We used to call this my mother’s telephone voice. My grandma from a Boston brahmin family speaks in a transatlantic accent. /r/History is a place for discussions about history. My grandma spoke with this accent, and it always baffled me as a kid. I almost google what thé-a-tor was before I realized it was a douchey way of saying theatre. Mid-Atlantic English was taught to upper-class Americans by their private tutors, etiquette teachers, and cotillion coaches and was reinforced amongst the wealthy for its perceived likeness to RP. [82][83] In Mid-Atlantic, intervocalic /r/'s and linking r's undergo liaison.

The standard accent will often stem from one of the main cities of the country which is usually the home of that country's political, economic, and therefore social hub e.g. So what happened to this accent? In the pre-code era (up to 1934) they used the Tilly/DeWitt kind of fake RP (for an example of this, see Tallulah Bankhead), but this received mockery in the media, so they moved over to using Eastern Standard instead. However, by 1950, following and presumably due to the Second World War, the accent's influence had largely ended. It’s the accent formerly taught to U.S. actors and common on television in the 20th century. The opposite can be seen whereby POCs in Hollywood have to often put on an accent that relates to their race for comedic value. In 2014 episode of BrainStuff – HowStuffWorks, host Jonathan Strickland explains the origins of the very deliberate pattern of speech known as the Transatlantic (Mid-Atlantic) Accent, some of the theories as to why it was so ubiquitous in early Hollywood and why it isn’t employed that much anymore. Therefore, tense and lax vowels before /r/ are typically only distinguished by the presence/absence of /ə/.

Is she also the next US president? Widespread. The Transatlantic or Mid-Atlantic accent is called such because it sounds like it’s located in some geographic point between the US and the UK, having a blend of features from both dialects. ", "Why Did Old-Timey Baseball Announcers Talk the Way They Did? My mom's family is from Tangier so the video about them is cool, but it just sounds like all of her distant cousins to me.

"marry" is pronounced with a different vowel altogether. I swear, some people have no business being in education. Knight, Dudley. The names "Transatlantic" and "Mid-Atlantic" are fake, akin to calling the medieval Roman Empire "Byzantium".

I grew up in West Virginia and this accent was taught in high school speech/elocution classes up through I think the 50s. These changes have been there at least since the 1990 edition, and its unknown if Skinner or her followers (after her death) were responsible for them.

The expectation would be that because of the massive influence New York City had on the country, the New York City accents (or a generalized version thereof) would become the societal standard. ------------------------------------------------------------ The specific speech pattern of English gentry that Americans came to emulate was Received Pronunciation (RP, or the Queen's English), which is considered the elite standard for British English to this day.

This is a good article about the rise and fall of the type of speech, which the article labels an “affectation.” It wasn’t regional, or naturally occurring, but rather taught in some of the acting studios and in New England boarding schools.

Up until 1989 AM broadcast had an audio bandwidth of 15KHz and a channel bandwidth of 30KHz. I have my doubts that she really had this accent as it is not a naturally occurring accent and your peer group actually ends up more important than your parents, this of why immigrant children do not end up with "foreign accents.".

However, attitudes at the time looked towards the rural (read Midwestern) population as the 'true' Americans who were there from the beginning i.e. Jan 26, 2017 - This is a place to learn how to do cool things that have no use other than killing time and impressing strangers. Roosevelt.[13]. Don't know if it was ever properly codified into any speech guide, or by whom. Widespread in media and among socially aspirational types, and was of course still spoken by the eastern aristocracy.

Overall, a cultivated accent is when a larger group uses affected speech to the point when it becomes its own established accent or dialect that is still markedly different from its target dialect. Get a few drinks in us and it comes back out.

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