think they were on there way to the USA for bigger & better things, so we got “DRAGON” instead,& that was great ..We now live on the Gold Coast Qld. Good Luck. Peter. Wow, hearing all this brings back the memories. Hi Its PJ. You have 1 listing for us in the gig list but we were regulars around the time that Tiny Tim played there. I was looking for a girl Eva from that time. Hello Deborah.

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Venues – S, Selina’s in the Coogee Bay Hotel was one of Sydney’s best venues for a number of decades. Eventually I did see some great bands at War & Peace.

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