Unless otherwise stated: copyright © 1996-2020 Aviation Safety Network (ASN). >> /ProcSet [/PDF /Text /ImageB /ImageC /ImageI] <<

The Wall Street Journal reports that 27-year-old Lubitz was being seen by a neuropsychologist for depression.

>> /Tabs /S /Tabs /S

/ExtGState >> *�ƨ��0y`�����d2 A full transcript has been released from the final moments of the February crash of a cargo jet carrying packages from Miami to Houston for Amazon.com and the U.S. /Type /Group OK, we, we are ah, we are going to maintain this heading to ah, we are having problem with our flight controls, and also ah, speed, standby one. --- air conditioning pressurization set, auto brake landing switch, we got it set for medium --, quick return check complete. The CVR Group meeting convened on May 6, 2013 and a partial transcript was prepared for the 2-hour, 5-minute duration digital recording (see attached). /Type /Page The captain then says, “You can take over.” His seat is heard moving. Well, want to tell 'em we'll take it around and circle around and # around? /Type /Catalog

On Reserve . flaps are comin' twenty five. /Font Japan Air four six Echo heavy, understand turning inbound to runway six right. >> endobj

/ProcSet [/PDF /Text /ImageB /ImageC /ImageI] /Tabs /S >>

German prosecutors reported that Lubitz destroyed the doctor’s notes for the day of the crash and other days – with mounting evidence that Lubitz hid his “medical illness” from his employer and colleagues.

OK, land heavy, heavy weight landing for ---. /F5 44 0 R /Tabs /S >> /Parent 3 0 R

Patrick Sondenheimer apologises for the delay and says they will try and make up for it in the air. ** zero fuel**.

/F5 44 0 R /Type /StructTreeRoot /ExtGState

The crew confirms

/F5 44 0 R


>> /Type /Page


ya, it's isolated and ah, I'm gonna wait on the APU and all that crap. /Font one sixty eight is your thirty ref speed. /S /Transparency >> Japan Air four six Echo heavy, contact Anchorage ground one two one point niner. /GS27 47 0 R /F3 42 0 R >> /Parent 3 0 R /Resources


Smoke was coming from the aircraft as it landed. >>

no, he's looking at, he's looking at us, ya.


/Tabs /S /F3 42 0 R

rudder trim? /CS /DeviceRGB how copy? >>

/XObject /StructParents 32 >>

>> 35 0 obj >> OK, we know that ah, we're ah, declaring an emergency. 16 0 obj

/StructParents 13 which is 1006 feet (308 m) longer than runway 27R.

/Type /Group

/GS26 48 0 R /ProcSet [/PDF /Text /ImageB /ImageC /ImageI] /Parent 3 0 R

• 10.30 – 10.34: There are loud bangs on the door. >>

we need to gart start gettin' our story right so we can start detailing everything that happened. >> /Type /Page endobj The blaze was reported under control by about 04:00. ignition is off, window heat off, pressurization checked --- forty five, pressurization checked, hydraulics and brakes.

/GS26 48 0 R

/CS /DeviceRGB /Group endobj /F1 40 0 R >>

OK, we've got thrust reverser lights out.

26 Jun 1988: Air France: 296Q: Watch out for those pylons ahead, eh. I don't, I don't know if the turbulence ripped that engine loose or ***.

/DescendantFonts 88 0 R

/Resources /F1 40 0 R I can turn left all day. ah, thank you very much tower, this is Evergreen ah, Japan Air forty six Echo, thanks the fighters for us.

/CS /DeviceRGB /Parent 3 0 R

Source: NTSB/AAR-93/06 The reader of these transcripts is cautioned that the transcription of a CVR tape is not a precise science but is the best possible product from a group investigative effort. An early portion of the cockpit voice recorder captured the two aviators chatting about tiring schedules, according to people familiar with the details.

that's alright. it was very nice. /ProcSet [/PDF /Text /ImageB /ImageC /ImageI] that's OK. it did now. • Passengers can be heard screaming in the background. /F2 39 0 R I'm sure we do. you wanna dump down to five eighty five, correct?

/GS27 47 0 R

good afternoon Japan Air forty six Echo out of one thousand for two zero zero. The transcript reveals that Captain Patrick Sondenheimer screamed as he banged on the cockpit door, pleading with the co-pilot: “For God’s sake, open the door!”, Then, minutes later, again banging, pounding and an increasingly desperate voice: “Open the damn door!”. /Group

/Parent 3 0 R << <<

/Type /Group with all the parts that came off. /StructParents 29 That’s the pilot’s name you want to remember. /Resources

warning light come on: "Cleared to land, and ah listen we just

copy that.

/Parent 3 0 R *** fuel weight of seven hundred, right now, the airplane right now weighs seven hundred, your V speeds for flaps thirty -- ref speed is ----.

/Encoding /Identity-H --- guess we can crank the APU. hang on guys.

/StructParents 1 Miami Tower, Eastern 401 just turned on final, Miami Tower, do you read, Eastern 401? It makes for difficult reading – a transcript of the last 13 minutes of flight 4U 9525. << >> thanks @, buddy.

Posts: 11 However, below DA/DDA the VNAV path does …

Just when you think that you've seen the worst that mankind can do, and then something like this happens.

-- I don't know, it's back here.

/Type /Page /Group 7 0 obj Okay, we'd like to turn around and come, come back in, Eastern 401 turn left heading one eight zero, [Sound of six beeps similar to radio altimeter increasing in rate], Unless otherwise stated: copyright © 1996-2020 Aviation Safety Network (ASN). /F2 39 0 R << /Type /Group

endobj /S /Transparency /Parent 3 0 R endobj


/Resources /Parent 3 0 R #, I had a hard time gettin' this thing trimmed enough**.

/Contents 83 0 R /Contents 73 0 R 10 0 obj /F1 40 0 R

Lion One, they said ah, you can proceed on in and take a look and see how much damage has been done. << << /Parent 3 0 R

Japan Air four six Echo heavy, that traffic's leaving five thousand five hundred. /MediaBox [0 0 612 792] /F3 42 0 R /GS26 48 0 R

traffic two o'clock, one five miles southbound, three thousand eight hundred, descending to three thousand, Boeing seven two seven. << /ProcSet [/PDF /Text /ImageB /ImageC /ImageI]

/S /Transparency

/Tabs /S /Contents 68 0 R

<< in fact, we've just, Eastern 401, roger. >> that's complete to the line, OK, the emergency from the top.

/Contents 71 0 R in-flight failure check, shutdown check is complete.

The pilot tries in vain to save the flight. << /Group

F�����9Y����c�&�Fi�\��[�47Pm����W��2��@J�K'Mӕw0�'�q��:/�Bn`e\Vz5���c�r��\~@�A� �� �Gj%��dR��t��7S�rd2ػ�d�^���Iv���/o,��4�a���1��^��dq�������4r�t3�����g`�:���JP/a�� V��~#�!�jV�+k���΋ ��ߍEgζaB9��w5[��AY��� v�T /FontDescriptor 84 0 R /S /Transparency /CS /DeviceRGB

3 0 obj /F1 40 0 R maintain three thousand, vector ILS runway six right final approach course. /GS27 47 0 R /GS26 48 0 R /Type /Page /MediaBox [0 0 792 612] /ProcSet [/PDF /Text /ImageB /ImageC /ImageI]

this one I'm going to pay off on. >>

<< /F2 39 0 R It's gotta, gotta come out a little bit and then snap in, Okay, going up to two thousand, one twenty-eight six, All right ahh, Approach Control, Eastern 401, we're right over the airport here and climbing to two thousand feet. Ups Airlines Aviation Accidents Douglas Dc 8 Civil Aviation Lost Soul Circle Of Life Abandoned Aircraft Around The Worlds. This won't come out, Bob. Japan Air four six Echo heavy, say your intentions. tell 'em that we got really hot brakes on the airplane. /Contents 67 0 R /Widths 91 0 R /Font /Contents 60 0 R


/CS /DeviceRGB

I want to land on that runway, right now.

--- we got two leading edge devices out on the left side. /Image33 49 0 R /Font

>> << 2 0 obj /Font

/MediaBox [0 0 792 612] << Japan Air four six Echo heavy, Anchorage ground.

The flight – which was to be two hours in duration –  took off 20 minutes late.

sorry we got disorganized. /Group /MediaBox [0 0 792 612] >> /F1 40 0 R # around with that # twenty-cent piec, Eastern 401 'll go ah, out west just a little further if we can here and, ah, see if we can get this light to come on here, Allright, ah, we got you headed westbound there now, Eastern 401, How much fuel we got left on this # # # #, Naw that's right, we're about to cross Krome Avenue right now, I don't know what the # holding that # # # # in, Always something, we coulda make schedule, We can tell if that # # # # is down by looking down at our indices, I'm sure it's down, there's no way it couldnt help but be, The tests didn't show that the lights worked anyway, You can't see that indis ... for the nosewheel ah, there's a place in there you can look and see if they're lined up, I can't see it, it's pitch dark and I throw the little light I get ah nothing, Yeah wheel well lights always on if the gear's down. /F1 40 0 R

>> << >> <<

endobj roger we copy, we are coming for runway six right.

/ExtGState /F1 40 0 R /MarkInfo /F5 44 0 R

/Parent 3 0 R << >> /Type /Group

endobj 11 0 obj /MediaBox [0 0 612 792] <<

((sound of laughter)) --- whoa, whoa, whoa. <<

don't worry about the call. /S /Transparency The transcript, or parts thereof, if taken out of context can be misleading.

23 0 obj ya, I couldn't I couldn't find anything***.


>> /Group The crew evacuated and the fire services started fighting the fire.

endobj << /Font He killed 150 people in cold blood.He was just an angry little man who was going to lose his job and decided to take a whole heap of innocent people (including school children and babies) to their death with him.

number four's steady, number one hydraulics? /CS /DeviceRGB


/Type /Page

<< <<

ya, I don't know, they (just fell off) onto the left side,***and all that. /Font /F1 40 0 R << /F1 40 0 R


**no, (I mean on like departure), that fuel oil schedule. >> /StructParents 20 >>

<< affirmative at this time, and ah, we are maintaining ah, thirteen hundred.

/F3 42 0 R /Type /Page


>> /StructParents 31 Cockpit Voice Recorder Database, visit us at www.tailstrike.com. >> << /F1 40 0 R /StructParents 27 >> /Group

/MediaBox [0 0 792 612] thank you.---I can't see your speed so uh. can we turn off the air? /F5 44 0 R /F2 39 0 R

number two engine shut, down. << OK, we don't have an APU, we're powerin' it down right now. >> <<

Japan Air forty six Echo heavy, all the gear appears to be good. 15 0 obj /Parent 3 0 R It looks like we're gonna have to circle, we don't have a light on our nose gear yet, Eastern 401 heavy, roger, pull up, climb straight ahead to two thousand, go back to approach control, one twenty eight six, Leave the # # gear down tll we fid out what we got. >> /Type /Page /Font

The reader of these transcripts is cautioned that the transcription of a CVR tape is not a precise science but is the best possible product from a group investigative effort. /Type /Group --- got auto fail. On August 14, 2013, about 0447 central daylight time (CDT), UPS flight 1354, an Airbus A300-600, N155UP, crashed short of runway 18 during a localizer nonprecision approach to runway 18 at Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport (BHM), Birmingham, Alabama.

too low, gear. the Cockpit Voice Recorder transcript, ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

/CS /DeviceRGB /ProcSet [/PDF /Text /ImageB /ImageC /ImageI] <<

I'm taking all the air off the left wing. /Widths 87 0 R /ExtGState /Pages 3 0 R OK. did we get **** we're not dumping fuel? /F1 40 0 R

Covering a wide range from large commercial aircraft to commuter, corporate, and even private aircraft.

/F2 39 0 R /ProcSet [/PDF /Text /ImageB /ImageC /ImageI]

/CS /DeviceRGB >>

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