Aluminum case 45 auto, which I shoot a lot, was the worst. JavaScript is disabled. Nine Infographics collection that boost your survial chance to 99% .

Ruger 90664 SR1911 Officer 45 ACP Ruger Officer 7rd Stainless D $ 18.87. Once there, you can verify that the Ruger® firearm you seek is available through that retailer and order it, subject to all federal, state and local laws. A forum community dedicated to Ruger firearm owners and enthusiasts. “The Greatest Shooter of All Time.”) I’ve seen a bit of variance between reported trigger pulls for the new Redhawk, but I was perfectly satisfied with the sample I received. Nah; nothing’s perfect.

But with the 45 acp the bullet has exited the case before reaching the throat.

We don't need no stinking groups! Well, my .357s seem to be more accurate with .357s than with .38 spl so . Just this past month or so, Ruger announced a new Redhawk with a 4.2-inch barrel and a round butt frame, rather than the typical square butt of its other Redhawk models. This allowed me to easily sight in the +P .225-grain Barnes XPB load by walking the rounds up until I was dead-on at 25 yards. Garrett’s Hammer Head .45 Colt loads are a good choice for the Ruger Redhawk. While the .45 LC used to be a very popular round in its day, it’s nowhere near as common as it used to be. There’s no denying its stopping performance during the past century, and loading a full-moon clip of .45 ACPs can be nearly as quick as replacing a magazine. In fact, this company was too kind: It provided me with different loads for .45 ACP, .45 Super and .45 Long Colt, as well.

With that in mind, and because I wasn’t using a Ransom Rest, I took my time testing the accuracy of the loads from a bench rest at 25 yards. To realize its full potential, you don’t need to wait for the end of the world; you can just go find it. Billed by Buffalo Bore as suitable for big game from deer to elk, this load packed a little recoil but was quite consistent and accurate, with no fliers to speak of. The .45 Auto/.45 LC Ruger Redhawk, along with the Great Alaskan Shoulder Holster and Buffalo Bore’s top-tier ammunition, will be a powerful and versatile system at the tips of your fingers any time you choose to wear it. The login page will open in a new tab. I expected much better performance from this load and was not disappointed. After trying seven different loads of a couple of rounds each, the winner for the best group at 25 yards was the Buffalo Bore 225-grain LowFlash, Anti-Personnel wadcutters at standard pressure. It can be loaded with lighter self-defense rounds for when you’re inside your home, and, during the summer months, a couple of chambers can be loaded with .45 Colt snake shot, just in case. I noticed poorer accuracy in my 45 Colt/45acp Redhawk with ACP Cases.

. . It has a skeletal silhouette with high-contrast areas done in bright red with inner white circles to indicate key areas to immobilize a subject. 72. Please log in again. Admittedly, you certainly feel the jarring recoil of the 325-grain round, and, at about the fourth shot, your hands are stinging a bit. It's of the reasons I sold it off.

In a TEOTWAWKI scenario, this would be a highly desirable firearm to have on hand for both its power and its range of caliber options.

innovative firearms. The .45 Colt. The first box I tried out was the lead-free, .45 Colt +P 225-grain Barnes XPB load. responsibility. I could not go a cylinder full with out two or three failures. Ruger Redhawk 4.2" 45 Colt and 45 ACP Revolver Discussion in 'Sold/Expired Classifieds' started by 5532JWK, Feb 2, 2020.

Redhawk ® Super Redhawk ® ... Distributors of Ruger ® products based in the United States are not authorized to export our products. I especially had good luck with my old standard load of 8.0 grains of Unique. Please go to the Instagram Feed settings page to connect an account.

Follow My Tips For Selecting A House. I figured out early on that this was going to take some time. Any inquiry should be directed to a distributor in your country. round. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. 56 Items That You Should Stockpile In Your Easy Cellar, Best Survival/Camping/Emergency Fire Starter Review, Best 1911 9mm Pistol For The Money And For Sale Reviews, How Safe Is My Neighborhood ? After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Even so, it was still manageable and bearable for at least a few shots. Since they are marketed as "Redhawk Express Sights", it seems a perfect option to put them on a 4" Redhawk. The Ruger Redhawk loaded with .45 ACP loads would certainly not be a problem at a reasonable self-defense distance.

This is the .45 LC round you take into grizzly country for protection. Now, couple the versatility of the .45 LC round with the new Redhawk’s ability to also fire .45 ACP and .45 Super. That’s a tremendous range of power, but it’s also a broad gamut of opportunity: In a real-world survival situation, ammunition may be in short supply, and it would certainly be useful to have a gun on hand that fires multiple calibers. round with the new Redhawk’s ability to also fire .45 ACP and .45 Super.

So, is this the perfect survival handgun? The rounded butt was to make the gun more concealable and improve the handling characteristics a bit.

However, this round isn’t meant for plinking; it’s for a worst-case scenario in the wilderness to defend your life.

For a list of foreign distributors of Ruger ® products, please click here. Triple-locking cylinder is locked into the frame at the front, rear and bottom for more positive alignment and dependable operation shot after shot.

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