The emperor made her take with him Xiao Sha to protect her.

I was addicted! They were both arrested and beaten up. He is the first one who teach her what is love. It is rumored that the Qin family has misplaced an extraordinary tome that will supposedly usher in a time of prosperity for all the kingdoms, and Manyao embarks on a journey to find the book. The one trope no one wants to see anymore.

That being said Zhang Xue Ying was the definite standout actor. Wu You is well and truly besotted with Man Yao/Rong Le and abducts her more than once to convince her to be his ‘women’. He warned the crown prince that he will never go easy on him ever again. He tried to see her at the tea but she was always out on business until Prince Chen cornered her and had tea with her. During her quest, she again encounters the arrogant Wu You, this time as Man Yao. I really skipped most of middle episodes. The girl helped her locate the the legendary book of Mountains and Rivers.

My favourite character are Wu You,Rong le ,Agent Wu and Wu yu. She thinks she shouldn’t take medicine when she doesn’t know what illness she gets. Rong Le has to go back to General Fu as his wife and Wu You (along with his trusted brother Wu Yu) is exiled. General fu and sister’s death just felt like swept away other characters beside main characters.

Wu You on the hand, believing life is more important than debt, drinks the antidote to persuade Rong Le to do the same.

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Rong Qi becomes extremely jealous and decides that it is time that he too goes to the Northern Lin. He had already a bedchamber for her in his manor. Their love story transcends time and has become a legend.

Painter Zheng Xue Jing accidentally acquires a magical pen and frees three foxes from a screen.

It's another novel by Tang Qi Gong Zi, and is set in the same universe as Три жизни, три мира: Десять миль пе&... See full summary », Rong Le, a princess of the royal family of the Xiqi Kingdom who wakes up one day to find that she has lost her memory.

Without her (and Luo Yun Xi, who doesn’t really feature), the acting was sub-par. ( Log Out /  Thank you so very much for the wonderful experience through YouTube!!! Man Yao said don’t these dead people get justice? This is the recap of Princess Silver Chinese Drama Episode 13, Wu Yu congratulates Wu You on getting the beauty, and is pleased that his trick worked.

Prince Wu You happened to be at the brothel drinking with his friends. The motions for mass revolt had been set when he paralyses and holds captive the Emperor. Rong Le was about to cut her hand when the prince stopped her with a pebble thrown at her. With Sophie Zhang, Aarif Rahman, Chao Jing, Shu Ya Xin. Stay more than 3ft (1m) away from others, 6. Amnesia shouldn’t take this epic length.

Princess Silver Chinese Drama Recap: Episode 1 May 16, 2019admin0 Comment This is the recap of Princess Silver Chinese Drama Episode 1, Rong Le wakes up and is told that she is the princess of Daqi, and she has to marry to Li Prince. The princess was declined admittance to the prince’s palace and so was the marriage alliance was aborted.

Wear a mask in public transport and shops. Now, Prince Wu You made history, for the first time, he attended morning court and was tasked to investigate the shipwreck. All in all, I found the writers of the screenplay were excellent.

(2019– ). The part that turn silver hair is really less interesting.

What she soon begins to realize is that her brother, Rong Qi (portrayed by Luo Yun Xi 罗云 …

Secretly, Rong Le herself has no intention of marrying Wu You and is on a mission to find the Qin’s family’s book sacred book for her brother. Rong Le on the other hand is betrayed again when Chen Yu abducts her to lure Wu You. In her adventure in the search for the book, she met Wu You, the prince who turned her down. It was particularly moving when Rong Qi asked his mum if she was satisfied and whether she felt like she had justice after killing scores of people — the answer is of course no, but for a lot Chinese Dramas there are often two glorified motivations, to ‘get revenge’ (报仇 baochou) and ‘to repay’ (报恩 baoen).

This was my second Chinese Drama series as a woman of color. Once Rong qi mention to general funding that rong le never belongs to him to lost her. Rong Le also left but she was accosted by another bunch of men in black.

! Princess Silver is a worthwhile drama to watch (despite the above criticisms).

Again, Prince Wu Yuo said that he does not do justice as he had witnessed the type of justice they use in the palace court with his mother and his teacher, Master Qin. Prince Chen came to find Prince Wu You and asking to seek justice for the victim of pseudo-shipwreck which they both knew was all work by the crown prince. My favourite characters are Rong Le and Wu You, and others Fu Chou, Rong Qi, Wu Yu. Rong Le and Wu You returns to the southern rebel stronghold as husband and wife. His plans culminate when he forces Wu You to surrender by poisoning Rong Le.

He immediately threw the girl out of the door and then called the madam and instructed that the girl’s hand is amputated.

I tried with all tears when he dies. The World Health Organization is advising people to follow five simple steps to help prevent the spread of COVID-19: 4. He is the Emperor of Western Qi. And the amnesia should not have to take that much long. Flower Goddess dies giving birth to her daughter, Jin Mi. Rong Le, dressed as a man said that the girl was his girlfriend and she would pay the prince for her. Fu Yuan who had trained Rong Le for revenge did not approve of the match and after the real Rong Le committed suicide force Rong Le (known as Man-er) to take her place.

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