Reddit user tyrielwood has created this handy guide for getting mods to work with Skyrim VR using the Nexus Mod Manager, and you can find it in video form at the bottom of this post. Since Sky UI has a pre-requisite (SKSE64) it will open up another module informing you of the requirement: For now, let us focus on downloading Sky UI (we will download and install SKSE64 after that). Therefore, in order to use Vortex the first thing we want to do after installation is to tell it to actively manage Skyrim Special Edition. Open Vortex and click the red icon in the top right corner. Apart from that, the mod installs the same way the Unofficial Patch and Sky UI did - no extra steps needed. Other times, mods will include one plugin for the mod, and several other plugins as patches so the mod works well together with other mods. Immersive Armors comes with something that is often referred to as a “scripted installer” or “FOMOD”, which is, essentially, a little mod installation menu that allows you to pick and choose various options. Click on the highlighted bit that reads “SKSE64” to bring up. Due to how the Bethesda games work (including Skyrim and Skyrim Special Edition), the Mod Staging Folder must be on the same partition as the game. You can return to the Downloads section any time to install downloaded mods from there. Vortex will now display another notification where you can choose to enable the installed mod by clicking the “Enable” button: Clicking the “Enable” button will do the following: Note: While many mods for Skyrim Special Edition (as well as other Bethesda games) come with a plugin, not every mod does. The game might take a while after loading a save file (between a few seconds and a few minutes, depending on your mod setup and the mod in question) to register a new mod sub-menu being added to the MCM. In the file section, download the file at the top described as “One-click installer” for Vortex (Manual Download). A detailed scan may take several minutes to complete, so, please, be patient while Vortex is searching for the game. Managed - Games currently handled by Vortex.

There was a problem. Go to the page for Immersive Armors ( and click the “Download: Vortex” button to trigger the download. Since, for the purpose of this guide, we are not using that body mod, simply click “Finish” in the bottom right without ticking the checkbox. While it is possible to use Vortex to install SKKSE64 (or other script extenders) it requires a few extra steps and is only recommended for intermediate modders. a blue and a red version of an armour) go to the “Files” tab and click the button that reads  “Mod manager download” on a given file to have Vortex download that file. In order to install Sky UI, you will have to download and install SKSE64 (Skyrim Script Extender 64) the script extender for Skyrim Special Edition.

Your plugin list should now look like this: Go to the page for A Quality World Map on the website: You have just successfully installed your first mod. This is the preferred and recommended way of installing Vortex. Click on the button labelled “Install” to start the installation process for the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch, which should only take a couple of seconds (this varies depending on how many files a mod installs, how big those files are etc.). To change the default download location which is “C:\Users\YourUsername\AppData\Roaming\Vortex\downloads” go to your Settings > Download: You can specify any folder on your drive. Please make sure that enough disk space is available and remain patient, as your mods will be copied over. Installing the script extender (SKSE64) and Sky UI correctly, will add a Mod Configuration Menu (MCM) to the game.

If your search is sorted by endorsements (default), the “Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch” should appear as the first mod in the list for results. While playing Skyrim from a first-person, VR perspective can be jaw-dropping, the luster will quickly wear off as you realize that the original 2011 textures are being used (for some reason).. With that done, go to the mod page for Immersive Weapons to download and install it in the same way: Once downloaded, mods can be installed, and enabled. As for Immersive Armors, if you navigate to your plugins view, you will find two different plugins (Hothtrooper44_ArmorCompilation.esp and Hothtrooper44_Armor_Ecksstra.esp) which are currently disabled (and, therefore, not sorted): image. If you followed the above steps and extracted SKSE64 to the correct folder, Vortex should be able to find SKSE64 and fill in the previously greyed out tool. the file archives) to be stored. While Vortex will always install the files it needs in order to work to your C drive, you are free to choose the location where you want your downloaded mods (i.e. the Unofficial Patch. This will ensure that Vortex downloads the right file for you. That being said, Vortex does not just automatically take over mod management for a particular game - in case you would rather manage it yourself or with another tool.

Active downloads are also displayed in the bottom left corner. Therein, you will find a folder named e.g. It involves tinkering with some of the game files, but it's nothing too taxing. Unlike the Unofficial Patch, Immersive Armors is a big mod (1 GB) so it might take a while to finish downloading. Once the installation is complete, the mod is ready to be enabled. Thank you for signing up to PC Gamer. This page was last edited on 8 October 2020, at 14:53. If you want to disable the mod, you need to navigate to your mod list (not plugin list) and disable the mod from there. Once it is done, enable the mod by clicking “Enable” in the following notification: Go back to your tab with the download module opened (or bring it up again by clicking the “Download: Vortex” button). I tried opening it in Steam. Oftentimes, mods such as retextures only come with texture files that replace existing textures in the game and do not require a plugin to function. For a recap on how to install SKSE64 manually, as well as for instructions on how to install it via Vortex, please consult our wiki: Tool Setup: Script Extenders. The default location for the Mod Staging Folder is “C:\Users\YourUsername\AppData\Roaming\Vortex\skyrimse\mods”. On the other hand, some mods consist of just a plugin file (simple patches or bugfixes that require no additional files), and no other files. To do so, click on the hyperlink that reads “Not working?

When we say “mod” it refers to the entirety of the modification including all the files it provides to achieve a game-altering effect. The best Skyrim VR mods have made The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim more immersive and harder to escape than ever before. Discovered - Games Vortex has found on your hard drive. But mods that add quests, items or characters should work in exactly the same way. Many, though not all, mods will come with a mod specific sub-menu within the MCM that will allow you to tweak certain aspects of a given mod. If you have accidentally dismissed the notification that asks whether you want to install the just downloaded mod, you can still do so via the “Downloads” section: side menu / navigation area > Downloads > Install. PC Gamer is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. If you have followed this guide correctly until now, your plugin list should now look like this: Note that SKSE64, while correctly installed, will not appear either in the plugins list nor the mod list. This is the folder where Vortex stages your mods i.e. Open this folder and extract its contents into your Skyrim Special Edition root folder (where the game’s exe is located) e.g. In the next dialogue window that comes up, click “Log In On Website” to open a new page in your browser: If no new page is loaded in your browser, copy and paste the link displayed by Vortex into your browser’s address bar: Click the "Authorise" button to allow Vortex to sign in. Once that is done, you can enable the mod by clicking “Enable”. In the top right, you will see a download button labelled “Download: Vortex”. We have now successfully installed and enabled Sky UI. Vortex (mod manager) now specifically supports Skyrim VR. Vortex is capable of managing mods for dozens of different games. Supported - All games Vortex supports that are neither discovered nor managed (yet).
Sounds of Skyrim Complete If you’re like me then you probably wish Skyrim had a bit more ambient noise. LG UltraGear 27GN950 gaming monitor review, Glorious Modular Mechanical Keyboard (GMMK) review, Corsair HS60 Haptic gaming headset review. Almost a decade post-release, Bethesda is still porting their premier open-world RPG, and the modding scene is as strong as ever. It is safe to enable both of them by either selecting “Enable all” in the Vortex notification, or by toggling them to “Enabled” individually by clicking on their status button (grey button that reads “Disabled”). Start the game via the play button on the Skyrim SE tile in the top left. Note: if authorising via the website fails, you can try to log in manually. “skse64_2_00_12”. As Vortex does this automatically upon startup, no action on your end is required. Note: some misconfigured anti virus programs might rename the *.exe to something else, in that case, rename the downloaded file to *.exe and open it to run the installation. Skyrim VR is £39.99/$59.99/€59.99 on Steam and the Humble Store. Navigate to the Skyrim Special Edition section on the website. Skyrim VR Mod: Skyrim 2017 Textures. This will “undeploy” (purge) all the mod’s files and remove them from your game’s mod folder. Skyrim VR won't start after installing Vortex Mods - posted in Vortex Support: So I installed a bunch of mods via Vortex for Skyrim and after following instructions from the guy who made Vortex via Discord, I finally decided to try to load Skyrim VR. 7-zip). Whether this is a good idea depends on the mod and whether the provided plugins are mutually exclusive (several options where you only want to pick one), optional add-ons for the main plugin (in that case it would be safe to enable all of them depending on your preferences), or patches for other mods (in which case you only want to enable them if you are actually using those other mods). In order to pick the version of the mod that you want, click on the “Files” tab on the mod page to show the various main files: Once you have decided on the version you want, click the “Mod Manager Download” button on that file. I tried loading it from Vortex at first, believing I needed to do so. The default location for the Mod Staging Folder is “C:\Users\YourUsername\AppData\Roaming\Vortex\skyrimse\mods”. Reddit user tyrielwood has created this handy guide for getting mods to work with Skyrim VR using the Nexus Mod Manager, and you can find it in video form at the bottom of this post. It will set the mod’s status to “Enabled”, If the setting “Deploy Mods when Enabled” is active (which is the case by default when Vortex is first installed) it will, Go to the Sky UI mod page on the website (, In the top right, click the button that reads “Download: Vortex”. image, Once Immersive Armors has finished configuring it will display one final message: image. Visit our corporate site. You will receive a verification email shortly. You can monitor your download in the Downloads section within Vortex, or in the bottom left corner where your active downloads are displayed: Once the download is finished, click the install button on the notification that comes up - just like with the Unofficial Patch and Sky UI: Since this is a large mod, extracting the files might take a while, so, please, be patient as Vortex prepares the installation. the position of a mod-added rock in the world). A “plugin” on the other hand is a particular file (esp, esm, or esl) that contains information and edits that the game can load (e.g. Upon initialising, Vortex will automatically associate itself with Nexus Mods download links and inform you of that via a notification in the top right corner: This is necessary so Vortex can be used to download mods straight from Nexus Mods via the corresponding “Download: Vortex” button on a given mod page.

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