254. Performed unironically and without amplification (prior to their arena era), songs like “Hello!

296. 163. For instance, the middle section of "Guelah Papyrus" was sometimes played by itself under the name "The Asse Festival". 1999-07-15 Split Open and Melt -> Kung-> JamPNC Bank Arts Center, Holmdel, New Jersey.
“Party Time”

2009-11-28 Seven Below -> GhostTimes Union Center, Albany, New York. “So with meaningless excitement/ And smooth atonal sound/ It’s like a cross between a hurricane/ And a ship that’s run aground.” Phish never came closer to characterizing their peculiar allure than in these lines from a deeply funky account of Anastasio and Fishman’s first encounter.
“The Connection” “Olivia’s Pool”. Gotta Jibboo -> Limb by LimbSaratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, New York. The feeling of being a human target informs this otherwise elegant adventure story.

2003-08-02 Ya Mar -> Runaway Jim -> Reba -> Birds of a FeatherLoring Commerce Center, Limestone, Maine. 144. In this sense, similarity means songs that occur in the same context or placement in a setlist. "Shafty" was once called "Olivia's Pool", and featured a different arrangement. It is worth listening to these two 2019 monsters together, as they illustrate the polar opposites of where Phish can take a jam in 2019. An early intricate vehicle — with absurdist lyrics evoking Satan on a beach, mythological royalty, and little Jimmy leaving for camp — for an extended McConnell piano solo. “Mellow Mood” (Bob Marley) 266.

“Soul Shakedown Party” (Marley)

139. 136.

Played frequently and often jammed-out exquisitely, this early-nineties rager is the best school-sucks anthem this side of Alice Cooper.

“555” “Frankenstein” (Edgar Winter) 106. © 2020 Erik Gauger. “Moose the Mooche” (Charlie Parker) Experimental, loose jamming with ambient segments and wild peaks. 331. “Pig in a Pen” (Traditional) Down with Disease is all gasoline and matches, but the Waves, which dissolves into soundscape, is one of the best ever. “When my wife asks me why I write such terrible things about her,” Marshall says, “I reply that I write them to exorcise the demons.”. “La Grange” (Gibbons/Beard/Hill) Anything shorter and the model can’t learn certain dependencies, anything longer and the model loses focuses and emphasizes learning the less important long term dependencies. 104. This first-set, 29-minute Scents and Subtle Sounds is exactly what I look for: wandering, free-form jamming with whale-call textures and a repetetive, 2.0 era beat.

Phish's 2019 tour opener begins with this mellow and melodic Stash, one of the most magical jams from this tour. Make learning your daily ritual. “Johnny B. Goode” (Chuck Berry) The insistent music echoes the endangered skater’s plunge into and reemergence from the frozen depths. Listen to Page's brilliant piano work and Trey's slow-build rhythmic jamming before the song dissolves into dark chaos. This long segment of four songs is like a single idea, even though it pulses through cowfunk, ambient space grooves and Hendrix-era Rock. “Catapult” 1999-12-16 Sand -> The Mango Song -> Wading in the Velvet Sea -> TweezerRaleigh, North Carolina.

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