Amada – It means “loving,” but in English, it translates to “darling.”eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'findnicknames_com-box-4','ezslot_11',114,'0','0'])); Amante – It’s a “lover,” but it can also be used in a wider context. Hoping your little girl grows up to be a capable woman? This vast database of Spanish names has been compiled from various references and suggestions provided by our web site users and resources partners. These names are muy bonita. This name was also borne by a daughter of William the Conqueror. Cerrada – It means “closed” and could be used for a girl who is quiet and reserved. Fun Fact: Cruz Bay is a town and main tourist area in the U.S. Virgin Islands on the island of St. John. You may want to choose a Spanish name to honor your heritage or to pass down a family name. It's the name of a city.

If you are expecting a bundle of joy wrapped in pink soon, you might be looking for a list of popular Spanish names for girls. name. We pick every product that we think you'll love the most. Hermosa – It means “Beautiful,” which makes it a great nickname for a lover.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'findnicknames_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_9',120,'0','0'])); Maravillosa – A romantic name for a girl who is prettier than all the other girl. Here are some cool Spanish nicknames for ladies: Amiga – It means “friend.” Bicho – It means “bug,” but it’s used as “cute” or “tiny.” A cool Spanish pet name for a petite lady.

Fun Fact: The Battle of Concepción between Mexico and Texas rebels took place on October 28, 1835. Fun Fact: Ernesto Guevara or Che Guevara was a guerrilla leader who was named one of the 100 most influential people of the 20th century by Time Magazine in 1999. Fun Fact: “Lorenzo” is a song by Phil Collins about the real-life boy Lorenzo Odone. 100 Pretty Baby Girl Names in Spanish. Spanish is the fourth most common language spoken on Earth  , so it's no wonder Spanish baby names are so popular throughout the world. Filipino baby girl names may sound old-fashioned compared to Spanish and English names. These pretty Spanish girl names are sure to be a hit, whether you're going with a classic like Isabella or something more unique like Lita. Nameberry is a registered trademark of Nameberry, LLC. Spanish girls' names are especially well-used in Latinx communities, of course, but Spanish girl names such as Gabriela and Isabella have crossed over in a huge way. ... Sofía — or Sof for short — means "wise," so get ready to have a little brainiac on your hands. Or perhaps you are a woman learning Spanish and have been tasked with choosing a “Spanish name”? Fun Fact: Adriano is a Latin, Spanish, and Italian version of the name Adrian that most likely originated from the town of Adria or Hadria not far from the Adriatic Sea in Northern Italy. Fun Fact: Isabel Perón became the President of Argentina in 1974 after the passing of her husband, Juan Perón.

Fun Fact: Queen Fabiola was married to King Baudouin and was the Queen of Belgium from 1960 to 1993. No mom would say naming the baby was the hardest part of pregnancy, but it can be a challenge. See a medical professional for personalized consultation. Check out these popular and unique Spanish baby names for boys along with their meanings, origins, and other interesting information. The spread of the Spanish language and culture began during the Spanish Empire when Spain sent explorers to expand its territory. This is the first time that the most popular compound name for girls, María José, appears on the top 10 list. (Mi) Angelita – Someone who takes care of you, your guardian “angel.”, Azúcar – You use it for someone who is “(as sweet as) sugar.”. How cute is the name Desi? To be honest, most of us use the meanest nicknames for our friends. Fun Fact: Four Satellites named ELISA (ELectronic Intelligence by SAtellite) were launched into space by the French military in 2011. (Mi) Tesoro – A real “treasure,” a girl you’d like to keep. Fun Fact: Our Lady of Soledad or Solitude refers to Mary, the mother of Jesus spending Holy Saturday in silence and solitude thinking about the death of her son. Espantapájaros – It translates to “Scarecrow” and it’s used for both skinny guys and girls. The diminutive would be “Flaquita.”, Fosfora – A girl that’s short-tempered and burns down quickly like a “match.”. Make the exercise of finding a name a fun event. Fun Fact: Jade is a green mineral stone that is believed to have properties that are protective, calming, and healing. Fun Fact: Launched in 2018, PAZ is the name of Spain’s first satellite with radar technology.

A short form for the name "Alejandra." Fun Fact: Leonardo is one of the four fictional crime-fighting brothers in The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics, cartoons, games, and movies. Fun Fact: Julio César is the Spanish name for the historical figure also known as Julius Caesar. This list of girl names in Spanish will help you choose something both beautiful and meaningful. Here are some popular and unique Spanish baby names for girls along with their meanings, origins, and other fun facts.Ftw. Sofía — or Sof for short — means "wise," so get ready to have a little brainiac on your hands. Here is a list of 20 of the most popular girl names in Spanish. Spanish is the fourth most common language spoken on Earth, so it's no wonder Spanish baby names are so popular throughout the world. Fun Fact: A Margarita is a crowd-pleasing alcoholic drink made with tequila. The world’s languages, in 7 maps and charts. Fun Fact: Dulce de leche is a sweet, sugary treat that is similar to caramel. Fun Fact: Paloma is the name of book number five in the Retrieval Artist book series written by Kristine Kathyrn Rusch.

Another word you could use for a girl who likes gossiping is “Chismosa.”.

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