God Tier doesn't exist in this game, it would imply that frame could literally solo anything in the game, including high wave Defense missions. Rhino Stomp also floats every boss to my knowledge. Excal and Ash belong in Higher tier, they are extremely versatile and offer great survivability and direct damage attacks, not to mention they are both fast and strong making them great for speed runs or long term survival. They are never useless in 99% of situations and all have a nice theme. Would Frost be highly ranked without Snow Globe? End game content requires fluid teamwork, effective strategy and the very best equipment to overcome. Disclaimer: the advice below contains generalisations. Therefore HWD belongs in Easy Game. You hit the nail on the head with Mag. Vauban's so good you don't even need to make use of Bastille and Vortex, just attach some teslas to yourself and become a walking voltage generator of death.

In the end damage doesn't matter, but if Frame has at least one Crowd Control or one -very unique- Utility Skill then it's no longer useless. Helios for mini-Banshee, self healing via Healing Return, and codex junkies. Low Tier: Volt (Overload is near useless with diminished range, but still has potential with intact electronics nearby), Mag (Crush hasn't been that great from the beginning, but it still does decent damage), Nyx (went from being a GOD with its bugged Chaos to being extremely weak), Rhino (Simply put, a tank that can't tank effectively any longer) and Trinity (Okay, so she can heal, but not really much else. no, is Snow Globe actually worth a S#&$ on anything other than defense? Good to Excellent in one area, but lacking in others that are important for control in various other situations. So really, calling pull situational just shows how little OP knows about battlefield manipulation. I don't understand why people are bashing on Mag. I personally think Saryn is overrated, I do not like that frame at all, but Ember (one of my favorites) is totally underrated, and deserves some respect. High Tier contains the most enjoyable frames to play in my opinion. After Wave 15 his Iron Skin is shattered faster than you can say "Oh crap, Potato alert". If anything, it should do bonus damage to enemies wearing lots of metal armor (maybe make it armor piercing damage). Some of those mid tier warframes are some of the best boss farmers in the game, and while I will agree Mag needs some love, she is far from useless. She has a better tank skill than Rhino, her uber does 20000 damage over the space of a few seconds when fully modded [WAT], and Ring of Fire staggers all enemies that walk into it. Because the bosses that you need to farm are either in a high level area (Excalibur) or the bosses need specific strategies to get killed. Shield Polarise should drain shields from enemies AND prevent their regeneration for some duration. At moment, is the warframe that need less changes in my opinion. I think his Tesla could use a deployment cap, but it would have to be sufficient to not completely destroy the skill (IE 2-3 Teslas would be seriously lackluster whereas 10 is too many imo). Only a few votes!) Gladly, there are SO many threads about it so I hope that DE will not ignore our feedback. Crush should ignore armour and affect things which enter the area afterwards. Teleport is not very useful), Excaliber (Slash Dash is great if you have the right melee weapon on and maxed and mod maxed, and his Radial Javelin can finish off mass spawns, but he can easily get himself in trouble from body blocking). Ammo Case is free ammo conversion, and CarrierP is tanker than all other sentinels.

It doesn't have much hp/shields (same as taxon) but the prime is a bit better. With a semi decent team, Mag can make it up to about waves 20 - 25 on defense. What I'm trying to say is that Ash deserves to be in God Tier for the sheer fact of how cool he is.

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