The Q5 Match frame shares the same feature set as the PPQ making for a welcome and familiar fit. I was in attendance at the pistol’s launch event a couple years ago, shot it well, and today it is my Steel Challenge competition gun with a Trijicon SRO red dot on top. Dimensions PPQ Q5 Match M1 Length 8.1″ Height 5.3″ Width 1.3″ Weight 3 oz Barrel 5″ PPQ Q5 Match M2 Length 8.1″ Height 5.3″ Width 1.3″ Weight 23 oz Barrel 5″ Q5 Match | M1 NEW FOR 2019 VICTORY OUT OF THE BOX. Learn all about the Walther product line. My lack of practice with a longer slide and the lack of a forward thumb shelf combined to make it very difficult for me to maintain accuracy with each pair. The mounting plate and optic jut out considerably from the gentle taper of the PPQ slide. So, after all the hoopla I just gave you about the PPQ, you may be wondering just what the Q5 Match brings that adds features, performance, or value to that. But again, this is not your average, compact carry gun; it’s a racer with some excellent competition-specific features which more than justify the cost. The Q5 Match has a comparatively low capacity for a competition gun and some folks may balk at the price. If you’re the owner of a standard PPQ or one is in your plans, for an additional $490 you can create a double-duty gun suitable for both daily carry and action-shooting competition. Required fields are marked *. The Q5 Match is a formidable production competition gun right out of the box, with its ported-for-reduced-weight slide, long sight radius, and fully adjustable iron sights. Subscriber Services. The model I used had only the iron sights, but I would really like to shoot this one with an RMR mounted. Since adding a red dot to a pistol that was not built for that setup can introduce function anomalies, it makes sense to instead get a model made for it. This places a “Reserve Order” for an out of stock item. Shootability (****) As mentioned before, the Q5 Match’s grip is remarkably comfortable and configurable with small, medium, and large backstraps. I love this trigger. Next post: Lever Tactical Big-Bore Takedown Rifle: WWG Co-Pilot Review, Previous post: The Assassination of Benazir Bhutto: The Unsolved Murder of the Muslim World’s First Female Prime Minister, Can I put gribs that are made for walther ppq steel frame on a polymor frame,or do they make grips for polymor frame for my walther ppq q5 match thank you nick. Many of our pictures are stock photos provided to us by the manufacturer and do not necessarily

The polymer striker-fired 9mm shot well in my opinion, certainly better than your average 9mm. The kit fits on any PPQ in 9mm except the subcompact.

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