Just coming here to say that Biomat's advice also works for the PS4.

I'm on PC and I've actually only had the crosshairs on one occasion; that was almost the first time I rode a horse. The main purpose of Lock Wheel Zoom is to provide preservation of the aiming accuracy offsets, which is useful if you like to disable the aim assist. Since the bug's apparently been out for well over a year, there's no hope of Bethesda fixing it. When disabled, this parameter will be reverted to its initial state (from other combat mods or vanilla). [+] Camera Field of View - Adjusts coverage degree of visible scene.

Internal game parameters of such NPC dodging behavior being absorbed on first mod init and reverted back upon in-game uninstall. Sneaking mode feature: if the Stealth Meter is initially centered then it will be temporarily lowered to free space for the hovering crosshair. [*] Melee Camera for Left Handed Magic - previously known in 3PCO++ as a "Spell Blade mode for 3rd person" switch. Currently forced crosshair during hovering is always active and not have an option to disable this behavior. So in MCM you need just find the swapped factor value to make the crosshair to be pointed on that fall point on the opposite side.

[*] Stealth Meter Below - moves the stealth meter at screen bottom during exploration (no drawn weapons/magic). 3. Improved the auto-switching mechanism (1st/3rd person): reduced possibility of unexpected auto-switch - it's zero now.

Helps loads. Manual re-enabling of the AGO's MCM options will be ignored until you disable this option. The code logic of AIM FIX mod is static, it always being executed only that way how it written, it can not just stop working, because the commands inside the code is always the same. Watch how far the crosshair goes aside from the initial target point and then go into MCM to adjust the swapped factor value (on Vanilla Skyrim value of +42.0 will be the best as a start to try). SkyHUD, Customizable UI Replacer, etc). Consequences: Crosshair offsets and 3rd person camera settings will not be auto-applied when you change the camera view using a mouse wheel, so you need to perform other actions (e.g. AIM FIX mod (known earlier as 3PCO++) is a fork-project based on 3PCO mod which has evolved into a new mod but still contain a Smooth Camera Follow feature under permission of honorable Watang (3PCO mod author). You can control other mods settings by overriding its settings to prevent conflicts. Affects both enemies and followers at once. [+] Improved stability on mod initialization (first load): added 4 seconds delay before AIM FIX become fully functional to reduce papyrus runtime stress during loading a clean save with a bunch of mods.

However, they go off center towards the bottom left of my screen only when my character is sneaking. Note 0: aim-assist auto-switching mechanism is optimized to not fire intil the activity is changed, but after re-adjusting the set of auto-switches in MCM you will need to switch the camera view two-three times (and re-draw weapon maybe) until new settings apply. Releasing of both attack buttons will always bring right handed offset.

You can create the mod translation page only if you translate whole mod description page text without changing/replacing content and links.=============================================================================PROHIBITION FOR OTHER MOD AUTHORS ON REPLICATING THE AIMING OFFSETS FUNCTION:The dynamic aiming offsets application function is an exclusive development that belongs to its creator - NeOniq.If you developing the mod that alters the crosshair position on HUD, you can publish it only if the offset will apply once.Any other mod that will contain a dynamic crosshair position adjustments depending on magic or weapon drawn/sheathed will be moderated by a Nexus staff on my request and then this mod may be blocked based on suspicion of stealing AIM FIX assets.=============================================================================.

Writes into DSerArcheryGameplayOverhaul.esp Global: DSerMCM_BowCamera, DSerMCM_BowCrosshair.
2.4. Note 2: Currently 3rd person magic on horseback is not implemented yet until good animation mod will appear on Nexus. Click on your taskbar. Would anyone know the reason? [+] Zero All Archery Offsets - reset archery offsets (fill with zeros). There are 2 perk points with 3 perk points spread over them. Skyrim has serious issues with >60fps, blame it on poor game design.

(Jaxonz Archery Utilz will snap you into 1stPV automatically when pulling bowstring - great mod! [*] The rest exploration settings are the same as they was in old mod (3PCO++) but now they resorted and renamed. [+] New option "Process Animation Events" - disabling this hook will cause AIM FIX to stop capturing and processing animations events to suit needs of some another mod, if you consciously want it. (* I hope so, because I didn't faced this issue at all, but I fixed some potential code errors).

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