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It can also be surprisingly effective in relieving pain -- both situational, like the aches that set in after a workout, or chronic, like the nerve-related pain that comes with cancer or fibromyalgia. Purple OG Kush is a slightly indica-dominant hybrid that was created by crossing full-bodied parent strain OG Kush with Purple Kush.

Purple OG Kush has some side effects, yet it is mild enough for these effects to stay minimally uncomfortable. Let’s look at the composition in more detail; Purple OG Kush combines OG Kush and Purple Kush with a ratio of plant strains consisting of 40% sativa and 60% indica.

Get exclusive information about new strains, latest articles, nearby dispensaries and discount deals! Have some snacks ready before testing out this exceedingly powerful indica. This hybrid has a taste that is equally as impressive.

You can detect some specs of grape and pine in its flavors too, with shocks of diesel and berry underlining its lineage. 50.78% of users reported feeling happier. Join the biggest Cannabis Platform for free. By accessing this site, you accept

Check out photos people have shared with us, Calculated from 7 products tested with lab partners. The trademark Kush spice flavor and smell is predominate in these nugs leaving consumers with that well-loved familiarity of the OG … You can’t judge a book by its cover, and in the same way, cannabis lovers shouldn’t judge a strain by her THC percentage alone. It was my first plant.

It was originally created by breeders in a neighborhood of Oakland, California dubbed Oaksterdam, one of the oldest legal medical marijuana areas of the United States. I got lucky. Purple OG Kush is all about making you feel ecstatic and happy, with your mind being filled with positive ideas and thoughts. Although there is no consensus on the exact balance of indica to sativa, what we do know is that it is indica dominant.

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Depending on the phenotype, leaves can be equal parts green and purple. Effects: Happy, Relaxed, Sleepy Flavours: Berry, Pine, Sweet Medical: May help with Stress, Insomnia, Pain Purple OG Kush is an indica dominant strain, created by crossing two hugely popular buds: Purple Kush and OG Kush. Purple OG Kush grown indoors can be expected to yield an average of around 11 ounces of bud per square meter planted.

When smoked or converted into an edible form, the flavor of the Purple OG Kush strain is best described as Earthy, Woody, and Sweet.

window.awarCookieDuration = 90; The strain’s high is said to have an average duration of 2 to 3 hours.

It is distinguished by its fragrance, evoking an aroma of an earthy, raw woods filled with berries and tropical damp woods. Purple OG Kush may cause you to feel sleepy, cloudy, and unfocused, making this strain perfect for nighttime use. This info is sourced from our readers and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. And picked up a ounce of the bud. Purple OG Kush can also induce a heavy case of the munchies, making you crave for all kinds of things and making your mouth water for snack foods.

The smoke of the Purple OG Kush gives unique sensory pleasures. (verified owner) – February 19, 2020. Just before sleep hits, you might find that a sense of arousal takes over you, so consider sharing this bud with someone you love.

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It also helps to aid sleep, without letting your thoughts keep you awake.

When two great things come together, something wonderful is sometimes formed. You can begin to enjoy every second of your existence…helping you escape it all in a blissful ignorance. This hybrid is a slightly cerebral psychoactive that is renowned for its colorful high, making it enjoyable for recreational and medical application. Use the form below to ask your question or reply to other comments.

As you breathe it in, the pain, the worries, the stress, can all just melt away.

Learn more about our partnership with Last Prisoner Project. In order to bring out Purple Kush’s trademark purple hues for its full visual potential, growers may also want to shock the plants and activate the anthocyanins by exposing them to cold temperatures; however, growers should be sure to only take this step shortly before harvesting so as not to reduce the plant’s overall yield.

"There's a Strain For That." Purple Kush is a cross between two South-Central Asian indica landraces: Hindu Kush, from the mountainous Pakistan-Afghanistan border, and a purple-tinged variety of Afghani. The tightly-curled flowers are covered in trichomes, giving the green and purple leaves a dewy white sheen.

Be the first one to write one. I have 2 Kush strains. Purple OG Kush is an indica dominant hybrid. Decluttering the mind from overthinking, it will calm your nerves helping you to feel light and carefree. By crossing two of their private reserve plants, Critical and Purple OG, they’ve been able to harness the best in each parent to develop a hybrid that’s out of this world. This process is similar to the breakdown of chlorophyll and the stimulation of red and yellow pigments that causes foliage to change colors in autumn.

Rather than stimulate hyperactive thoughts and sharp focus, however, this strain is more likely to bring about a state of dopey contentedness. Purple OG Kush is popular throughout the American West, from New Mexico to British Columbia, and can be found at many medical marijuana dispensaries.

Purple Kush. Those who enjoy varied flavors will appreciate the nuances that this strain brings to the table, with notes of sweet fruit being contrasted by spice, coffee, and wood. Advanced Seeds is more than happy to share their creations with the world, as seeds of Critical Purple Kush are readily available online.

Purple Kush is a pure indica strain that emerged from the Oakland area of California as the result of crossing Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani.

An excellent evening smoke at the end of a long day or week, Purple Kush is uniquely mouth-watering and relaxing. Large numbers of plants can easily fit within a vertically-limited grow space, as they seldom exceed 3 feet in height.

Seed bank Dutch Fem also offers their own Purple OG Kush from OG Kush crossed with their own Bubble OG Kush. In large enough doses, Purple Kush is also a great way to treat entrenched insomnia.

It has a ratio of 40% sativa and 60% indica. The trademark Kush spice flavor and smell is predominate in these nugs leaving consumers with that well-loved familiarity of the OG Bubba genetics. – Well with purple OG Kush, the magic of both OG Kush, and Purple Kush are combined to offer you the best of both worlds!

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