Madame Olive is worried about the fate of the engaged couple Rose and George. Lucky I had Georges sword and mine also.

Or, you can click on the name of the story below to see the exact location. Does Rose know where one of the Shroudbreaker pieces are? – Cannon Cove. Tip: Depending on the pages you have, it can be found on Boulder Cay, Rapier Cay or Sandy Shallows. Laughing again. We touched! I was angry though so it was an easy fight.

Pleading with this person who never replied or said anything i asked him to not kill me.

@musicmee I’ve found the chest of memories and got the spices location after that, I’m trying to find the music box but I can’t figure it out I’ve been looking back through the book and thought that it might be on wanders refuage but I’m having trouble finding it.

Follow the direction where the compass is pointing at and find the remains of Rose. My ideal genres are RPG and RTS titles, so Assassin's Creed, Kingdom Hearts, Viv 6 and Two Point Hospital are included in my mix. Not lonely isle. You will see a single tree near the beach. They're eternally grateful and so am I! Olivia is on Plunder.

(Madame Olive adds the pendants and some materials into the transmutation box, and processes them at the apparent cost of her welfare.

But they all say it's still too dangerous to take on Rooke. I think I have found the tree "trees?" But of course I said yes anyway. I had to fight all four of them myself. They're together, at last. Once the Crew has voted on the Tall Tale and listened to the Madame Olive, they are given the Tale Book, which they can find and take out in the Map Radial menu. You will want to go to the top of the East back beach. Do not leave behind the chest of memories after you open it even though it’s useless, when I was sailing to George it failed the quest.

Nvm turns out that it was DOING WHAT I DO BEST. [Spoilers Ahead]: I go over this specific part of the mission and explain how this is meant with a solid example. Here's how to complete the fan-favorite Tall Tale, Sea of Thieves Wild Rose. I thank you for all you've done for me, but whatever happens now you must not interfere. Fortunately, the two love birds had special pendants to which they were spiritually bound. What’s this?!

This is where you will dig up the Music Box.

It'll have more than a PS5! Did I miss something or is it bugged?

I knew that if I were to act, it would have to be while we returned aboard our rowboat. I could see her sails on the horizon. For a closer look, click on the link to the map … We pirates take each other to be awful man and wife.

Do I start with Rose or do I start with George? When doing the steps, do I then also follow the steps with the first dance steps, then the second?

Head to Sanctuary Outpost and into the Order of Souls tent to meet Madame Olive. This page was last edited on 22 March 2020, at 12:33. We have stopped to rest on our way to the Lagoon of Whispers, but the only whisper I can hear is echoes of the question. Locate the Music Box and Box of Spices. This is where your handy Tall Tale book comes in. Thank you for letting us know! As mentioned in the beginning pages of the Tale book, Lone Cove is where their first bounty took place. A thousand thanks my pirate friend. Ahoy there! On the west side of the island just south of the cave and north of Deadshot Charlotte you will find a tree next to a small cliff. Ok I’m stuck trying to find the mementos found the music box just can’t seem to find where to go next. In need of a helping hand? Ours was at Boulder Cay, but it can also be found at Rapier Cay or Sandy Shallows. If they were in the chest you have to take them out before you go on the island, Do you have to do this to continue the shores of gold one or can skip to the next thing. Dig up the Chest of Memories and collect the pages inside it to get 2 new chapters where you’ll need to find 2 Mementos: the Box of Spices and the Music Box. hand over the items and let the custcene roll, that’s Rare’s  Sea of Thieves Wild Rose finished! If anyone can make it to the Shores of Gold, it's you! The compass created to locate Rose and George can take you to a variety of different islands.

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She looked me up and down and said I was going to be the sort of pirate who never let danger scare her away. Please help ;^; If I remember correctly... it's on the back beach under a tree to the northeast. Open up your radial quest menu to select the enchanted compass in your inventory and all you have to do is simply sail to the destination and find Rose. Your first task will be to collect the Chest of Memories. Yes, perhaps the same magic might help locate Rose and George! George had been thinking (too much) about how to propose to me. I've been a gamer ever since I was old enough to hold a controller, early 90's to be exact. This is where you will find the Tall Tale book. @musicmee thank you, you must be good luck or something cause even if i don't check this right away you reply and we always seem to find it then. Rose listed the location of the buried Chest of Memories that holds two Lovers Notes. Follow the new direction where the compass is pointing at and defeat Rooke. Our Wild rose Tall Tales guide is here to help you if you hit a wall (or an island). George had been thinking (too much) about how to propose to me. I could see her sails on the horizon. Learn how your comment data is processed.

(Madame Olive adds the mementos and some ingredients into a transmutation box, which processes them into an Enchanted Compass.). Now you've got both pieces, head back to Sanctuary Outpost for a final time and return the items to Madame Olive. and i hitched a ride on his boat to sanctuary island and was able to finish the mission. @ancientvirulent Just answered this in your other post matey! It says that the tale is locked for voting. She loves me, she loves me not. I knew that if I were to act, it would have to be while we returned aboard our rowboat. She loves me, she loves me not. The memory chest only gives you one part of the story. On the thin stretch that connects the two islands, dig under a palm tree on the southern side.

I... Oh dear. But in Wild Rose, it's an unforgettable, supernatural love story, like Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore but with more sword-wielding skeletons. Dig under the lone palm tree. Upon turning in the two items to Olive, you will unlock the The Path of Lovers commendation. This one is on the northwest part of the island in a sandy patch near some rocks.

The ambush took place at Cannon Cove. However, the location descriptions will only make sense once you reference the stories from the first 16 pages. Do I have to restart the voyage? Laughing again. He's her fiance now, and she sent me this beautiful diary! The diary contains a large amount of exposition that details the couple's romantic exploits. Are you stuck?

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