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The cons dont even touch the pros tbh. Add to that a plethora of ergonomic features designed for the longest play comfort – and a suite of the world's most advanced gaming software for max. The 8200 DPI Pro-Aim R3 laser sensor in the Kone XTD offers superb tracking, transmitting even the fastest mouse movements with no lag – for incredible precision that delivers amazing gaming control. Four Easy-To-Clip-In Weights

The Kone XTD features a 32-bit Turbo Core V2 processor that delivers lightning-fast computing speed – so you can take advantage of its many custom gaming functions with absolutely no lag. I have a roccat arvo and roccat kave and i'm tottaly impressed with all their product lines.

Lighting and Effects System Roccat Kone XTD Optical to wysokiej klasy narzędzie gamingowe.

In this, the Kone XTD does its job admirably. are certainly entertaining and no doubt set the mouse apart. Most likely in part of their patented ROCCAT Titan Wheel. The main reason I bought this mouse is because it has left-right tilt on a mouse wheel and that is very rare on a quality gamin mouse. With a deep groove for the thumb and a wide profile for the two outermost fingers, the Kone XTD belongs right up with the Logitech G502 Proteus Core or the Corsair Vengeance M65 as one of the most comfortable mice I've ever used. O jego ogromnej mocy stanowią zastosowane w nim najwyższe technologie, stworzone przez naukowców w konsultacji z profesjonalnymi graczami specjalnie dla tych, którzy chcą dominować i zwyciężać. I feel like I'll get stronger mouse control as a result. Zespół inżynierów i testerów ROCCAT znalazł odpowiedź, jeszcze bardziej zwiększając możliwości docenianej przez graczy myszy Kone[+]. Rygorystyczne testy praktyczne oraz mrowie ergonomicznych usprawnień mających na celu zwiększenie komfortu podczas długich sesji rozgrywek sprawiły, że jest to mysz, która spełni oczekiwania i nowicjuszy, i zaprawionych w boju weteranów wirtualnego pola walki. Unlike with the unpredictable Roccat Savu software, the game-linking worked perfectly for the Kone XTD, and being able to link each profile with a different color scheme was a real delight.

TWOJA WAGAWolisz mysz ciężką czy może lekką jak piórko?

Inheriting the legendary design and all the formidable capabilities of the Kone+, the ROCCAT KONE XTD max. It doesnt depress very far, and doesnt provide the nice click of the Omron switches that the rest of the buttons provide. Its design is good, but not perfect; its software is intuitive, but not optimized; its lighting is forward-thinking, but not detailed enough.

IN MOST AREAS (see cons). I found it very comfortable and customiable in software. The software that comes with this mouse allows you to do virtually anything with its 7 additional buttons, including making macros, controlling your favorite programs, basically getting this thing to bend to your will in every way. Przyjemna gumowa rolka (w internecie wszędzie negatywne opinie). Cons: - Mouse wheel is a tad to easy to tilt, sometimes when pressing down on the mouse wheel i tilt it to the side. Give us one of those color wheels where we can drag around the color or the ability to input RGB values. Overall, this is without a doubt my favorite mouse by far. This however, isn't completely bad thing, since eventually one would get use to it. OPANUJ KAŻDĄ SYTUACJĘOsiem programowalnych przycisków i jedno wytrzymałe pokrętło 4D sprawiają, że mysz Kone XTD posiada możliwości zoptymalizowane do gry. This is down to your mainboard's BIOS settings. While they're not all equally easy to use, the ones you'll use most frequently are about as good as these things get. Z łatwością stworzysz wiele oszczędzających czas makr, zmienisz podświetlenie, ustawisz czułość i skonfigurujesz do pięciu profili, które będą się włączać automatycznie wraz z Twoimi ulubionymi grami. In the time since it hit the market, some other mice have outclassed it, but the Kone XTD is still close to the top of the all-purpose gaming mouse hierarchy, held back by only a few forgivable foibles. Dowolnie zmieniaj wygląd swojej Kone XTD Optical. And because of its premium materials and construction, ROCCAT Click Master switch tech provides you with the longest life of hardcore gaming, click after click. Now, with the arrival of contenders like the Proteus Core and Razer's DeathAdder Chroma, the Kone XTD is beginning to show its age. You can see and feel that it is made out of high quality components and it can take a beating. Fully-Adjustbale 8200dpi Pro-Aim (R3) Sensor, Enjoy a Wealth of Powerful Features – Instantly, Command with the Perfect Selection of Tools, Treat Your Hand to Some Serious Ergonomics. Certainly most games require that one pay attention to the game action. Overall Review: This mouse is worth the money. Command with the Utmost Precision The Roccat Kone XTD is still close to the top of the all-purpose gaming mouse hierarchy, held back by only a few forgivable foibles. If the colors aren't close together the middle section turns out to be a really light color (white). However, you can deactivate this feature on the majority of mainboards. Something went wrong. Mówiąc krótko, kółka Titan nie dasz rady zajeździć. Również bardzo ciężko wyciąga się ciężarki z magazynku. To begin with it's a great looking mouse overall but there's more to that with its 2 RGB lighting strips on either side of the mouse which you can also program to act in any way or color you like. I havent used it long enough to decide if it beats the G9 yet, but so far, so good.

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