Do you love Pc games? Even though it may sound weird, stardew valley luau festival is just all about fun and through it, you get to strengthen or diminish your relationship level with the town’s people. You will take advantage of the festival and raise friendship levels with the folks from Pelican Town. red255. RTX 3070 vs 3080 vs 3090: Differences, Performance, Design, Price, and More, Download Google Camera for Tecno Pop 4 Pro [GCam APK], Best Spotify Alternatives for Android and iPhone, Samsung Internet vs Microsoft Edge: Which One Is Good For Browsing, How to Change Zoom App Ringtone and Notification Sound. Party! The Potluck soup is shared with the Governor, so it is important that you choose the right ingredients. The purpose is, it is not your money that is exercising, it is the mindset of an individual who believes it does. Before this day, you will have gotten an email that will notify you about this event on the day before the event. This might even remain unchanged. ). The player will not lose or earn any friendship points with the villagers. During the Luau, you can socialize and become friends with several of the townspeople at the same time. Note that you can’t access this place before the said time which is 9am. Do this, and you’ll be friends with everyone, including the Governor. Poor quality ingredients will result to bad reaction from the governor and this might cost you some friendship points in the game. Best 3D Mu6 Dummy Head Recording Earphone, 60Hz vs 144Hz vs 240Hz Monitors – Differences and Purchase Guide. Anyway, how do we achieve this? October 5, 2020 by Lakshmi. Keoul. Funny, but it'll definitely hurt your friendships. You’re recommended to bring high-quality produce to throw in; this includes all of the food items you can grow on your farm, as well as foraged items and some artisanal goods, such as Wine. The player will neither earn nor lose friendship with the villagers if no item is used. Taking place on the 11th of Summer, the Luau is a pretty easy-going holiday - and it gives you a chance to meet a new NPC, as well. His reaction is priceless but be careful,I don't know if that will ruin your friendship with him or Marnie. Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. Well, if the answer to these questions is yes and you don’t have stardew valley installed on your PC, I don’t think you are qualified to be called a gamer or a gaming enthusiast. Stardew Valley has a resident wizard, who seems to be capable of great magic. It is a summer festival and it is like a big barbeque that the whole town is involved in. The player will then earn 120 friendship points with the villagers. Could you be bored and looking for something to drive away the boredom? The game has players take over a dilapidated farm that’s located in Stardew Valley. You've inherited your grandfather's old farm plot in Stardew Valley. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Your ingredient should be edible or uncooked as these are the only items that are accepted for this occasion. During the Luau, you can socialize and become friends with several of the townspeople at the same time. It won't be easy. The player earns 60 friendship points with the villagers. Well, you can have all this in Stardew Valley, and also ask three of your friends to join in a multi-player mode. How to Enable or Disable Google Feed on Android? Jan 2, 2018 @ 5:50pm i put beer in the luau soup ya it was liked < > Showing 1-5 of 5 comments . In stardew valley, this is facilitated through gatherings like coming together during the festivals and events. primate. (Marnie reacts too) This is probably the best way. #1. Since stardew valley was launched, it has now become a great success and is always ranked among the best role playing games for PC. If the soup isn’t as good as expected, then there will be no change to your relationships. Simple, just go out of your way sometimes and meet new people, talk to them and get to know them better. If it’s good and he enjoyed it, then you will become friends with all the villagers and your relations will get better. It’s very important that you choose a good ingredient. Games copyright their respective owners. The governor will pass out and the player will lose 100 friendship points with the villagers. When the event is finished, you will then be taken back to the farm at around 10pm. Summer’s the time for grooving out, and the big celebration for grooving in Stardew Valley is the Luau. This is just an explanation on what the Luau is. Instead of only focusing on the person, you can get a whole town to like you in one go. Quando o Luau termina, você será enviado para a fazenda às 22:00.. Pierre não vende itens de um estande no Luau.. Uma característica central do Luau é a sopa potluck (festinha em que cada convidado traz um prato de doce ou salgado. Below, you will find a list of ingredients that you must not add to the potluck soup. - Adds the Luau Soup which can be crafted with Tomato, Tuna, Hot Pepper, Corn, and any Milk. Download WhatsApp+ JiMODs (JTWhatsApp APK) for Android, Download Apple Music 3.4 for Android With iOS 14 Features, How to Disable a Laptop Keyboard on Windows 10. People usually meet in many different places like the church, work place schools among others. The only way to make it to this event is by entering the beach between 9am and 2pm. Your objective is to make new friends, grow crops, raise livestock, mine for ore, craft goods, sell produce, get married, and have some children of your own.

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