Photon Blades embedded in enemies increases PP recovery when struck by normal attacks. It offers one of the highest Passive Damage bonuses and a very reliable defensive mechanics via Iron Will and Stalwart Spirit. This skill also changes the visual model of the Photon Blades to have 2 blades per shot. With multiple sellers competing for your attention, you are to expect the best prices, prompt delivery, and high quality of service. Note: Performing Mirage Step in mid-air while equipped with Jet Boots will allow you to keep altitude, unlike Step.

Jet Boots Escape: Grant invulnerability frames when performing a Branched Action. The invincibility frames and Deband casting is convenient too. Grants technical aptitude alongside fast and furious Photon Arts. Default Skill. Main Class Only. You also need to alter between Stances, whereas Elemental Stance is your primary damage multiplier, but can also switch to Break Stance against some Bosses with breakable parts (or when you need to break something to expose your target's Elemental Weakness). A melee/tech hybrid weapon attached to your feet. As with its predecessor, the Braver class, the Bouncer class is a hybrid class, specializing in a S-ATK/T-ATK split. During Shifta's effect, add a damage bonus to aerial attacks. Generate a field that boosts the Critical Hit Rate of players within its area of effect.

Strike Gust: Lift an enemy with aerial cartwheels, dealing damage. Has a very lengthy invulnerability period. Only affects the HP you recover. Bouncer is one of the best beginner classes in Phantasy Star Online 2. A twin pair of medium-sized swords. When an element is saved by gear, using a Shift action will cause it to burst, dealing damage and inflicting status to surrounding enemies. Jet Boots are a melee weapon that utilizes T-ATK as the primary stat. Jet Boots are a melee weapon that utilizes T-ATK as the primary stat. Requires Elemental Stance Lv. Direction can be changed with the directional keys/analog stick. Their primary weapons are the Jet Boots and the Soaring Blades. Attacking the enemy and charging technics will fill the gear gauge. Requires Jet Boots Gear. In general, the damage increase is 10% at Gear 1, 15% at Gear 2, 20% at Gear 3. Default Skill. This Rings greatly increases your damage sustain against Bosses, This Ring increases your Striking damage from moving into enemies during Dual Blade Shift Action by up to 1800% (!!). Just Reversal: Press the Jump button after being knocked back to quickly get back on your feet. Branched Action: Cast Deband and evade with multiple backflips. The shift action makes you do a series of backflips with invincibility frames while casting Deband.

Increases y…

After charging a technic, all subsequent attacks will have their elements changed to the element of that technic. Allows players who leave your strengthening fields to maintain their effects for a few seconds.

At Gear 2, Jet Boots double jump will cause a mini tech explosion based on the current element of the Jet Boots. Our setup uses both Bouncer's Stances, but if you feel like you are never switching them, you can skip the Break Stance (it will be most likely the one you use less) and pick up Melee Stat Ups or upgrade Elemental Stance Critical. Dual Blades can be powered up with the Skill Dual Blades Gear, which allows them to expend Gear built up by attacking to use their Weapon Action.

Deband PP Restorate: When under the effects of Deband, raise PP recovered per attack. Double the number of Photon Blades fired per salvo. This build allows you to easily change the type of Elemental Damage you deal, by simply using a Tech of the corresponding Element (upon release) and maximize your damage against specific types of enemies and Bosses. Odealo supports player-to-player trading for PSO2 Meseta and Items.

MAIN CLASS ONLY When knocked down, press the Jump key at the moment you hit the ground to get up instantly. Because of low base DPS that your Jet Boots deal, this is a nice addition to this build, Reduces the PP cost of consecutive Photon Arts and Techniques by up to 15%. Other players and Pets will not benefit from this skill.

Limited range, but certain Photon Arts can strike from midrange or even afar. Bouncer MAG: Convert a percentage of your MAG's DEX stat into S-ATK and T-ATK. Rare Mastery: When wielding a weapon of Rare 10 or higher, gain a boost to S-ATK and T-ATK. While active, increases the attack speed of Jet Boots normal attacks and Jet Boots PA's and reduces the charge time of Jet Boots PA's and Techniques. 3. Main Class only. Note: Invulnerability only occurs if using Photon Blades with a movement key. Can be activated again to toggle off. Can be used in any direction. Allows you to attack immediately after Mirage Step.

Bouncer provides powerful dashing Attacks right from the beginning and its standard kit is available early making it a great class for leveling and farming low-tier content. When knocked down, press the Jump key at the moment you hit the ground to get up instantly. Shift Air Strike is a free damage boost when you attack in the air while you have Shifta. Generate a field that moves as you do. Craft Mastery: Gain a stat bonus when wielding Crafted equipment.

Bouncer/Hunter Jet Boots characters are based on pure Melee/Striking Attacks and powerful Techniques which compensates for the lack of Photon Arts. They are a hybrid class of S-ATK and T-ATK, and they are able to utilize the Jet Boots, Soaring Blades, and Gunblades. Requires Break Stance Lv. Just Reversal PP Gain: Restore a portion of your PP gauge when performing a Just Reversal. When Photon Blades impact a target, the blades will inflict damage while recovering the player's PP. Shift Action: Branched Action: Press the Action Button during a Photon Art to cancel the current Art and activate a special attack based on the Art used. Whenever you successfully perform a Just Reversal, you will recover a percentage of your PP. One More Jump: When your double jump strikes a target, gain an extra jump. Registration on Odealo is free and takes only about 30 seconds. Gain invulnerability when using the Weapon Action on Dual Blades. Normal/Step Attacking targets with Photon Blades stuck on them will gain more PP per attack. Direction can be changed with the directional keys/analog sticks. the North American wiki, it can be found at. Increases the statistics of crafted equipment you're wearing. Note: The element will not change when charging Resta, Anti, Shifta, and Deband. Specializes in rapid attacks that deal minimal damage per individual hit, but hit repeatedly to build up high damage over time. Shift Action: Photon Blades: Empty the Gear Gauge and fire a flurry of Photon Blades at a target. Using Shift action will consume gear and unleash photon blades that attack the enemy and restore PP. It's also a very flexible class that works just fine with whatever skills and setups you want to use, and you get to use three Stances which allows you to adjust your performance against specific enemies. 3. Soaring Blades are a melee weapon that involves holding a medium-sized sword in each hand. This wiki is for the Japanese servers only. By pressing the Weapon Action Button, the player will swing their right blade, or fly in a given direction if one is held, while firing a salvo of miniature Photon Blades at targets. 1. Step Advance: Increase the invulnerability period of Mirage Step. The only downside to Hunter is that it doesn't provide bonuses to Techniques' damage. 3. Note: You gain the additional jump if hitting an enemy with a jump tech explosion, normal attack, PA, or attacking weapon action.

Requires Break Stance Lv. Requires Photon Blade Fever Lv. Attacking the enemy fills the gear gauge. Even if they are, they shouldn’t be hurting for PP.

Charges by striking enemies. Change the stat used in Jet Boots attack calculation to S-ATK. Press the Dodge key to do a fast step that has invincibility. Can be charged one stage. MAIN CLASS ONLY Jet Boots striking damage will increase by 5% between Gear 1 and 2 and 15% between Gear 2 and Max. Dash forward and then unleash a flurry of kicks at the closest enemy. The complete Skill Trees look as follows: Odealo is a secure trading platform for MMO gamers. This speeds up your Jet Boots rotations considerably. The number of Photon Blades fired depends on the Gear Gauge level. Photon Blade Escape: Grant invulnerability frames when firing Photon Blades. Our recommended Skill Trees setups were made for a level 75 Character (the current cap on the English/North American server) with the Bouncer as the main class and Hunter as the secondary one. Resets the Gear Gauge. Direction can be slightly influenced with the directional keys/analog stick. Immortal Dove: Summon a column of Photon Blades, then fall towards the ground. This ability can be augmented with Skills such as "Photon Blade Fever" and "Photon Blade Escape". Rapid Boost: Active Skill. Increases damage according to the gear level. This PA is great for doing damage on a single target. Elemental PP Restorate Field: Active Skill. This includes HP recovered via Techniques, Potentials and Items.

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