Upon being introduced to Sokka by his teacher, he implored the Southern Water Tribe warrior to save them from their doom. That night, Satoru was woken up by an explosion at the factory and alerted Team Avatar that Toph had not been in her room. One year after the Hundred Year War's end, Toph met back up with Sokka and the rest of Team Avatar, after having been separated from them for an unknown period of time. He proudly presented his new and improved processing machine that doubled the factory line's ore refining capacity. Satoph is the het ship between Satoru and Toph from the Avatar: The Last Airbender fandom. Satoru used Sokka's club to damage the forklift's engine, causing its buttons to fly out and knock Kahchi unconscious. Toph seemed to take this as a personal insult, treating the crowd to a tirade about how they should treat the friend of "the greatest earthbender of all time" with more respect, and threatening to crush via boulder anyone who continued to cause problems. However, the belief she had expressed in her students proved to be the motivation they needed to unlock their metalbending potential, and Kunyo and his students were subsequently defeated by the metalbenders, sending them packing. Yu would, however, prove to be an enemy in the long run, quickly accepting Lao's monetary bribe to forcibly bring Toph back, as Lao thought Toph had been kidnapped by the Avatar. In the beginning, she was unwilling to talk to Aang and forcefully kept him quiet when he tried to talk about her earthbending skills during dinner at her parents' house that evening. Toph along with Sokka and Suki infiltrated and stowed aboard one airship by means of using it as a decoy to demolish the rest of the airships in mid-air.

Will contain mini-adventures from the three seasons and post ATLA, as well. Despite referring to him as a "nice man", their relationship did not work out and Toph never mentioned him to their daughter. When she pointed out that there simply were not enough jobs in town for skilled benders, regardless of his machines, and that people were just looking for someone to blame, Satoru completed her train of thought by noting that he should probably stop feeling guilty, something Toph agreed with.[5].

Nationality He commented that there was nothing wrong with needing help and sometimes people offer help because they want, not because they believe the other person is incapable. When Katara bent up a water slide for them to reach the ground safely, Satoru urged his uncle to let go, telling him to breathe out slowly. In the end, Toph asked Katara to help write a letter to her parents, which they sent to them via Hawky. When Sokka returned, Toph claimed that she had not missed him, but turned aside and blushed afterward, providing more evidence that she had a crush on him. First appearance Satoru was starstruck by Toph Beifong, being thoroughly impressed by her accomplishments. When he returned to the factory with Aang, Katara, and Toph that night, a guard informed them that Liling had been freed. Later, Toph single-handedly saved Aang when he was held captive by the participants of the earthbending tournament. Toph was the one who volunteered to teach Aang earthbending so that he could use it to defeat Ozai when confronting his archenemy. Character

[21] Momo did ride on her shoulder when they were traveling through the Serpent's Pass. [4][5], While residing in the Foggy Swamp, Toph kept an eye on Zaofu and after learning that Suyin and her family were taken prisoner by Kuvira in 174 AG, Toph traveled toward the metal city in order to rescue them. [21], Later, when he was forced to confront a ferocious saber-tooth moose lion in order to protect trapped Sokka, Aang finally stood his ground and learned to think like an earthbender. Affiliation She then decides that the Beifong Metalbending Academy was guilty of hypocrisy in attempting to do the same thing to its students, ignoring his protests to the contrary. He used bloodbending to knock out everyone in the room, including Toph. Toph harbored great respect and sympathy toward these creatures. Ordered to get the assembly lines back up and running, Satoru was reluctant to admit to his uncle that it would take him some time to repair the damaged machine, so they would have to make do with the older benders' line. When Aang went on the offensive against Satoru by claiming that it was the refinery's fault that the river had become polluted, Toph was quick to shout at everyone to back off from the engineer and used her seismic sense lie-detecting abilities to verify the truth behind Satoru's defense that the factory was not to blame. Toph/Satoru; Hakoda/Kya; Aang; Katara; Sokka; Suki; Mai; Zuko; Toph; Satoru; Hakoda; Kya; Bato; Roku; Summary. Toph, however, thinking it was Sokka, kissed Suki after being brought to the surface. Toph's hardheaded nature clashed with Aang's on several occasions, particularly over the subject of Appa. Brown Perhaps the most accurately, Toph labeled Ho Tun a "lily liver" just as she did to her other first three students. Upon spotting Toph on the grounds of the Earthen Fire Refinery as its interim boss while his uncle was away, Satoru was instantly starstruck by her, praising her role in the War, almost to the point of dismissing Aang's role entirely, and her invention of a new style of bending that even the Avatar could not perform. She was unable to fight her hardest, since she was preoccupied with keeping Aang, Katara, and Sokka's only exit from an ancient library from falling into sand, which curtailed her abilities. Image size . After a second quake caused mined crystals to spill out, Satoru urged the team to leave, fearful that his uncle would be angry over what had happened. She said that Iroh's constant talk about Zuko was "kind of annoying" but "very sweet". [15] Later, Katara tried to help Toph by offering her wisdom on how to teach Aang earthbending, although Toph naturally ignored the suggestion because of the fundamental difference between the head-on attitude of earthbending and the redirection of waterbending. Image gallery (13) Toph dismissively replied, "Leave the nicknames to us, honey".

Upon witnessing her fight Xin Fu's entire group of earthbenders, however, he was astonished to the point of fainting. https://shipping.fandom.com/wiki/Satoph?oldid=171686. [4], Satoru and Lao returned the following morning, with the latter informing everyone that similar, seemingly coordinated, attacks had occurred across the city. The engineer and Sokka volunteered to retrieve it; en route, the former denied the latter's request to drive the vehicle. [40] The two did not meet again, as Azula was defeated by Katara during the passing of Sozin's Comet. She claimed that her parents had changed their mind, but in reality, they had not and still held the same opinion of her. After the group arrived in Ba Sing Se and were able to talk to the Earth King, Toph received a letter she thought was from her mother. Finally letting go of his anguish and bitterness, Lao professed his undying love for Toph, having never stopped thinking of her since her disappearance. She was also comfortable with letting him eat nuts out of her hand and ride away on her shoulder while training Aang. The Day of Black Sun, Part 2: The Eclipse, The Day of Black Sun, Part 1: The Invasion, https://avatar.fandom.com/wiki/Toph_Beifong%27s_relationships?oldid=2832335. Residence [15] The two came to an easy understanding and frequently worked together to accomplish tasks outside the range of one or the other. Despite this, Lin continued to have respect for her mother as the Chief of Police, as she was angry at Suyin being the cause of Toph's premature retirement. Personal information [14] She later expressed how valuable her meteorite arm bracelet was to her when she let herself get captured by Fire Nation soldiers, only to have her plan backfire on her. Since her main goal was to capture Aang, she considered Toph as more of an obstacle to her trophy, rather than a true enemy. The earthbender accused her of being "motherly" and made a reference about how much fun they were having without parents. Master Kunyo was a firebending master who maintained a school near Yu Dao, which Toph took over for the Beifong Metalbending Academy. Following the Hundred Year War, Toph separated from Aang and the rest of Team Avatar, only to join back up with them when she heard Appa flying over the Beifong Metalbending Academy just before the skirmish at Yu Dao. Taking advantage of his lack of focus on her, Azula wounded Iroh with a blast of fire before successfully fleeing. Because of this, it is generally regarded that their relationship is basically platonic during the time immediately subsequent to the end of the War.[16]. However, he ended up having to defend his earlier attitude toward his uncle to her, as Toph deemed him to be a "sniveling flunky" who groveled for Loban. [16], Ho Tun was the last of the three initial students who are first seen enrolled in Toph's metalbending academy. She prepared to injure Sokka with a concealed shuriken-knife only for Toph to intervene, pinning Azula to the wall and ultimately saving Sokka from serious harm. Earthen Fire Refinery The bubble was burst by the creature and Toph was forced to earthbend the floor of the path above the waterline. However, there is no indication she thought of him romantically in any way. At the start of the story it has been about six months since the Gaang has reunited. The two sat around a fire which Iroh used to make tea and engaged in conversation, although neither indicated their purpose for traveling or the identities of their relations. [21], Toph often referred to Aang as "Twinkle Toes", which was likely out of friendly humor rather than insult. He ended their conversation by pointing Toph to Lao's office and left to get back to his work. [7], When Aang disappeared prior to the arrival of Sozin's Comet, Toph grabbed Zuko's arm and insisted that she join him during their search for Aang, stating it was her turn for a "life-changing trip" with him; Zuko blushed at the sudden act. The pair made up when Toph confessed to Katara that the real reason she was so angry when Katara accused her of acting out was because she was feeling guilty about her parents, thereby proving the fact that Katara was indeed correct. [25] As they escorted Toph back to her home, Xin Fu reminded Toph that her earthbending skills are rendered useless because she was within in a metal container. A collection of oneshots related to the ATLA comics, especially The Lost Adventures. Despite her obvious fear of repercussions from the older girl, Penga remained distractable enough to be curious about who Toph had brought along with her. After having saved her youngest daughter and her family from their imprisonment at the hand of Kuvira, Toph openly declared Kuvira to give metalbenders a bad name.[1]. Whenever Lin inquired about his identity, Toph would refuse to talk about Kanto, until 174 AG, when she revealed his name to Bolin, Lin, and Opal.[1]. [10], Azula was an indirect enemy of Toph. Toph later confronted him in his office, where he continued to claim that she was not his daughter as he had spent hours of his life and a good portion of his fortune to raise a poised, demure, obedient young woman, all things Toph was not. The serpent circled them before showing itself, revealing the origin of the name, the "Serpent's Pass". Aang accused Toph of being biased due to her crush on Satoru so Toph retorted that Aang was biased due to his cultural traditions. Later, Katara and Toph got makeovers together and the usually self-confident Toph felt down about her looks after a group of pompous girls made rude comments about her. After her students rose to the occasion and defended Toph's Metalbending school from the rival class of firebenders, Sokka and she apparently did not have much to do for a while. Avatar: The Last Airbender When Toph had to return from the group to her school as she had promised her students, Sokka complained that without her being present the "oogies" he was getting from Katara and Aang's romantic displays would only get worse.

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