Stone Fox is a thrilling novel about a young boy’s love for this dog and desire to save his family farm and his Grandpa. Word list includes Willy, grandfather, Samoyeds, sled, potato, harmonica, winter, Wyoming, and Searchlight. Thanks for hosting this giveaway. (Krista G., TMP member and 4th grade teacher in Johns Creek,GA).
In case you can’t tell by my list, I was a huge Roald Dahl fan growing up! I love to compare and contrast Stone Fox with my fourth graders.

Although we did do Because if Winn Dixie last year too, because it was a Battle of Books. I like to use compare and contrast of the movie and the book with either The Polar Express or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The kids loved it!!! We have compared and contrasted the book and movie “Holes”!

The grinch is a movie and book I would like to compare/contrast. I would love to read my students the book and compare and contrast the movie and book:-). I’d love to use your resources! I would love to do Wonder. Great memories! Thanks for everything!

They are very similar, but my kids were mad they left a few things out, and laugh at how different the characters looked compared to what they had imagined! Percy Jackson – The Lightning Thief! I would love to have some resources to help my students compare and contrast the book to the movie! Hachiko Waits vs. Hachi: A Dog’s Tale We will be watching the movie version to compare and contrast.

Since then, however, I’ve discovered how educational this activity can actually be – when I take the time to plan an intentional lesson. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I love the book!

I’d like to try the Nutcracker, once the new movie comes out, or use an older version. My third graders have been reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and they have been loving it!! I love to compare and contrast The Grinch and The Lorax.

I just compared and contrasted The Jungle Book movie and story and then we got to watch a play of it too.

There are many differences in the book and movie! When you subscribe to my newsletter below, I’ll send you my Reusable Sub Plans for FREE. I’ve never thought of that one, but I saw it on the list as I was scrolling through, and thought it would sound fun! One of my favorites!

Fingers crossed! It appeals to both boys and girls and makes for a great class novel study. In my 5th grade class, we read and watch War Horse. This is such a fun activity! I am doing Tuck Everlasting and The Giver this year as well. He draws a rifle and threatens any of the riders that try to approach the finish line. I have compared and contrasted Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs many times, but I would like to compare and contrast Matilda.

When I taught third grade I would compare and contrast Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Charlotte’s Web. Book/Movie to compare/contrast: The Grinch!! • Which did you enjoy more – the book or the movie?

My favorite novel to compare and contrast with the movie is “Hatchet”! I would love to put this great spin on watching the movie.

We read “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” as a class novel every year in December and then watch the movie. I love to use Mr. Popper’s Penguins to compare and contrast a book and a movie. • Polar Express – Book and Movie She recommends that Willy live with her and let someone else take care of his grandfather as he likely won’t last much longer.

Then, after the movie, I encouraged my students to think about very specific details about the book and movie, rather than just comparing and contrasting using the first thing that popped into their heads.

Teresa I would love to do the same with Freak the Mighty or The Giver! Below are a list of changes made to the stories of the Harry Potter books when they were adapted into feature films. (Which is another great comparison). I feel that students often times enjoy the movie so much more after they have read and discussed the book. I would like to compare/contrast Wonder. I defended this as educational, claiming that we were going to compare and contrast the book and movie.

Sarah, Plain & Tall

We are working on comparing and contrasting and getting ready to do Polar Express. compare and contrast Mr. Popper’s Penguins. Instead, they simply wrote down the first things that came into their head, which usually were surface level observations. I’ve done The Grinch with classes multiple times, I was excited to do Stubby the War Dog last spring unitl I realized the movie wasn’t out yet! They didn’t do that in the book.” or “That’s not anything like how Mr. Popper acted in the book.” I love to see that they are paying attention to those details, and it helps me know how well they listened to the book as we read it in class.

Are you getting the free resources, updates, and special offers we send out every week in our teacher newsletter? One student told me that reading the book was like a movie playing is his head, because the details were so well written in the book.

They take a long time to read though!

. Especially Polar Express! It almost goes without saying that you have to allow room for some creative leeway and exaggeration/changes for dramatic effect - something I addressed last year with an examination of the truth vs. fiction in Argo - but my argument here is that those difference between 12 Years a Slave the book and the movie add up in a way that shouldn't be overlooked. .

She determines that he’s physically healthy, but something has sapped his will to live.

Percy Jackson, The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan. There are lot of points to compare that it always leads to a great discussion!

View PDF. "Stone Fox," a Harper Trophy book by John Reynolds Gardiner, opens with a ten year old boy, Willy, on a potato farm in Wyoming. • What do you think the main characters will look like/act like? I found the best way to encourage deeper thinking was to ask students some questions before watching the movie so that they would be thinking more critically while watching the movie. I want to compare and contrast Because of Winn Dixie with my students! My class LOVES the book, and they are SO excited to watch the movie!

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