God of War II Step 04. Mole Cerberus | Perseus | Occupation 1 History 2 Powers and Abilities 3 Trivia 4 Navigation When Kratos was figuring out a way to get to the Temple of the Sisters of Fate, he came across Perseus, who was trapped in a room with no exits. Zeus, God Of War III He was the father of Hecate, goddess of witchcraft, by the Titaness Asteria (Starry One). None known

SwordsmanshipA helmet of invisibilityShieldSwordPolos Unknown Therans, God of War: Ghost of Sparta Full Name Hade's Alliance in Animated vs Video Game Villains War, https://villainstournament.fandom.com/wiki/Perses?oldid=76594. Perses is known as the Fire Titan, so he has magma flowing on his body. All the drawings on this website are made just for you guys!

Perses' name means the Destroyer or the Ravager from the Greek words persô and perthô.

It is unknown what Perseus is famous for in the God of War mythos as Kratos was the one who killed Medusa. Skorpius | Satyr | Geryon |

Hesiod inexplicably …
Step-by-step drawing guide of Perses. Hephaestus | Athena | Perses is the Titan of Destruction, and a minor antagonist in the third God of War video game installment. The Dissenter | He briefly appears in the final events of the Animated vs. Video Game Villains War. Perses was a Titan god in Greek mythology, son of the Titans Crius and Eurybia.He represented destruction and peace. Griffin |

Assassin | Thinking this was a test from the Sisters of Fate, Perseus confronted Kratos.

She became the island of Delos and it was there her sister Leto gave birth to Apollo. Thanatos, God Of War: Betrayal Hydra | Máttugr Helson, Others Step 08. Icarus | More Disney Versus Non-Disney Villains Wiki. Goals Step 11.

In Greek mythology, Perseus (/ ˈ p ɜːr s i ə s,-sj uː s /; Greek: Περσεύς) is the legendary founder of Mycenae and of the Perseid dynasty.He was, alongside Cadmus and Bellerophon, the greatest Greek hero and slayer of monsters before the days of Heracles. Sirens | When Kratos destroys Perseus' sword, Perseus will processed to creating a blinding light that tempoary blinds Kratos, which leaves him vunerable to any attacks if he doesn't get out the daze. Automaton | Persian King | His Roman counterpart is Persaeus. Step 14. Disney Versus Non-Disney Villains Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. It is possible that Perseus is solely known for being a demigod. He fights with a helmet that allowed him to turn invisible, throws some slings at Kratos, uses a sword and uses a shield to block cetains attacks. Barbarian King | Bronze Talos | Harpies | He was married to the Titan goddess Asteria, with whom he had one daughter, Hecate; she was the goddess of wilderness, witchcraft and magic.. Another mythological figure with the same name was the brother of Aeetes, and son of Helios and Perse. Colossus of Rhodes - The fight with this giant statue is the first boss battle in God of War II.It is brought to life by Zeus in an attempt to defeat Kratos.The fight begins with Kratos jumping onto the statue and inflicting damage to the surface, and finishes with Kratos destroying the giant from the inside as it crashes down to the ground. Argos | Perseus is a demigod, so he has great physical strength and stamina. https://mythology.wikia.org/wiki/Perses?oldid=83054. Perses is summoned, along with his brethren, by Hades, after he released the contents of Pandora's Box, to aid him in his battle against Zeus. Plague |

Perses was a son of the sun god Helios and the Oceanid Perseis, making him brother to Aeetes, Circe and Pasiphae. Step 10. Step 03. He had one daughter, Hecate.

What to draw next? He was banished to Tartaros because he participated in the Titanomachy on the side of his kin.


Chimera | Hera | Dark Rider/Dark Griffin |

Thor | Perseus' original appearance was modeled after Harry Hamlin's portrayal of the character in the 1981 film, but due to copyright restrictions his appearance was changed. Deimos | Draugr | Since the discontinuity of the series, his fate remains currently unknown. Perseus Crimes Gods of Olympus |
Barbarians | Callisto | He married the daughter of Coeus and Phoebe, his cousin Asteria.

Perses is the Titan of Destruction, and a minor antagonist in the third God of War video game installment. Giant Arachnid | Rocs | The legend and myth about Perses, the god of destruction, and the Titans has been passed down through the ages and plays an important role in the history of the Ancient World of Greece and the study of the Greek classics. Hades' Phoenix |

Manticore | Demigods | Perseus is a major antagonist in God of War II.

Typhon | Perses as represented in the God of War franchise. Theseus | He also has a volcano-like hunchback. He was the son of Crius and Eurybia. Original 3D model of Perses from God of War Includes meshes in several formats including FBX, OBJ and DAE Includes PBR textures with Normal and Specular maps Brought to you by Rip Van Winkle, enjoy and check out my other items Legionnaire | Stheno, God Of War: Chains Of Olympus Disciples of Ares | Kratos' Ghost | Perseus is a major antagonist in God of War II. After Kratos destroys the Helmet, Perseus will attack with his sword, if Kratos is too close, and throw some slings if Kratos is too far. He seeks the Sisters of Fate so he can revive his love.

Odin | Attempted murder

Gyges |

Hercules | Origin He briefly appears in the final events of the Animated vs. Video Game Villains War.. Cerberus | Doppelgängers | Ares, God of War Comics Gorgons | Sea Snake | Centaurs | Type of Villain Zeus, God Of War (PS4) God of War: Ascension Valkyries | Erinys | Basilisk | Herodius | Reach the Sisters of Fate to revive his love. Step 02.

Arms of Hades | Kraken | https://villains.fandom.com/wiki/Perseus_(God_of_War)?oldid=4032628, Perseus is Kratos' half-brother, this makes him the third half-relative he's killed, the first being. Perses is a Noble Titan that was a first generation creation by the Ancient Old Ones, and he was created to be the God of Stones. Animated Vs Video Game Villains War .

Ceryx, God Of War II Alias Cyclops | Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

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