Are you looking for some good questions for mr and mrs?

Naughty Mr and Mrs Quiz questions are the best way to make the game fun for everyone involved.

24. Once we find out how and when we can resume weddings with a larger number of people, I will update a guide to reflect that. What’s their favourite place in the world (apart from home)? If they had to get an exotic animal for a pet, which would they choose? 1. Who would play him in a film of your life?

If your partner were a sandwich, which sandwich would they be? 67 Mr and Mrs Paddle Questions . Who will be the most hungover after the wedding? If they could have a super power, what would it be?


64. What is the naughtiest thing he ever did at school? If your partner could be famous for anything, what would it be? What is the costume they would like to see you in for your next sexy adventure? It's pretty straight forward. Who's most likely to want sex in a public place? You need to ask the groom all the questions on the list and record his answers. How does your partner like their tea/coffee? On the honeymoon night ask the bride-to-be the same Mr and Mrs quiz questions and see how many she gets correct. Who is most likely to have a homosexual encounter?

Where did you go for your first date? 46. What was your partner’s most awkward moment? And now, the questions. Where's the naughtiest place you've had sex?
If she was on a desert island what is three things she would take?

Would you trust him to choose your wedding and brides mad dresses? Are you looking for some good questions for mr and mrs?

Mr and Mrs quiz questions and answers: Test YOUR relationship, Mr and Mrs quiz questions: People across the UK are taking part in virtual quizzes, 15 trivia questions to test your general knowledge, Mr and Mrs quiz questions: While the UK has been on lockdown many people have taken to staying connected with friends and family via virtual means, Who am I quiz questions and answers: 15 questions for Who am I, 15 questions for your history home pub quiz, Mr and Mrs quiz questions: Mr and Mrs won’t be testing your knowledge of general trivia, Space quiz questions and answers: 15 questions for your home pub quiz, Quiz questions to inspire your virtual pub teams this weekend - May 29, Famous movie quotes quiz questions and answers, Family quiz questions and answers: 15 questions for the whole family, Music intro quiz questions and answers: 15 questions, Pot luck quiz questions and answers: 15 questions for your quiz, 100 general knowledge quiz questions and answers - test YOUR knowledge.

Need help with organising your hen party? Most risky place you’ve had sex?….together obviously, don’t want anything being cancelled!!


Because there ain't no party like a 90s themed party, right?

Favourite movie/band/tv show if they’re trying to be cool? 51.

If you’re having a Mr and Mrs game on your wedding day, use these! The item they’d save in a fire (apart from you!). The thing they’re most likely to go viral for? Who’s the one to remove the spider from the room? Required fields are marked *.

Who wears the trousers in the relationship? If they were on ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’, who would their phone a friend be? 2.

There's only one answer, the bride or the groom. You can edit the questions to make them personal to the couple or add in a few of your own and watch the bride squirm! What’s the one thing (apart from you) he/she couldn’t live without?

What was your parents first impression of him? Choose a selection of questions from the list below or add in some of your own to fit the couple in question - this list is a work in progress, we'd love to hear your ideas! We've got the ultimate guide to pulling, We've put together the ultimate hen party playlist from old school classics to, Celebrate the stag do in style by planning a lads trip to the capital – check, download and print our Mr and Mrs Quiz questions, How to Plan the Ultimate 90s Themed Hen Party, The Ultimate Hen Party Playlist: 100 Songs Guaranteed to Get, The Ultimate Mr & Mrs Questions: 75 Funny, Naughty and Tricky Quiz Questions.

We had a fab night. If they could instantly speak another language, which one would they choose? The more embarrassing, the better – and ideal for sending her partner-to-be a picture at the end.

Favourite movie/band/tv show if they’re being honest? On the honeymoon night ask the bride-to-be the same Mr and Mrs quiz questions and see how many she gets correct. 67. Would he rather swim in custard or baked beans? If they could throw a themed party what would it be? But before, as a future Mr or Mrs, you may want to know how to not answer the really rude ones.

1 x Rose Gold Advice Book Design : Rose gold book with rose gold foil text that reads "Goodbye Miss...Hello Mrs" in trendy script font. The Funniest and Rudest Mr & Mrs Quiz Questions. What will she say is his most annoying habit?

What was the best present he/she ever gave you? If he won £500, what would he waste it on?

14. 61.

Where in the world do you most want to travel together? Where is the grooms favourite place to have sex? Your bride can use them too to answer her questions or they make a great prop for the hen party photo booth.

And there you have it! We will use your email address only for sending you newsletters. 1 x Team Bride - Frame Guest Book Design : Hen party guest book with floral motif and metallic lettering that reads "Team Bride".

What is one thing that they can do better than anyone else?

What is the naughtiest thing your partner has ever done? If your partner could be famous for anything, what would it be for? Which era would they most like to have lived in? What was his first impression of your parents? Plus these are incredibly cute! What would he/she grab first in a fire? Which Disney character are they most like? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Who gets horny the most? Which one of their exes would they most like to run into? Which room does he most like to have sex in? What are you most likely to argue about?

It’s one of the must-do hen party games so sitting her in front of a dedicated ‘Mr & Mrs’ backdrop will set the tone. What three words would he use to describe you? Who is most likely to bring a sex toy to the bedroom? If they were allotted one extra hour of time in every day, how would they spend it? 23. Mr & Mrs Paddle Questions (The Paddle Round) If you’re looking for alternative Mr and Mrs Questions, The Paddle Game is an alternative spin on the standard Mr and Mrs Quiz game. It's Him or her...These are the MR & Mrs Paddle questions.

You can try our list and see if this is still the case, haha.

If your partner could have dinner with anyone, living or dead, who would it be? Where does he think the most romantic place in the world is?

Required fields are marked *.

Who is most likely to trip over on a daily basis?

If they had to take one thing to a desert island, what would it be?

28. The Mr & Mrs Quiz: Mr and Mrs Inquiries to put the Bride and Groom to the Check What’s the Mr and Mrs quiz?

If they could only eat one food for the rest of his/her life what would it be? Don’t ask the sex questions or the whole party could get awkward.
Who looks the best naked. From awkward questions to the fun and cringe questions, there's plenty of ideas for the family, friends and the more risque and rude questions to make it a memorable game.

You can always personalise them if you know them and their story, as you know better what will make people giggle.

What body part of yours is his favourite?

What does your man think your bra size is?

What are he / she most likely to go viral for?

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