There have been thousands of petroglyphs discovered around the globe all sharing a parallel tale. Buddha Peace - The rebirth of peace happens insideThere is no path to peace. These “sun daggers” align with the centers or edges of the spirals during the annual solstices and equinoxes. Besides lifecycles, fertility, and childbirth, the spiral can reference intuition and other more internal concepts associated with women.

The spiral, a magical symbol, was once carved on the rocks of Sahara, in the times when this region of the world was an immense green garden and it was very long time ago and the breast of Astarte, the ancient Phoenician great goddess of fertility, motherhood, and war (the counterpart of the Babylonian goddess Ishtar) is depicted with spirals. The spiral has been one of the most used shapes in religious and magical symbolism. The spiral is a symbol for big concepts like evolution, life, consciousness, creation and more. I was also reminded of the discovery by the pioneering dowser Guy Underwood, of spiral energy flows in the landscape. No point of the sphere is nearer or farther from the center than any other point on the sphere.

These religious symbols come from many wisdom traditions and honor the highest manifestations possible. The beginning of any visual symbol is the dot or point. Because of this phenomenal event, some have discarded the idea that petroglyph spirals have no connection to water. When you use a symbol on your water, the resonance of that broad concept influences all molecules to align with the principles and become a carrier of that power. using this symbol removes the possibility of making wrong choices in life by empowering all truth.

It was at least partially used as a tomb, but it may have had other purposes as well.

Many other wisdom traditions use this symbol with some variation in the vertical and horizontal cross. Copyright © - All Rights Reserved. Spiral This page is about the meaning, origin and characteristic of the symbol, emblem, seal, sign, logo or flag: Spiral.

And as a symbol it’s free of dogma – religious, political – but also a living experience.

Using them on your water glass or drink bottle reminds you of your ancient connections to earth and life wisdom. In this book, Watkins mentions a humble snail – the ‘dodman’ to be precise – and it’s still surprising to look back and see that it was this that set me off on my spiral quest.

The points are associated with all groups of nine, for example: the nine internal and external senses: memory, meditation, imagination, common sense, hearing, smell, sight, taste, and touch; and the nine muses: Calliope (poetry), Clio (history), Melpomene (tragedy), Euterpe (music), Terpsichore (dancing), Urania (astronomy), Thalia (comedy), Polyhymnia (eloquence). Through the ages, sacred symbols have been used to convey and merge intangible and supernatural rays of truth into single graphic images that take us to a point of knowing without using our cognitive skills.

The spiral is within the strands of our DNA, flower petals, the branching of trees, a spiral shell, and the shape of our galaxy. Spirals are sometimes seen as watery symbols. Each of the points has several meanings, including but not limited to: the first point corresponds to the color yellow, vibratory motion, the sense of sight, the head, the apple tree, and the music of a trumpet; the second point corresponds to red, linear motion, hearing, the right leg, the yew tree, and the drum; the third point corresponds to green, circular motion, taste, the left arm, the birch tree, and the guitar; the fourth point corresponds to orange, linear motion, smell, the right arm, the oak tree, and the organ; the fifth point corresponds to blue, circular motion, touch, the left leg, the elm tree, and the bass; and the sixth point corresponds to purple, vibratory motion, motion (sense), the sexual organs, the willow tree, and the violin. As expansive creation continues, so do the interlocking rings. Finally the triangles represent sacred chalices, the downward chalice pouring divine love to earth dwellers from the heavens, and the upward chalice receiving the blessings of G_d. Fluid motion deep in the earth can generate magnetism, with a flow line twisted into a left or right-handed helix. Spirals, however, are also sometimes utilized.

It is found in cultures the world over and reflected in shamanism, serpent cults, dragon lore, geomancy, mysticism and ritual art and dance throughout history.

Pondering these manifestations of spiralling earth energies, I was already aware, like everyone else, of the structure of the double helix of the DNA molecule. The cross is a universal symbol of Life and the Sun. It really began with the Hereford antiquarian, inventor and visionary and, some say, suppressed psychic, Alfred Watkins, the discoverer, or perhaps rediscoverer, of leys, or ‘ley lines’, and his classic work of 1925, The Old Straight Track.

Meditate on this symbol to instill deep earth love and personal power. Using the spiral in ritual or spell works has been used for centuries, but what most people don't know is that the direction the spiral turns has meaning, whether the energy is from "Above" or from "Below". The spiral could be seen in both Norway and Sweden which was captured by video and photos by surprised spectators. It symbolizes the movement of consciousness towards the inner understanding of the Oneness of the All. With the point downward, it represents winter, the powers of darkness, and by some, it is mistakenly thought to be only a symbol of Satan. Yet the spiral is the age-old intuitive symbol of spiritual development and our identity with the universe. Equilateral crosses symbolize balance, twins and couples, and the union of opposites.

When used as a personal talisman, the Spiral helps consciousness to accept the turnings and changes of life as it evolves. Newgrange has been hugely influential in many modern people's interpretation of spirals. The ancient Greeks considered the circle the most perfect of all shapes. In a spiritual practice, use the Yin Yang to help maintain a balance between opposites and instill unity personally and globally. Catherine Beyer is a practicing Wiccan who has taught religion in at Lakeland College in Wisconsin as well as humanities and Western culture at the University of Wisconsin, Green Bay. Mine is an esoteric world view but one which is based on the idea of consciousness as a gestalt, a uniting human experience rather than one subjective only to the individual. The second type is two triangles superimposed on each other, both in an upward position, and the top of one slightly higher than the other. In my book, Spirals: the Pattern of Existence (Green Magic, 2nd edition 2013), I leaned towards Hermetic and Gnostic traditions in attempting to uncover hidden connections and correspondences within a living universe which have been revealed throughout human history in sacred geometry, art and occult writings. Each represents a form of love... love of earth, water, equality, birth, eternity, belief, and women's spiritual power. JuJu Dolls for a Clients Protection and to Get Pre... Conjure Oils | Fine Fragrances * Sacred and Profane, Bishop's Homegrown Produce/Face Of The Earth Seed. A single viewing of a symbol can transform consciousness, behaviors, understanding, and wellbeing. I hope y’all will stop in, pull up a seat and set a spell while I churn out a yarn or two! Yet, ancient cultures throughout the world carved the same symbol with little or no communication with each other. Medieval Christians used it to symbolize the five wounds of Christ. Petroglyphs of spirals date back to around the Neolithic period.

Use the definitions that fit your desires. We are blessed with our ability to attain deep understanding from simply looking at symbols and geometric configurations. ;), Hoodoo Hill Rootwork Supply: All contents of this site are Copyright ©2011-2018.

Peace is the path. The oldest symbol known to be used in spiritual practices. The center represents the heart of power. The dark and light represent knowledge and ignorance. Man has built homes, hearths, animal pens, wells, villages, and religious and magical sites in circular shapes. Moreover, ancient people were acutely aware of cyclical forces of nature: monthly lunar patterns, yearly solar and seasonal patterns, which in turn affect yearly patterns in plant growth and animal husbandry. Ahnk - Regeneration of Life Through Water. This church is simply festooned with dragons and serpents – evidence of the old homage paid to the earth spirit at such sites in past times.

The spiral is the symbol of the 5th Element of the Pentacle, Spirit, also referred to as "Akasha" meaning "coming into being". Yet the spiral is the age-old intuitive symbol of spiritual development and our identity with the universe. "Spirit into Man".

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