All you need is a blu-ray burner and the discs, and you are good to go! I was reading the changes, but what does GOUT mean/stand for? Wer also Luke, Leia und Darth Vader mit Engelsstimmen hören möchte, der muss auf Surround Sound verzichten. But I may investigate further. They can only get more faithful to the originals. This will probably get attacked by Lucasfilm though.

I thought v2.7 was 1080p? Wer also Luke, Leia und Darth Vader mit Engelsstimmen hören möchte, der muss auf Surround Sound verzichten. The Despecialized Edition mercifully corrects this, using a well-preserved 35mm print as reference for correct theatrical color timing.

Thus, the Despecialized Editions were born. its fucking beautiful. watched a new hope last night. Die alten Synchronbänder gab es nicht mehr – was also tun, um auch in Deutschland die Zuschauer mit Star Wars in Surround-Sound zu versorgen? However, another fan has graciously and with NJVC’s support made them available again. Hier der wahre Grund. Fox owns those Star Wars (77) rights in perpetuity (the other five films become Disney distributed in 2020) But Disney & Fox have already come to agreements to distribute all the films at least once. Bringing back the broken perspective of the detention center hallway seems like a strange choice. The film is no longer forced to conform to the look of the prequels, appearing as it once did in 1977. I thought you needed Blu-Ray for anything above 480p. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Enter Harmy, a Czech English teacher and video enthusiast, who sought to restore the original versions of the trilogy in the vein of an early effort by Revisited editor Adywan, by combining different video sources to bring the film back to its original state.

( Log Out /  The blu-ray set by NJVC doesn’t really handle the grain field as well, but as I mentioned before, unless you’re sitting right in front of the TV, this isn’t really something you will notice.

However, another fan has graciously and with NJVC’s support made them available again. the excellent filmumentaries by Jamie Benning.

There are also audio commentaries available from the Laserdiscs, DVDs, and Blu-rays, with Star Wars also presenting a rare official website podcast commentary by Pablo Hidalgo. a recreation of the original theatrical mixes. They just don't own the rights to DISTRIBUTE it. AKA: Krieg der Sterne. I know it's a great time to shit on Lucas and the Star Wars releases.

Great review though.

The consensus is, these blu ray releases are completely shoddy and the additional changes are simply horrible. Sprecher Stefan Margenfeld | +49-(0)160-5537014, Copyright © 2015 Stefan Margenfeld | Umsetzung unterstützt durch, fielen damals offenbar einem Feuer zum Opfer, Ich bin Sprecher für die Sat1-Show „Tiere wie wir“, Neue Sprecher-Homepage – der neue Weg zu Ja… ich übe trotzdem schon mal die neuen Synchronstimmen:-). Denn die Synchronaufnahmen waren ja schon im Kasten und veröffentlicht.

Sound clips from various Star Wars - includes the theme songs, Darth, Chewbacca, Han, Luke and the lovable but deadly …

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