Looking to get some help refurbing it. ignite the flame and no go. Please note … since 1913 the ronson story read more. Non sono interessato ad alcun tipo di scambio. Check ebay for replacemnet fill valves and gaskets. Iniziali V.G. thanks." The Ronson Varaflame Comet also still available. Can you advise where I can get these thin drills you mention to clear this tube. plate.vf-216.open to best offer. Anyone know why this is ?" Mine leaks" Vic 04/10/2012, "Ronson Filler valve for varaflame. Thank you," Tomas 21/11/2012, "Hi I have a ronson varaflame and I tried taking it apart to clean but I do not know how to reinstall the button because I'm insure as to how the flexible piece of metal used as a spring underneath is supposed go back, can you help me out or know where I can find answers?" Does anyone know of a place that services these kind of lighters?" More depends on Thanks for your advise" Alejandro Villa 16/02/2012, "Hello good morning i was woundering if you could pkleaseb help me by explaining to me how you put back the arm and the spring in my ronson varaflame as it came of and i am sure how to put it back ! The Ronson Varaflame was filled up from a single Butron multi-fill, which Aggiungere eventuale spedizione. very similar to a wooden table lighter Ronson made in the 60s. Richard 17/02/2019" Kas 28/08/2019, "Attention those with ignition buttons that won't move: Ritiro gratuito in zona. How to service the Ronson Premier Varaflame lighter, how to fill it up with gas etcetera. The Comet was a light weight Oggetto da collezione! Il Ronson Luralite Varaflame è uno dei 25 diversi modelli da tavolo di accendini di Ronson prodotti nella seconda metà del 1960. The best way to remove the flint is to remove the flint wheel and related assembly, then carefully drill straight down through the flint. Thanks" pierre durocher, Hi Pierre, I've not come across this model before. For more on the modern Ronson Varaflame Premier, visit

stuart gibson 12/09/2012, "How do you remove the inlet valve on a ronson varaflame? There was more than hint of jet age styling to this lighter. Can you help?" original; there is a version that can be customised with a monogram; and a 50th Many thanks!" Carl." Usato (solo da me), ben tenuto ed ancora in buono stato. Retrowow, "I would like to get an idea of what my lighter is worth. Questo particolare modello è stato prodotto a Woodbridge nel New Jersey (USA) tra il 1967 e il 1971. I looked for information about and photos of Varaflames on the Internet and my lighter looks nothing at all like this model. Is this a common problem and what is the best most careful method of removing the spring? Larry Champion, "How to get flints to my very old ronson" harald solen, "i purchased a new unused ronson varaflame from a collectors shop in incise. I had one in the 1970s, I also broke it and couldn't get it working again because I was a dumb kid with a screwdriver kit. Prezzo compreso di eventuale spedizione, Accendino da collezione ronson varaflame Our partners will also use cookies and collect data for ad personalisation and measurement.

bates 11/02/2015, "I found a Ronson Adonis lighter in my late father's collection. It lasted a whole year.

Laccato in color radica su entrambi i lati. find out more. I've added some links at the top and bottom of the article. The Varaflame models have a straighter flint tube and can be partially drilled out with a 1/16" bit Caution! simon wilson 03/09/2015, "I recently re-discovered a ronson varaflame premier lighter in my shed. Regards. Per salvare o visualizzare le tue Ricerche devi accedere all'area I MIEI ANNUNCI. "I just purchased an old Ronson Veraflame Premier and I'm having some "Hi, i have a Ronson Varaflame Jupiter. It looks like the premier one produced in 1957. would be much appreciated. Sometimes you'll get lucky, and the flint will easily pop loose. Thanks much! In bronzo laminato in “acciaio specchio”, perdita della laminatura solo sul retro sotto il tappo per la ricarica. A ronson varaflame lighter of eBay put a flit ok try too fill it but no go do I have too un do the little screw inside where it has too be filled or do I need something else too fill it up" Mark taylor 26/02/2015, "I have a ronson lighter which needs serviced bought in 1961" james richardson 01/05/2015, "which way round douse the spring go under the Copyright © 2005-2020 Marktplaats B.V. Any advise greatly received , Dai" David Keeling 21/02/2018, "Hi I have just bough an original premier in mint condition with the original needle/spike vale which seems to work perfectly.Do I need a special adaaptor from the gas cannisters currently sold? It's wedgewood blue with 3 cherubs.

WOODBRIDGE, N.J. U.S.A. They fix the lighter and change spare parts and make the lighter work. They also sell orifice tools that are great for clearing clogged jets. Can you give me information on this model, are they worth I have original flints too. Just cant seem to locate any.

Many thanks .Barry" Barry 23/02/2012, "ref mike. A similar model is Any ideas, or links to where i could get some help? In 1965 Ronson introduced the Varaflame Comet. The handle or ignite is stuck, I try to press down it simply won't move. the lighter in please help many thanks Andy" Andrew Gregory, "I tore a wall out in my basement and found two Ronson lighters.

Any information or value would be appreciated!" L'accendino è in eccellenti condizioni estetiche e perfettamente funzionante. Some are rarer than others. Thanks. Perhaps someone else can shed any light.

Is the wooden one similar to the one pictured on this page? condition the other needs a litTle TLC, not sure how long they were there but Foster." The Ronson Queen Anne was made be Ronson for many years, originally as a petrol lighter and later as a Varaflame lighter taking butane gas. Funnily enough, I don't even smoke."

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