While ascending a mountain, Jack encounters a hidden society of warriors who have fought a nearly 500-year war against an army of robots and offers to help them put an end to it. Episode XXIII: Jack vs. Demongo, The Soul Collector, Episode XXXVI: Jack, the Monks, and the Ancient Master's Son, https://www.turneraccess.com/programmes/samurai-jack, https://samuraijack.fandom.com/wiki/Episode_XVII:_Jack_and_the_Scotsman_II?oldid=32268. As the Scotsman chortles and mocks Jack, Jack steps forward and runs the Scotsman's bagpipes through in retaliation. [4], The first four seasons are available on Region 1 DVD. With the demons dealt with, the Scotsman's wife decides it is time to head for home, only for her husband to begin lavishing affection on her... and, surprisingly returns it wholeheartedly.

Fortunately for Jack, the Scotsman arrives, blowing up the tavern with the bounty hunters still inside.

Seeking to weaken Jack's popularity among his subjects, Aku gathers the children of the world in his palace and tells them a series of "fairy tales", all of which portray himself as a hero and Jack as the villain. Their master informs Jack of an ancient temple that can send him home, but which is protected by an army of stone warriors. This is one of the few episodes where Jack is bested in combat, as even with the help of the Scotsman, he's about to give up fighting against the Celtic Demons, likely from pure exhaustion. A clan of Celtic demons had kidnapped his beloved wife, and the Scotsman is forbidden by ancient tradition to be aided by his clan members. But a mysterious stranger, who has also entered the maze, could put Jack's plans in jeopardy.

The Scotsman takes this as Jack being smug and superior and calls him rude, which shocks Jack. X-49, a retired robot hitman, is blackmailed by Aku into coming out of retirement to hunt down Jack. Jack defeats them, but then discovers Aku's true plan: kill Jack with his own sword. As the three begin to leave, Jack realizes that the main doorway is too small for the Scotsman's wife, indirectly implying that she is fat and forcing him to flee as she furiously chases him in another fit of rage, with the Scotsman calling after her not to squash his best friend. Samurai Jack - S1 E10: "Jack and the Lava Monster", Samurai Jack - S1 E12: "Jack and the Gangsters". As they hack their way through the brush, the Scotsman asks Jack why he's on Aku's bounty list. With the bounty hunters defeated, the two laugh and apologize for their earlier behavior, the Scotsman offering to take Jack to a pub for a drink. In this episode, Jack must help The Scotsman save his wife from demonic robots.

Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from thestaff@tvtropes.org. One problem: the bridge is narrow and the Scotsman is in his way, and he's none too keen on standing aside for a complete stranger. Eventually, he uses the same sword to imprison Aku beneath the earth. While continuing on his mission, Jack is followed by an overly friendly creature who accidentally thwarts his every move. Production company Angered by the failure of his bounty hunters and mercenaries to defeat Jack, Aku uses the samurai's inner darkness to create a mirror image whose sole purpose is to destroy him. Jack is goaded into a duel by an arrogant, bullying "samurai", and is given the chance to demonstrate the true ways of the warrior. Recognized as a mighty warrior, Jack is guided to a mysterious portal capable of returning him to the past. Before they can rest and return to their fight, they are ambushed by a pig sheriff and his robotic bounty hunters, eager to collect the bounties on both of their heads. In return, the leader of the Woolies bestows his wisdom upon Jack.

Jack and the Scotsman trade blows, and surprisingly the Scotsman proves himself to be Jack's match. Jack boards a train to his next destination, only to be pursued by legendary bounty hunter Ezekiel Clench and his ex-wife Josephine. A sixth hunter, revealed to be the princess of a fallen kingdom, persuades the group to work together instead. Every episode except the ones in the fifth season also has an alternate, more descriptive title. The series aired on Cartoon Network from August 10, 2001,[1] to September 25, 2004,[2] for four seasons that span 52 episodes. Aku challenges the Imakandi, regarded as the greatest hunters in the universe, to capture the ultimate prey: Jack.

Jack's attempt to settle the matter fall flat, and the Scotsman challenges Jack to a duel to settle the matter. Genndy Tartakovsky

Jack is transformed into a chicken after bumping into a cranky wizard and winds up being captured by a greedy man who seeks to turn him into a prizefighter. A talented warrior named Ikra joins Jack as he seeks a magical jewel that could send him back to his own time. Jack agrees, but Aku's honesty is unclear. [5][6][7][8][non-primary source needed] The first three episodes were released as a stand-alone movie titled Samurai Jack: The Premiere Movie on March 19, 2002.

After passing a test of strength (through unconventional means), Jack and the Scotsman are allowed to go rescue his wife. Jack agrees to help, but first he has to gain the approval of the Scotsman's clan.

Jack investigates and finds a dragon with severe indigestion. Jack encounters a haunted house in his travels and must free the family trapped inside from the evil spirit haunting them. Cartoon Network Studios Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. March 22, 2002 He stops once he meets Jack, and after a brief exchange confirming Jack is nowhere near the end of the bridge the samurai prepares to take his leave. After the scene where Jack passes the test of throwing a stone, when the Scotsman is carrying Jack on his shoulders, the Loch Ness Monster (or a descendant) is seen swimming in a nearby lake. Next Episode Guide Neither one is able to break the other's defense, and even Jack's divine katana cannot shatter the Scotsman's rune-encrusted claymore. code Jack survives a series of traps and encounters a, While crossing a seemingly endless bridge, Jack runs into the Scotsman: a robust, if impulsive, stereotypical. After his lack of jumping skills cause him to lose a chance to return home, Jack helps a peaceful, Jack is captured and taken to the "Dome of Doom", where he forced to fight as a. Airdate When they arrive at a village, the Scotsman sees Jack's wanted poster, confirming he's just as infamous if not more so, much to his frustration. When Jack hears rumors of a time portal being found in the underwater city of Oceanus, Jack sets out to the city and is welcomed by its Triceraquins, but is unprepared for a terrible surprise. While investigating the destruction of several scattered villages, Jack learns that Aku's new "ultra-bots" are responsible. Prod. Finally the Scotsman draws his own sword and takes a swing, and while Jack stops the strike it's still enough for the Scotsman to cleave Jack's hat in half.

Upon stumbling onto the ruins of his family's estate, Jack recalls some of his childhood memories. "Jack, the Monks, and the Ancient Master's Son". "Jack and the Flying Prince and Princess". Days past, with Jack not getting much rest as the bridge can't take his weight for too long, but he otherwise doesn't have trouble until he hears music. Still, Jack needs to get across, so he starts out on a slow journey across the bridge. XVII However, Ikra's true motives threaten to derail his quest. After accidentally exposing a colony of scientists seeking to escape Earth, Jack trains as an. Jack then commends her for her intense fighting skill and superhuman strength, and she politely remarks that he's not as bad as she at first thought (though he could use a bit of haggis to fatten him up). Five of the world's greatest bounty hunters gather to compete for the chance to kill Jack. Though the two warriors fight bravely, they are vastly outnumbered, and on the verge of defeat. Samurai Jack is an American animated television series created by animator Genndy Tartakovsky.

Episode 17

Jack helps free the Woolies from the tyrannical Chritchellites.

Jack finds a booby-trapped labyrinth, in the center of which is a diamond which could send him back to his own time. The first four seasons are available on Region 1 DVD. As he experiences summer, autumn, winter, and spring, Jack must overcome the dangerous foes he encounters during each season. Jack desperately seeks out a cure before Aku's essence transforms him into the monstrosity himself. Jack is attacked by two monks, who he realizes are members of the order he once trained with. As the two figure out they're both wanted by Aku, the pig sheriff fires a pair of handcuffs at them that chain Jack and the Scotsman together. Created by Aku sends his servant Demongo, a demon who captures and enslaves the souls of warriors to serve him, to destroy Jack. Jack again tries to resolve things peacefully, but the Scotsman begins hurling insults at Jack to provoke him into a fight. However, when the Master of the Hunt refers to the Scotsman's wife as "the fat one", she grows infuriated, sending her into a frenzied rage and destroying the entire horde with her bare hands while Jack and the Scotsman stare in awe. In this episode, Jack must help The Scotsman save his wife from demonic robots. The episode starts off with a glimpse of a wanted poster of Jack, being the most wanted man in the future, who happens to be eating noodles in a tavern full of bounty hunters. Jack and the Scotsman, Part 2 Jack rescues a baby from hungry ogres, but then trying to find the child's mother while caring for it and protecting it may be his greatest challenge. After sneaking into the Castle of Boon, where the Celtic Demons reside, the two discover that the demons want to eat the The Scotsman's Wife by cooking her in a soup. As they try to sneak her out, the trio are cornered by the demon horde.

Jack's attempt to settle the matter fall flat, and the Scotsman challenges Jack to a duel to settle the matter. Lost and stuck in a swamp swarming with bounty hunters, the two make for shore and start looking for shelter. Jack learns of a powerful wishing well that can return him to the past, but must find a way past the three deadly archers who protect it. The two battle on through the night and into the next day, until both are so exhausted they can barely lift their swords let alone stand. Jack searches for truth by climbing the "Mountain of Fatoom" with three. Aku leads Jack into a cursed graveyard, where he is attacked by an army of undead warriors. Jack uses a stone giant to defeat Mondo-Bot to defend a city of robots.

Jack and the Smackback Season 2

204 The Scotsman boasts that he's got a rap sheet a mile long, with a massive price on his head and hundreds of bounty hunters running for him. Samurai Jack is an American animated television series created by animator Genndy Tartakovsky.The series aired on Cartoon Network from August 10, 2001, to September 25, 2004, for four seasons that span 52 episodes. Jack and the Ultra-robots.

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