Engineering captains have medical generator and, here’s the synergistic part, quick fix.
Most missions will have one dreadnought in them at some point. Share your glorious (or hilarious) in-game adventures through stories and screencaps, ask your game related questions, and organize events with your fellow Captains. For Kill Terrans Ground the mission Jaberwocky in the Cardassian Struggle arc is very useful for both ground and space endeavors. I think there are three of those per run. The patrols introduced in Awakening have huge armadas of enemy ships and produce copious amounts of equipment loot. Mission: Archer System Patrol, Azure Nebula Rescue. Fight the Terrans on the Enterprise but do not enter the engineering section. this allows constant regeneration. This one is still a bit of a chore. Star Trek Online. The Nimbus 3 episodes were removed from the main episode progression for some reason but are still accessible through the “Available” tab.

If you need to defeat more Heralds then just do this first space section over again. U can also shoot anti-planet protomatter torpedos is “scilla and charibda” mission. After a bit of running around at the beginning of this mission, you are put into a combat arena where each wave includes a captain ranked enemy for a total of 5, so this endeavor can be completed very quickly. It is a simple, albeit long, brawl, and then beam to the “Frontier Medicine” mission point. However, if you want to make it a little easier on yourself, the two Benthan Guard ships in Argala system patrol count at your pets for the purpose of damage ownership, which is something that doesn’t happen with most allied ships in missions, and they use tetryon, so just let them do the work. I’m sure there are other options. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account.

This is the official subreddit for Star Trek Online, the licensed Star Trek MMO, available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Location: Ohta and Qay’ghun ground battle zones, Defera ground adventure zone. Apparently the Defera ground adventure zone is still a thing as well, so that would be another option. You don’t have to complete an episode once you’ve started it, nor must you restart from the beginning. These two planets have stationary groups of Borg just waiting to be killed. If you have an engineering captain it is fairly easy to do this with Shield Recharge captain ability and access to so many shield heal kit modules. I know not many of you have significant tetryon use. I make mistakes when I write in this language. This strategy works as long as you do not drop the mission at any point, and as long as you do not progress far enough to trigger the next map transfer or major plot point. Star Trek Online. Easiest way to get captains really is the episode "Home", once you board the dreadnought. To add for the OP, just walk outside Kobali City, cross the bridge, and there are more Vaadwaur waiting for you right there than you will ever need. You could always buy some low-end tetryon weapons. Each of the 4 towers can have large groups of Voth allowing you to complete the endeavor quickly if you can get to each one before the other players. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Just train an engineering bridge officer in your away team (preferably 2 of them) with shield recharge then play a mission with a lot of incoming enemy fire. TRexs, larger mechs, and the random mini bosses that roam around all count toward that. Hi all where will I find the Vaadwaur on the ground to defeat for the Endeavors?

The Nimbus mission in the Stronghold club is the fastest if you need a bunch. Thank you! If you need to defeat more attendants, simply beam up and start over. I’ve only ever gotten the kill 10 version of the Terran Endeavor so it’s worked out great for me lol . Do you know if the Elachi commander in Turnabout counts by chance? I don’t want to do the TFO but am unsure where else I can find a captain rank Elachi. That one is a ground with lots of Terrans. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Klingons on the other hand have the option of going to Qay’ghun (just southwest of Q’onos, so very convenient to get there) where there are no Federation players, and can also actually do the mission there to gain large dilithium rewards from Lieutenant B’Eta and Commander J’Vek, so I tend to favour doing this with a Klingon captain. New Romulus with a ENG boff with all shield selected for their abilities. This initial sections contains 21 Terran ground soldiers. I hear Nimbus, the fortress part has fast respawning Captains.
The easiest way to get to the contested zone is to take the shuttle to the ground battlezone then beam up. As a bonus, if you are powerful you get nice rewards for winning. However, doing the elite endeavor requires a large number of dreadnoughts and the best place for that is Hive Onslaught, where every tactical cube counts as one, along with the unimatrix ships and the Queen’s octahedron. From fleet member Aniol, here’s an interesting one for completing the ground healing endeavor: Episode “Home” has several plasma fire patches on the ground that cause high damage if you stand in them, including one in the very first room of the “Frontier Medicine” section. TFO Personal Endeavors are probably your best use of Reroll Tokens, as the time and effort required depends on your teammates, and the willingness of players to queue for the TFO in the first place. In the normal version of the mission there are no tactical cubes, so only the last 3 ships count as dreadnoughts. If you are doing the lower tier versions of this endeavor then there is no real trick to it. It is located in the far right of the Narendra sector. Either that or a lot of slow flying from a different star system somewhat farther away. Thanks! My best advice would be to pick a type of enemy you enjoy fighting on the ground, look them up on the gamepedia wiki, see what names are associated with what ranks, then go to Missions Involved on that page, and pick missions that specify enemies of that rank. For obvious reasons, do not use the same character for this and the Hur’q attendants endeavor. Archer System Patrol is typical of most of the Romulan space area patrols with 5 waves of Tholians and should be able to quickly fulfil the endeavor’s requirements. Just wait until the exosuits drop in between and at the end. See, As mentioned above, the "Frontier Medicine" section of the mission, For the Kinetic damage endeavor, grab your best kinetic torpedo and use, For the Physical damage endeavor, you will need to grab some special weapons or abilities. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Defeat Elachi Captains: 3

These patrols however make it easy. 2. Any ground enemy whose rank insignia on their Info popup shows four pips. I find Scylla and Charybdis with my character that is already set up to play that mission a good choice, which would be very convenient if both shield healing and defeat Tzenkethi endeavors were active at the same time. Dyson Sphere is my go to for ground captains. Some players prefer to ignore the episode and instead hang around fighting the Orion Syndicate guards outside in the Stronghold. Just bring lots of firepower. If you’re a tactical captain you will have to use science bridge officers in your away team with medical tricorder and vascular regenerator to heal you in a mission. Dreadnought part of home is good to save for the Hurq ground endeavor AND you get the bonus of a Captain being about a 5s run from beam in point, you SHOULD be able to nail all of them on hard on the DN phase but I have yet to get it on hard again. Yang Xiao Long wrote: I can't take it anymore! Or goto the Stronghold on Nimbus 3, right above the teleport pad on the catwalk spawns a Captain and 3 more pirates, they respawn in 1 or 2 minutes. Azure Nebula Rescue is a fairly easy lucrative mission and is fun to do with a particle generator-based science ship. MACO set bonus also has a shield heal. You may have to beam out and begin again two more times. Most of you have at least one ship with a hangar bay and Tholian widows are a decent source of tetryon damage as well. If you, like me, actually have a couple of characters who are dedicated punchers or swordsmen, then this is easy. My go-to is Defera Invasion Zone, City area where the turrets are, leading into the "Rescue assimilated defera" mini-stf thing, there's a spawn of an Elite Tactical Drone, it takes a while for it to tick over, but it's pretty easy to take down. This takes a little longer than the episode to defeat 6 captains for the hard version of the endeavor but would be the preferred method for the easier versions requiring only 2 captains and has some small dilithium rewards.

Travel there, fight dinosaurs with frickin’ laser beams on their heads. Captain-rank NPC, one with four bars visible when you target them. I’m not sure how many of them are in a single run of the ground section. Easiest way to get captains really is the episode "Home", once you board the dreadnought. If you find one of those "stand in circle and defend" points, it's probably the most easy. Make sure you have all the mission rewards that you want from the episodes in question before you start using them for endeavors. I often just take my engineering captain to the center location in either of the two Borg ground battle zones and let the turrets shoot me. Warp in and stay just out of range of the Tzenkethi ships in first map. TF Phoenix is a Star Trek Online player community. All rights reserved. Change ). All rights reserved. All Rights Reserved. Or the T-rex bosses at the end. It is a work in progress, constantly being updated. The borg elite drones on defera count as well. That’s where you capture an Elachi ship.

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