"Lady Aphrodite!" Aphrodite said, rubbing her pregnant belly. "See you in the morning.". Who do you have in there with you? "Ready, sweetie." Saturday so everyone was sleeping in their cabins soundly. To compensate, Percy removed himself from Annabeth which eased the pain a little. I was going to be the father of a Olympian goddess' baby.

Annabeth obliged and opened her mouth to let him explore. "Now take me, make me yours, Percy." "Look, Perseus," Aphrodite said, placing her groomed hand on his knee, "becoming my champion will help with more than sexual matters.". I demanded, trying to pull the covers off from this person, but two lovely hands came out from beneath it and held onto it. Percy raised an eyebrow, "I believe this is your mess?" This story takes place after both the Titan. I listened to her and began jack hammering her pussy at a very fast pace, making her scream and moan while holding to the sheets for dear life. Percy struggled to call out while enduring the ongoing arousal. She looked at him and raised an eyebrow. I was the father of Aphrodite's baby? ", "Way ahead of you, babe." What would she even say about this?" Annabeth asked. she stammered, placing my hand on her belly. I asked, looking at my godly lover straight in the eyes. "Yes, Percy?" "Are you sure you're pregnant?" ", "So what is it that you want? "What's been going on these past few days?" My voice faded when Aphrodite threw the covers aside, revealing, her beautiful, sexy, and alluringly naked body, which wasn't bruised... Thankfully. He narrowed his eyes at the orange water, silently praying to his father to take care of the situation to no avail. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. He inserted his throbbing dock back into Annabeth and put his hands on her tits, releasing a moan from her. ", Annabeth shrugged. "I need comfort."

Percy and aphrodite lemon fanfiction - Aphrodite has stripped Percy of his demigodhood and the only way to Lemons. I said, kissing her on the lips. I was silent to that. Give me a moment ." "I know, Percy." "Goodnight, Annabeth." came a tiny voice from beneath my covers. Aphrodite said. "I suppose you're right. Why do you think I came here? "... so I naturally picked the best rewards that I have given in the past. Chase?" Why can't you demigods have blind faith in us Olympians? ", "Of course. "Aphrodite." She didn't know why she did, but something caught her attention, and she got off her chair to take a closer look at it. Percy switched boobs and after another few minutes he moves down to the waistband of her shorts. ", "D - do you think I'm hot n - now?" Your review has been posted. Loud enough for Annabeth to hear. "This is your newborn son, Markos.". "Do you truly love me, or is this a trick to take my virginity?" We did that every night for the next couple of weeks, knowing that everything was know alright. I whispered in her ear. "No catch. I want to have your child growing inside of me!". "Thank you, my lord." she said, kissing me and hugging me tight. "Normally, yes." Once his jeans were off, Annabeth did the same thing to Percy's boxers. The aftermath of the war wasn't as bad as Percy was expecting: there was minimal casualties that resulted in death, the Roman and Greek camps finally reached a new friendship, Octavian was gone, the Giants were gone.
"Have you ever done anything like this before? "I - I truly love you. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

Percy Jackson is rewarded by Aphrodite after the war against Gaea and has been gifted the unique opportunity to be the Champion of Aphrodite. I could also feel and hear my balls hit her ass every time I thrusted my large cock deep into her tiny pussy. Aphrodite squealed and pressed her lips on mine, making it a very deep and hot kiss. "Good." ", Percy scoffed. I was about to collapse onto her chest, but Aphrodite held me up as she said, "Oh, Percy, look!". I simply said, lowering my head, but Aphrodite set her finger under my chin and raised it back up. "No!" ", "Well, we're older now… and we've been together for a long time. ", "N - no." Annabeth was beginning to notice the odd behavior of her other half. I'm in love with you, Percy. I've already made arrangements that will suffice." "I - I have a girlfriend, though." He hugged and kissed her while slowly massaging her clit to counteract the pain. Especially considering you, Perseus, who has saved Olympus not once, but twice. Aphrodite whimpered. He would have preferred it to happen naturally, especially with Annabeth. Aphrodite screamed, "I fucking want it harder!". ", Aphrodite laugher. "Congratulations, my champion. Um…I need to go to bed and think about this, either the greatest thing happened to me or the most chaotic and walking back to Poseidon's cabin. "W - why were you in my boyfriend's cabin?" Percy asked with genuine concern.

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, Rick Riordan does. "I'm going to cum. Annabeth grinned at Percy's response. I heard her running through the grass, then, panicked, I looked at Aphrodite.

"You're up late," Percy said, still staring at the fountain. Understand?". "Every–" Annabeth moaned and held on to his arms tighter, "–thing is fine.". I grunted as I slid my cock deeper in Aphrodite's pussy. "What are you trying to say? "We made something wonderful, didn't we, Percy?" Percy turned around and, to his utter surprise, he saw what obviously was Aphrodite standing right in front of him. Aphrodite said, shaking. "What are you trying to say? ", "Fine!"

"Not this time." The handcuffs disappeared from his hands, but he didn't feel like fighting or running. "What?" When I turned on the lights, I nearly jumped out of my skin, because I could tell someone was in my bed... Sleeping. Annabeth's voice came from outside my cabin. "Morning, baby." His hips started twitching and rocking as he came to his climax, spurting his seed into her glistening wet pussy.

I asked slowly, because with her, I was prettysure what she meant by comfort. "Now, please. "Sorry, it's not like I have a good track record with talking to gods one-on-one," Percy admitted, choosing to ignore Aphrodite's appearance, determining it to be a simple fluke. Gaea had returned and was defeated. Artemis turned when I came in the room, and so did Aphrodite. Percy began to grind into her slowly. "With?" I said, pounding into her even harder, making her arch her back and moan out to the heavens. ", "Instead of one puny little gift, you could become my champion.". I felt myself falling in love with Aphrodite, which wasn't easy for me to do.
Aphrodite moaned, squeezing her legs around my waist, which made her pull me closer to her and made my cock slide even deeper in her pussy. Who else has this enchantment? Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance - Percy J. "By only one way." "I love you. "KEEP ON CUMMING IN MY PUSSY! Percy suddenly felt strange as a pink glow covered his body and vanished, she stopped chanting and looked at him with a grin. "Yes, I'm sure I'm pregnant." Annabeth reached and put her hands around Percy's neck, he did the same thing to her hips. Don't you think it's time to take the next step in our relationship? In bed. I've seen the way you've looked at some of the other girls in camp.

One day, several months later, after I came home from Olympus, I head Aphrodite crying out in pain. And she put him in a deeper trance. Percy walked back to his cabin, grumbling under his breath angrily. It was a long kiss that left Annabeth gasping for air. I groaned as I felt my orgasm approach.

"This month is the month when I'm fertile. Aphrodite smiled and me, closed her eyes and began snoring, all the while with Markos squirming in my arms and sucking his thumb. "Um… yeah, it's just my first time," Annabeth said rather timidly. She looked amazingly beautiful, then I remembered the marks on her face. The third and last thing he did confused me and Aphrodite. I turned to my wife, who was peeking at me with one eye closed, and she smiled. He called forth the Fates and asked them to confirm the truth of what Aphrodite said. ", "Percy!" Annabeth." In fact, she cummed so hard, that her pussy juices squirted out of her pussy and onto my thighs and balls, which kept on slapping her ass furiously. "Cool your jets, Jackson. I mean, I don't know exactly what becoming your champion will do for me.

"What's the matter, babe?" "Open this fucking door right now, you no good cheater!". Percy questioned awkwardly. He kissed down her jawline, down her neck and to the center of her chest. She paused and eyed the erection suspiciously, then looked down at the floor. I need more! Her name was commonly known all over Olympus, the Olympian. "Yes–" Annabeth said breathlessly. Annabeth's voice cried triumphantly.


"Okay? He fought against the trance. ", Annabeth was silent for a second, causing Percy to fear for the worst. He shouted lightlyas he strained to break free of the cuffs. "What?" she said as tears filled her eyes again. "No matter what you look like, I will always think you are hot.". Aphrodite's baby. "Percy," she said softly. She then leaned in close to his ear and whispered, "It will be a lot of fun, Perseus. ", I froze at that, but Aphrodite kissed my cheek and whispered, "I got this, Percy.". And do you know what's worse? "You heard me."

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