Capital city after Mahabharata war remained Hastinapur which was later flooded and the capital of the Pandava kingdom was moved eastwards. Raja Rup Singh 1646/1661 Taragarh taken from him, granted 1500 mansab Raja Mandhata Singh 1661/1700 Raja Dayadhata 1700/1735 Raja Fateh Singh 1735/1770 Indar Sing – younger son. Raja Bhagwatrai has translated 7 stories of Ramayana into poems very beautifully. The Sisodias suryavanshi Rajputs were also known as the Ranas of Mewar, old Ranas states are to be found in many parts of India, and Nepal. By registering with us, you can grow your audience and spread your brand.

Major Tomar kingdoms Indraprastha (Now called Delhi) The bastion of Lal Kot fort, Mehrauli, Delhi, built by Tomar Rajput ruler, Anangpal in ca 736 CE. This last name is the 2,021st most prevalent surname globally It is held by approximately 1 in 26,841 people.

They built several forts and structures now located in modern-day Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. Shyam Shah Tomar – A.D. 1595, accepted Akbar as suzerain and held Gwalior Fort. Branches – Udawat, Devra, Devre, Jaitawat, Chandrawat. It is a cognate of the Hindi word “Rajah,” meaning “king.” It was originally used only for the royal head of a state. Over the years it became hereditary States:Jaipur State Narwar Alwar Maihar Talcher. Pathania is their branch.

It is the Katochs who built the famous Kangra fort in Himachal Pradesh. Rao Aasalji (qv) Rao Kheebu (Pevji) Rao Sahamalji Rao Karpooriji Rao Beekoji Rao Chhotaa Aasalji Rao Balbhadra Singhji Rao Dalpat Singhji Rao Pratap Singhji Rao Kesri Singhji (Sinhraj) Rao Fateh Singhji Rao Jaswant Singhji Rao Ghaasiramji Rao Bamsiramji Rao SAMRATH SINGHJI -/1757 Rao SAMPAT SINGHJI 1757/1790 – Battle of Patan, De Boignes the French bigot defeated Rajput confederacy at Patan and took all the gold from Patan Fort. This entry was posted on February 5, 2013 at 7:15 pm and is filed under Uncategorized. Tomar vansha begins from Tungpal. Kuldevi – Yogeshwari. Old Fort and lake outside it, Delhi A VS 1383 inscription in Delhi Museum confirms the founding of Delhi by the Tomars: Prithviraj Raso also confirms the founding by the Tomars and the legend of the loose nail (i.e., the Iron pillar): Iron pillar of Chandragupta with an inscription by Anangpal I Today Gurjars have around 20 villages of Tomar or Tanwar Gujjars in and around Delhi which makes the perception strong that this was originally a Gurjar clan. One of Bara Kothris.BaghawatDescendants of 'Bagha', son of Gopal and grandson of Raja Prithviraj.DevkarnotDescendant of 'Devkaran', son of Gopal and grandson of Raja Prithviraj.KalyanotDescendants of 'Kalyan', son of Raja Prithviraj. Kuldevi: Yogeshwari (or Jogeshwari) maata, Sarund maata, Throne, Canopy and Sign Color: Square Green with Moon on it. Prominent sub-clans of the Kachhawa clan include: Rajawat, Shekhawat, Sheobramhpota, Naruka, Nathawat, Khangarot and Kumbhani. Thakur is a title given to Rajput Kshatriya. The Kachwaha Rajputs ruled several parts of Rajasthan, including Alwar and Jaipur. s/o Virsingh Dev. We have 12/13 kuldevis for our various surnames (kul). It is said that there are mentions of the Khokra clan even in the Puranas, the ancient Sanskrit texts. If your name has any of those surnames then you possibly could be one of the royal Rajput dynasty. Please allow ads on this website. and most of present day Haryana and Punjab. (Jagas are hereditary tribal record keepers of Rajputs.). It is derived from the element “kotha” of Sanskrit “kosthaka,” meaning “granary” or “silo.” The surname is common in Rajasthani and Gujarati communities. Tomar’s rule lasted until CE 1162 when last Tomar King Anangpal II appointed Prithviraj Chauhan, his grandson (his daughter’s son), and King of Ajmer- as ‘catetaker,’ since his own sons were very young at that time. Following their loss of control at Delhi after the defeat at Tarain of the Indian Confederacy against Shahbuddin Ghori, a branch of the Tomar clan established itself in the area of modern Gwalior in northern Madhya Pradesh. Prithviraj chauhan , the descendant of Manik rae chauhan emperor of Northern India.

The great Kunwarsingh Mahaveer was the son of Babusahabjadasingh. It is also said by Tanwar ‘Jagas’ that when King Anangpal returned, Prithviraj refused to hand over the kingdom to him.

The Bhains were renowned for their bravery and warrior skills. “The Kingdom of Delhi was founded by Anangpal Tomar, whose dynasty, by virtue of descent from the Pandavas, claimed to be Lords Paramount of India” —From A Pageant of India by Adolf Simon Waley, Anangpal Tomar The Tomar Rajput dynasty of Delhi lasted until Anangpal Tomar-III, who to quote Lt. Col. Tod, in his Annals and Antiquities of Rajasthan was “justly entitled to be termed the paramount sovereign of Hindustan”. The alternative forms of this surname are Som, Somvanshi, and Soma. Madanakul was build by King Madansingh. They are the Kshatriya from Garhwal. Historians state that the Kacchapaghatas, like the Chandellas and Paramaras, originated as tributaries of the preceding powers of the region. Rajkumar and Rajwar are their branches. There are many other kings also belongs to this vansha. Champawat is believed to be the place where Lord Vishnu transformed into his turtle incarnation called Kurmavtar. ( Log Out /  This view is largely supported by archaeological artifacts: Kacchapaghata coinage (minted Gupta-fashion) discovered in Madhya Pradesh and Gopaksetra inscriptions. The mark of Hanuman was engraved on the coins of Chandel vansha. The Pachrang flag of the former Jaipur state. This vansha defined itself. They are also known as the Tomar, The Turha claim to have belonged to the Tomar Rajput community, who arrived from Rajasthan some five hundred years ago. Banethi: Near Kot Putli, Rajasthan Gaonri (or Gaondi). The Raizada Rajputs ruled parts of the Saurashtra region of Gujarat. They have many 'Khanps' (Sub sub-clans)PilawatDescendant of 'Pila', son of Raja Rajdev.Bhojrajpota (Radharaka)Descendant of 'Bhojraj', son of Raja Rajdev are known as Bhojrajpota, Radharaka is one of their Khanp.

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