That’s a guaranteed 10-30 exp and can give some very high level Master Monks! Many thanks to Dave Pro for allowing me to publish his list here! In general, experience is gained based on your strength relative to the monster you are fighting. Max out your levels The levels below indicate the level at which this happens (a + indicates the level is after promotion). There are times where you can’t get to a store for several battles without having to retrace your steps back a long way. Think ahead Good as new! Search everything You can also replay battles as many times as you like to gain experience. Indeed, so loved was this title that it spawned a remake in 2004, Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon on Game Boy Advance. Hot and Cold Magic i found the easy way to use the fairy woods special stage to get fast level ups. Don’t just try to ‘up’ one character’s stats, the others will fall way behind and so weaken your force. Also, since L.E. With the config code, as you know, you can make the Dark Maiden drop the Protect Ring over and over again, until the cows come home, which they won’t because apparently people don’t eat beef in Shining Force 2. Although areas of high land effect often coincide with difficult terrain, that is not always the case. is always 0%, and therefore their DEF is never augmented (except for Boost, of course). It works for me! Then, start up your game and fight, to go up a level. Reply with quote; Re: Level cap? If you’re much weaker than the monster, you’ll gain maximum experience (~49 points), if you’re about the same level, you’ll gain betweem 20-30 points, and when you’re much stronger, you’ll gain only 1 or 2 points. 2.1 Your First Quest. so what i do is have a flier (Peter) block the spot where the mist demon appears, and then move the party around to just keep on killing the lesser demon. The Shining Force: Full List. Defense Bonus) of 0%. I also often find that when the enemy can’t use magic, you can tell which spell to use on them from their colour. However, if you keep it you can use it in battle, usually causing some fairly powerful spell. From Shining Moon. Games are supposed to be fun! From: Lee Dalope, Protect Ring trick is 30%, giving him a DEF of 13. 1). Whenever say, Zynk uses it: same effect. I realized that by using the Protect Ring on a crowd of five people at the most, the effect is that of a Boost level 1, which grants the caster, usually of a clerical class, 25 exp maximum. To get lots of rings, use the Control Opponent option in the configuration mode and play the battles where an enemy holds the ring over and over again by egressing before the battle is over. Don’t rush in What land effect actually does is to increase the characters defense. Single out and surround when the monster begins to give less xp, just block their spot and move deeper into the woods. However, you should always try to help characters who are not so good. A map of the Shining Force 2 world (Grans Island and Parmecia) with pages about each town, including buildings, town maps, characters, items, key events and even the books and signs you'll find there! Attaining level ninety-nine characters is virtually an inescapable prospect using my method. Take notes if you like. This is what I do:  Have KAZIN, CHAZ, TYRIN, and TAYA be equipped with the Guardian Staff and have the Indra staves as tools to retrieve lost MP. for healers w/ aura + boost spells, just place your party into the ideal formation for maximum coverage and cast them like crazy. 3.1 Old-school Grinding Spots; 3.2 Eden Group. But this might just be a coincidence. All the information you could need to know about each character, on their own individual pages. Privacy Policy | Full disclaimer/copyright notice, © 1996-2018 Lady Moogie Goddess of all things Shining. If there is more than one route to take during a battle, divide up your force equally. After defeating all the enemies, simply stay from his demonic halitosis, and charge up. ‘Cold’ coloured enemies (blues, purples and greens) should be fought with Blaze, and ‘Hot’ coloured (red, orange, etc.) Here and there, strongholds of Good still held out… Level-up at the Fairy Woods In general, experience is gained based on your strength relative to the monster you are fighting. Keep all the others far away to avoid the spells, and when one of the four around the Devil needs healing, move a healer nearby to do so. If you find yourself rage-quitting you’re taking it all too seriously. Don’t go charging in The lances may be more powerful, but on those occasions when distance is needed in an attack, it is good to be able to equip them with a spear and get in that extra attack that they couldn’t have done with a lance. There is a difference between ‘flying’ and ‘hovering’ characters. Extra rings trick But like I said, theres a way to get around that, which is simply save the game before you use it. Shining Force is the first of the Shining series of games chronologically, but was the second game released in the series, after Shining in the Darkness. Welcome to the new-look Ultimate Shining Force Guide! Creator of Shining Force III: 16-bit (WIP). applies equally to your enemies, try to attack them when they are standing in grass, sand, or especially when they are standing on the path. From: Iovix Frost. Experience is based on your strength relative to the monster you are fighting. If you become the character you’ll understand the game better. Always check the stats of the monsters farthest away from you: the one with the best stats is usually the main guardian. I just hope I didn’t cover it in too much doubletalk for you to understand, no offense of course. Flying characters ignore all terrain and always have a Land Effect (i.e. They’ll all meet up at the end anyway. Tor_Heyerdal. Defend Against Magic Users How to play Shining Force 2 - adapted from Sega’s Shining Force 2 instruction booklet. From: Of course the original is still the best and continues to see re-releases in classic games collections across various systems. Shining Force II fan Dave Pro took the time to research the points at which your characters will gain only 1 experience for defeating the various monsters. Useful if you need to save your MP for the main guardian. A guide as to the full purpose and effects of Land Effect in Shining Force II…. Handy hints, gameplay tips, battle strategies and sneaky tricks! Handy hints, gameplay tips, battle strategies and sneaky tricks! Established May 5th 1996. These are the levels at which you will gain only 1 EXP for defeating each monster. of 0%), his defense is increased by 0%, and so it remains at 10. These are the levels at which you will gain only 1 EXP for defeating each monster. It can be very frustrating if you forget something important that’s been said. Hovering characters, however, do get terrain bonus (Kiwi is an example of such a character, after promotion). The Fighters who are strongest protect the more vulnerable magic-users. monsters will only appear if the spot they will occupy doesn’t have something blocking it, or if they’re already there. for fighters, you have to actually enter the woods, with two filers. Jump to: navigation, search. So in theory if you level up to 40 before promotion, you should continue to gain reasonable amounts of experience on monsters that would only give you 1exp after promo. Sounds crazy? DON’T promote your characters as soon as you can, when returning from Creed’s mansion (after being shrinked and all) go to the fairy woods special stage and train your characters (with the mist demon, so be careful) until they reach level 40 (the maximium level) them promote them, so they will MUCH stronger than they would if you had promoted them right away. If one dies, then it is very important to replace them right away, the last thing you need is a Devil running all over the battlefield! Two words: Protect Ring. It is part of a long line of ‘Shining series’ games, many of which have sadly never seen a release in the West. Even if there doesn’t seem to be as many monsters down one way, don’t forget that more could appear or one might be particularly difficult. 1 New to Shining Moon? Save and try again Hello there…I have a trick for achieving the best possible fair level for any character you want…(This could be considered cheating by some, but there’s no special trick)…On the turn right before the desired character is to go up a level (such as 99 experience and a monster right next to you), quit from the battle and reset the game. Ten centuries of peace ruled the land of Rune. If you’re not certain what to do on your next move, save game and restart. Unfortunately this one doesn’t work too well when there are a lot of Magic Users amongst the enemy’s force. Divide and conquer 2 Beginner Instance. Instructions Manual. Shining Force is a classic tactical RPG released by Sega for the Genesis/Mega Drive console in the mid 90’s and developed by Sonic Co, who went on to become Camelot Software Planning. Hold on to your spears Curses! Im basically doing each battle at least twice, and so far the Shade Abbey battle and the Bustoke Quarry battle are the exception, being repeated at least 3 or 4 times. If you’re much weaker than the monster, you’ll gain maximum experience (~49 points), if you’re about the same level, you’ll gain betweem 20-30 points, and when you’re much stronger, you’ll gain only 1 or 2 points. Another useful idea is to make sure that the Knights each have a spear and a lance. Established in July of 2001, The Ultimate Shining Force Guide has been providing Shining Force fans with almost all the information they could need to sail through the game, for more than 15 years and I intend to get the walkthrough finished off at long last in the coming weeks now interest in the game has been revived with the recent PS4 and Xbox classic game releases.

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