Where to try seeing one: Virginia’s Northern Neck, where the lower Potomac is more brackish. Otters are active at night, so your chances are better at sunrise or sunset. Life on the River: The Potomac’s Watchdog, 22 Great Nearby Places to Walk Near Water, DC’s List of Hot Spot States Is the Longest Yet, Right at the Start of a Big Week for Travel Into the City. Where to try seeing one: You really want to? ���F�Jʰ#����@V�Ē�$����]��i�w �������$���O�e2G��t��hTί}�-��;�3d�V{���q�� ��}�:�7rL��X!�M�?~�Gb(��_1�с5�� She is the editor in charge of such consumer topics as travel, fitness, health, finance, and beauty, as well as the editor who handles such cover stories as Great Places to Work, Best of Washington, Day Trips, Hidden Gems, Top Doctors, and Great Small Towns. The new European data protection law requires us to inform you of the following before you use our website: We use cookies and other technologies to customize your experience, perform analytics and deliver personalized advertising on our sites, apps and newsletters and across the Internet based on your interests. These 10 Potomac River fishing hotspots should enter into every angler's calculations.

Snakeheads are a fish native to Asia and were first found in the Potomac River in 2004 near Washington, D.C. They’re elusive, and thus hard to spot, but the North American river otter is native to the Potomac. You also agree to our Terms of Service. endobj Well, a dolphin named after her did. stream

3 Water Snakes on a stone wall.

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�;q�},@�����FS�E��h�H�2� ��0�i ����mI -� %���� 2 0 obj Potomac River Battle Series provides a experience for the beginning angler up to the experienced angler. The more than 1,200 bottlenose dolphins identified by the Potomac-Chesapeake Dolphin Project are named after Washington figures. North American eels used to be abundant, until a West Virginia dam blocked their path. P��t@Y��7�ѫ]U�?��f�r�C;�l�Hqv�]��];�=��.

Where to try seeing one: Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge in Woodbridge.
Would You Pay $900 a Night to Camp?

>�����?M���+��T&[h9�v�d��O)O�5�*W�� ��ot5鷦e���Ȋ����P��F2uͪ"vS We rely on readers like you to uphold a free press. %PDF-1.5 Source(s): Intentional and accidental introduction by humans Effects: Blue catfish, which are native to the Mississippi, Missouri, and Ohio River basins, are one of the most threatening invasive species in the Potomac River. 3�$���m6Wv���θ���9�2]V���aơL������}H�Maf��Q�Fp*1E_g.�؆=X�a,#̻)�l���c ���q��َ�Q�����46T|�����0�Y�H��A;���8�+@=^�q֕�/�S��]V0r�%7ר��0�2����6�m�����HP}#��2v�N�h`���+ ��W�8R2�l����I}�qbor�*l�����3�p��

By clicking “I agree” below, you consent to the use by us and our third-party partners of cookies and data gathered from your use of our platforms. Proposed “eelways” could lift them over the dam. 1 0 obj See more ideas about Potomac river, Potomac, Scenic pictures. The more than 1,200 bottlenose dolphins identified by the Potomac-Chesapeake Dolphin Project are named after Washington figures. {)!�/f2��B%3}�D/R���B��Ք�p�'X�����D��k?��_��4�x� u��>|x}@͎Ġ������2h����\�PÅ�����Ҹ���\��rC��B�T���Щ'$�R�6qT�Ё�X�����zɹ��Jz����]�����V�"աq����W�kq�� �������?B�S�\Wb�ܴh�]�)uj�%Rh��4��jL���f�]X�@�cFa�y�wI������T�2NmI�(���1 ��ș�,Ǧ�جM���i?������+j��D$i�����ab�H.��솙3ۺ3�z�;�ѵayW��Ӏj̭E�**IO-Tkؿ��cE7��U�uM��vA�������O�k3({-��=�rg�z�J�Ʀ��|]c�0B�3��J(��)�\"v\ṫ�B�'������m�,z:�% �m�n�

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