Pian-Oh-No!29. After the monster goes back through the hidden door, a tile falls out, revealing a control panel to open the door. He then climbs up into the nose of Squidward's house. The story mode takes place in a theater. He also says that he works there. SpongeBob asks her more about them and she refuses to tell him, but gives him clues.

If the player does not fling the cans at the monster, it attacks SpongeBob.) Cook It 'n Book It28. A person wearing a crudely stitched up suit of Officer Puff arrives, saying that she is here to help guard the Snail-Po. There are three chapters overall and there are five to six scenes in each chapter. Sandy's Sponge Stacker31. Welcome to Mystery Mansion game. Detective SpongeBob SquarePants is trying to stop the cat bandits, find out why monsters have been attacking New Kelp City and find the stolen Golden can of Snail-Po, all while trying to find Sandy's cat Larry. But this burger has 5 patties, 5 tomatoes, 23 slices of cheese..." SpongeBob interrupts him because he is frustrated about the burger being so big. SpongeBob takes cover and repeatedly throws food cans at it, driving it away. Suddenly, the lights go out and SpongeBob asks if it is already bedtime.

Detective SpongeBob SquarePants is in his office and Sandy comes in with a baby (played by Patrick) telling SpongeBob her cat Larry (later revealed to be played by Gary) is missing. Sand Wars7. SpongeBob heads to Officer Puff's house. SpongeBob arrives at the camp and whispers to Larry that he is here to save him. Play Sponge Bob Games and help your favorite cartoon character to solve all the misteries from Bikini Bottom. Elbow Grease Scrub-Down6. Finish the play and earn as many stars and achievements as possible. The SquarePants Mysteries is a SpongeBob SquarePants online game. SpongeBob says that it is him and flips his hat back, knocking off his cat ears and revealing that he is a detective. The side not left and most famous Heroes. SpongeBob wonders if it is Plankton again, so he pulls at Squidward's face, but it only hurts him because he is not wearing a mask. "Officer Puff" says that Patrick is the thief and that SpongeBob should catch him while she guards the Snail-Po and SpongeBob chases after him, after revealing Patrick, SpongeBob asks him what he is doing here and he talks about nachos. SpongeBob tries to arrest her, but the fake Officer Puff comes in and greets the detective. Dancin' Tentacles13. Guys first of all went to Mystery Mansion, which sits on a hill at the edge of the forest.

SpongeBob asks how he can find out who the real Officer Puff is, and Officer Puff challenges the fake Officer Puff to see who can puff up faster. After SpongeBob adjusts the antennae and slider, Patrick humorously tells SpongeBob he is on TV, which was not supposed to happen as it breaks the play's fourth wall. The bartender made sure SpongeBob was from the gang of bandits by asking him to do the "secret wiggle". SpongeBob then decides to take a trip back to the past, which is going back to other scenes and finding details that he (and possibly and very likely the player) missed.

Some directions are timed so they must be finished quickly or the audience will boo and the player will lose stars. SpongeBob Krusty Cashier | There are also clues in scenes. Do not fail me. SpongeBob SquarePants - The SquarePants Mysteries Nick.

SpongeBob is amazed that the locals are completely unaware of the danger of the monsters, and tries to save the citizens from the monster by crossing with a hotdog stand. The side not left and most famous Heroes. Winter RUNerland47.

When SpongeBob reaches Officer Puff's house he finds that the place has been ransacked. When the real Officer Puff puffs up faster, SpongeBob believes that she is real and pulls off the costume of the fake Officer Puff, revealing Squidward. SpongeBob Kitchen Encounter SpongeBob thinks the patty looks delicious. Squidward's Sizzlin' Scare33. Nickelodeon, SpongeBob SquarePants and all related titles, logos and characters are trademarks of Viacom International Inc. SpongeBob tells her that he will not help her and his hat phone starts ringing. SpongeBobGames365.com is the perfect place to play free SpongeBob SquarePants Games Online. SpongeBob realizes Officer Puff had the wrong idea and asks her about the gang of bandits. After that, all disappeared somewhere and Sandy was left alone. SpongeBob leaves to find Larry. Plankton Pong39. Pool Party Pooper15. Join the game, play with Spongebob, let’s solve all puzzle together. SpongeBob hears footsteps and looks around for the thief with his flashlight and sees Patrick. Walks da Plank23. Invasivoyage10. Sandy Chop Chop19.

SpongeBob arrives at the gate to the camp, but the guard (Played by Plankton) says he needs the password (Which came in the form of answering a knock-knock joke with answers related to the animal he was talking about). Thinking that he is overlooking something, he searches through his documents for clues, but it does not help him. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

The story mode takes place in a theater. It does not matter if you like SpongeBob Cooking Games, SpongeBob Dress Up Games, SpongeBob Fighting Games, SpongeBob Racing Games or just free SpongeBob games online. Robot Ruckus25.

Lights Out Patrick. At the end of each location you will find the boss. Stinky Swagger11. Fiery Tracks of Fury3. Deep Freeze Freak Out | Fry Cook Flip Out46. Seeing a bag with balls of yarn, he flings the yarn at the cats. SpongeBob Chop Chef | SpongeBob tries to arrest the leader for "Catnapping", but he orders his bandits to fight SpongeBob.

SpongeBob asks him where the Golden Snail-Po is, but like Plankton, Squidward doesn't know because he was following orders.

SpongeBob decides what to do with the Krabby Patty first. Officer Puff tells SpongeBob that it is her cat, Precious. Patrick's quote about nachos is taken from ". The police take Plankton away and he drops a letter.

SpongeBob finds the control panel and connects the wires, turning the lights on. SpongeBob Mystery Train | SpongeBob arrives at New Kelp City. SpongeBob A Log Way From Home SpongeBob is irritated and heads to Snail-Po Headquarters. Tighty Whitey Tumble38. Toy Store Trial36. Monster Mashup27. You can also play with SpongeBob SquarePants friends: Patrick, Sandy, Plankton, Mr. Krabs, Gary and Squidward. SpongeBob Bubble Bros | SpongeBob notes that there is something afoot at Snail-Po Headquarters. Whil… Now you need to help her catch all the ghosts and free their friends.

SpongeBob wonders why there's no one around in New Kelp City, and why it's too quiet.

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