Disgusting!!! If you actually care about tolerance for all, even those who have different political opinons from you, he's about as funny as the credit crunch. Because he's really not. Stewart is not on social media, but can be contacted for work enquiries via the following people. You may be surpsied! Everyone was laughing at him, and I hated his guts. ", https://www.stewartlee.co.uk/testimonials/general-lurko-36-guardian-co-uk/, "Stewart Lee spends so much effort wittering about comedy, why doesn't he ever do any of it? ", https://www.stewartlee.co.uk/testimonials/stokeylitfest-twitter/, "I'd never punch Stewart Lee in the face. If i ever find you, lee, i promise i will, I WILL, kick the crap out of you. Probably laughs at farting noises too.

The man could barely stand up never mind tell a decent story.

They should stop reading the guardian and get in the real world. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 25 May 2020, Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 10 February 2017.

"I tried to watch Stewart Lee but had to stop due to him being shit. For an idea of his humour "carpetworld" on Amazon Prime is a must see. ", https://www.stewartlee.co.uk/testimonials/gmanthedemon-bbc-co-uk/, https://www.stewartlee.co.uk/testimonials/brendon-vauxhallownersnetwork-co-uk/, "Smug elitist liberalism. ", https://www.stewartlee.co.uk/testimonials/meninblack-twitter/, "This has to be the most unfunny stand up I've ever seen. Just because your TV show is terrible doesn't mean you have to rip into Russell Howard and 'that Roadshow''. ", https://www.stewartlee.co.uk/testimonials/henry-howard-fun-twitter/, "Stewart Lee is not funny and has nothing to say", https://www.stewartlee.co.uk/testimonials/james-dellingpole-daily-telegraph/, https://www.stewartlee.co.uk/testimonials/syhr-breakbeat-co-uk/, https://www.stewartlee.co.uk/testimonials/fbc-finalgear-com/, "He's another of those smug incompetents who are said by the 'in-crowd' to be cool. Stewart Lee you are a prize cock. Featuring guest appearances from Kevin Eldon and Paul Putner. Sod off, you don't know what offends me, so you can't protect me from it. ", https://www.stewartlee.co.uk/testimonials/joskins-leeds-music-forum/, "Comedy vehicle? While this works to keep him a cult following of der brains who enjoy playing the game of 'I'm holier than thou', it's the reason while he'll never be mainstream (you have to be funny to do that) and why critics who like him always have to apologise for his contributions to high profile charity gigs in venues when the punters don't laugh. He attempts to put the subject of offense into context, introduces his imaginary wives and searches for a context-free world. Only comedian that I have ever thought of walking out on. Stewart Lee's award winning stand-up series continues as he tackles fears of immigration and an opinionated taxi driver's views on what can get you sent to jail in England these days. Stewart Lee's award winning stand-up series continues as he explains what satire is, using the example of the renowned epitome of the genre, Planet of the Apes. Fits in with his fanboys' worldview, basically. ", https://www.stewartlee.co.uk/testimonials/birmingham-sunday-mercury/, "This guy sure knows how to run a joke into the ground. He addressed an insular cadre of socially challenged, prematurely middle-aged, pseudo-intellectual men, I thought." ", https://www.stewartlee.co.uk/testimonials/98rosjon-twitter/, "Stewart Lee is a cynical man, who has been able to build an entire carrer out of his own smugness.

", https://www.stewartlee.co.uk/testimonials/anon-bbc-complaints-log/, "Stewart Lee is like that uni lecturer who thinks he's unbelievably cool but is really the tit the students all laugh at. I've not laughed, smirked or grinned once at Lee's quips. He seems to spend hours on stage pretending that he 'gets something' nobody else has. Featuring guest appearances from Kevin Eldon and Paul Putner. The series sees Stewart continue to push the boundaries of what stand up comedy can be as he presents his unique take on six new subjects.

", https://www.stewartlee.co.uk/testimonials/etienne-chortle-com/, "Stewart Lee, I will shove my thick cock in your throat you gay lord. "', https://www.stewartlee.co.uk/testimonials/coxy-dontstartmeoff-com/, "He talks only about commonplace things, with a really slow pace. ", https://www.stewartlee.co.uk/testimonials/iain-eatenbymissionaries/, "Just seen a very haggard looking Stewart Lee near Carnaby St. ", https://www.stewartlee.co.uk/testimonials/danazawa-youtube/, "All he did was talk about crisps and stand there.

Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle. ", https://www.stewartlee.co.uk/testimonials/clampdown59-twitter/, "Lee makes Kim Jong II look comparatively relaxed. Quickly browse titles in our catalog based on the ones you have picked. ", https://www.stewartlee.co.uk/testimonials/maninabananasuit-guardian-co-uk/, "Hands up if you think that Stewart Lee is the worst 'comedian' ever. What an absolute waste of time. Ooooh look at me! Nonsensical. Give me Michael McIntyre any day.

", https://www.stewartlee.co.uk/testimonials/tokyofist-youtube/, "Lee was a good comic. So unfunny it's laughable. His smugness would wrap itself round my fist and slowly consume it, infecting me in the process. ", https://www.stewartlee.co.uk/testimonials/gwaites-digitalspy/, "Not one joke delivered. The multi-award winning Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle made a long-awaited return to BBC TWO in Spring 2014. Lord Barlocks, Vice-Flotsam Wing Commode Tobias Bekoh-Sendvich III, Bugatti Veyron Super Sport of Satire (that means it's got a lot of horsepower - like a 'vehicle'), Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 11 April 2017.

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