Show Website URL:, Approx listening audience size: 40,302 downloads over 150 episodes. Perfect matches. It is an extension of Brand Ambassador Select, a boutique service company who coordinates lifestyle events for corporate America and communities across the USA. She features a variety of guests and promotes them. Posted by: Please like us and tell your friends on Facebook here now. Personalities, Is there a cost or fee for the interview? kevin mcdonald | We have gotten guests for our podcasts and had the privilege of being guests on other podcasts. To […] Type(s) of guests interested in booking : Authors (indie is okay) of speculative fiction novels. Thank you Scott Fox for such an amazing book in Click Millionaires and helping me find this service 10/10!!! 05/31/2019 at 12:55 PM, This service continues to be awesome to us. It’s the best! Posted by: We have found many great guest for our shows through these listings. We talk dating, relatio We'll publish it on and email our worldwide list of 11,000+ guest experts, authors, and PR firms so that the right interview guest for your show sees your Guest Request and emails you directly - free! No, Booking contact email:, Show Name: The Appetizer Radio Show & The DIY Artist Route Podcast (for interview segments). Show Description: Today’s top stories as interpreted by one smart smartass. To attract the best interview Guests for your show, please be specific about the types of experts you want to interview and write your comments like an email announcement. The Douglas Coleman show, sometimes chat, sometimes music, always entertaining. He has filled more than 1200 positions, created tons of content for YouTube, written 8 books and a dozen guides to job search, Show Website URL:, Approx listening audience size: 6000+ weekly, Type(s) of guests interested in booking : career coaches, authors of books about job hunting and its sub-subjects, negotiators, resume writers,,,,,,,, As a licensed psychotherapist, I create a broad-spectrum life lesson and teach tools and techniques that you, my listener can practice to help simplify and transform your spirit, mind, and body.

If you are a Radio Show Booker, Podcaster, Talk Show Host, or Television Producer who wants to find interview guests, please submit your talk show booking guest requests here. I ask that you please listen to one of my podcast episodes before you respond to this advertisement. Support these guys because this is a great service! Show Description: Stress is the number one cause of disease and illness. Booking contact email: Show Website URL:

The letters and numbers you entered did not match the image. Our parent site offers you free listings of radio shows and podcasts looking for guests like YOU to interview "on the air". Had great experience with the experts that I've booked. Booking is super easy and the ones seeking to be interviewed know exactly what to expect, Posted by: 09/11/2019 at 01:54 PM. Yes a $49.99 dollar fee to cover video production and studio costs. Show Demographics: men and women ages 19-99, Approx Listening Audience Size: 24 countries including 50 US States, Type(s) of guest interested in booking: People who have set and achieved goals- personal, creative, professional People with an inspiring story or memoir to share, Is there a cost of fee for the interview? Catherine Cohen | Good service! Posted by: No Fee, Booking Contact Email:, Show Name: Straight Outta Savannah, Talkin with Tammi. The Ryan Lindsay Show has a flair for the Paranormal, but anything can be discussed on the show. Show Website URL: If you want to empower women in business, yes, we need to talk. Booking contact email: Tayloreve3@msn.Com, Show Description: Talk Radio Program Host, Show demographics: Washington DC, Maryland & Virginia, Show Website URL:, Type(s) of guests interested in booking : Psychology, Political, Women Leaders, Ministry Leaders, Business leaders, Musical. $99 US for a 53 minute interview. No fee for interview. They're great interview guests available for your interviews right away! Attention Talk Radio Hosts, Show Bookers and Producers looking for interview expert guests … Our free service has helped producers and radio hosts find great guests for “on the air” interviews. : A 30-minute interview is $300.00 include notable mentions of books, products to be approved according to a Christian mindset of the individual. No fee for the interview, Booking Contact Email:, Show Name: WMAP (World’s Most Amazing People). Tory Smith | This is a great service. Your comment could not be posted. Behind the Scenes is broadcast live every Friday at 4 PM Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Variety Channel.

Type(s) of guests interested in booking : Leaders in the health, fitness & wellness industry to discuss the business aspect of the industry. PR Professionals please review my show content/format with your clients prior to your pitch. 07/01/2019 at 06:19 AM. Stand-Up Comedian Sam Marcoux and his Movie Industry Co-Host, Matt Somerville discuss current events, drink craft beer and spirits, and interview entertainers in a weekly, 30 minute internet bar hop. Elikqitie | Booking Contact Email:, Show Name: Brand Ambassador Select Podcast, Show Description: The Brand Ambassador Select Podcast publishes a new podcast episode three times a week. I am astonished at how well this service has worked for my podcast show! Our podcast features a select array of guests who share their stories, brands and expertise while keeping listeners updated on trends and topics everyone wants to know about.

Booking contact email:, Show Name: House Studs with Host Dale Johnson & Guest. Dave Jaeger |

Each week, House Studs offers expert opinions and strategies for tackling any kind of issue around the home. This prevents automated programs from posting comments. Thank you.

Angel Meadows |, Posted by:

Show Description: Wendy Hinbest, the author of “Masquerade of Lies,” is here with her weekly podcast, “A Girl Who Craves Her Faves.” She talks about her favourite reality shows, discusses the latest scoop and recaps all the drama. This is only a preview. If you are a Radio Show Booker, Podcaster, Talk Show Host, or Television Producer who wants to find interview guests, please submit your talk show booking guest requests here.

It’s your connection to women nationally, internationally and globally. sources providing reliable entertainment. (PLEASE PUT VE IN THE SUBJECT LINE OF YOUR EMAIL). We are all linked by our ability to express and feel emotion but the scenario in which it is experienced will be different for each person.

I get all my guests from here. 09/07/2020 at 01:05 PM. Posted by: Posted by: Posted by: Tracy | Super Site. Floyd Saunders | Type(s) of guest interested in booking: We are currently seeking people from all aspects of the entertainment industry. Questionable content from controversial If yes, please specify. 12/03/2019 at 07:37 AM. After the radio show airs, each interview becomes a podcast which is included in all of the major podcast directories for national exposure. Please follow this link for details:, Booking Contact Email:, Show Name: Crushing 40 on Impact Radio USA. Thank you for such a great service! People who are interested in helping others live the life of their dreams, lower stress levels, or learn to improve their quality of life. Mary has been a media personality since 2003. Keep up the good work! Show Description: Selling In A Skirt with Judy Hoberman is about women in business both inside and outside the home, work/life balance, leadership and current events. Is there a cost of fee for the interview? Since 2008, our free interview guest booking service has been making it EASY to find podcast guests and experts, authors, and celebrities to interview as guests on your radio show or podcast talk show. Posted by:

Show demographics: Nation wide, age35+ with college education, interested in vinyl & CD copies of music, album fans, with interests in culinary & craft-made arts, Show Website URL:, Type(s) of guests interested in booking : Indie and DIY musicians, music industry professionals, entrepreneurs, creative minds. If yes please specify. Posted by: Terri Levine | Show Description: Kimberly Love is a radio host on Crushing 40 on Impact Radio USA and author of You Taste Like Whiskey and Sunshine as well as a resiliency and empowerment coach for women. Find Radio/Podcast Guests Free Booking Form, Get Podcast/Radio Guests Available Emails, Show Bookers & Producers Submit Your Guest Requests Here Free, please submit your talk show booking guest requests here, free listings of radio shows and podcasts looking for guests, List of Podcasts and Radio Talk Shows Directory for Publicity. Copyright © 2019 TruthPR. : No cost. Show Description: We are an interview-based all-talk internet radio station dedicated to showcasing successful people. Yes. Rodney Mathers | So whether you’re remodeling, decorating, buying, selling, financing, re-financing, re-decorating, have major structural concerns…House Studs has the answers for you.

Booking contact email: I have gotten 10+ interviews booked on my show within 2 weeks Type(s) of guest interested in booking: We are interested in meeting and sharing stories about people who have set, reached for and achieved their goals. Host for Saunders and Cash, Talking business and technology from the ICT. Promote your show to potential guests by including all the details requested and making your show sound interesting! I interview guests who have had a significant situation in their life in which it changed them or taught them a valuable lesson. Show demographics: Ages: 21 – 75 from around the world, Show Website URL:, Approx listening audience size: 500 per espisode. Show Demographics: Beginning entrepreneus 20-55. John Morgan | We help radio talk show, podcast, online radio show, satellite radio, and TV program hosts, bookers, and producers to find new talk show guests, authors, and experts to interview "on the air" – easily and for free! 10/11/2019 at 09:00 PM. Unlike most improvement programs, House Studs with Dale & Guests goes beyond just sticks and bricks and delves into issues that are important to you around your home. Keep up the great service!

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