They look very similar to each other due to the fact that the fiberglass fuel tanks mudguards and saddle/airbox units were designed and manufactured by the same people. EVEN PARKED ITSELF DURING ONE TRIAL WHEN WE BOTH FELL OFF SAME TIME. Sean Connery Passes away at the ripe old age of 90. Privacy Policy. Seats are upholstered in black as standard with bespoke upholstery available. TURNS ON ITS OWN AXIS. Sale price: £14400 ≈ $18823 ≈ €15947 ≈ ₿1.28 btc, Item location: kings lynn, Norfolk, UK Click link below.

WELL HE IS 642 YEARS OLD. Following Rob’s original RT1 grass track outfit and the first RT2 sidecar outfits, one for Rob for grass track and one for motorcross rider Mike Guilford. It really couldn’t be easier. Thailand’s Little Drag Bikes- With A Lot of Speed! To find out what else we build and manufacture, please click on the links at the top of this page. LOTS MORE FAMOUS THAN ITS OWNERS. WE DO SUFFER FOOLS REAL BAD IN NORFOLK. ITS WOULD PLOUGH THROUGH TREES IN ITS WAKE. OTHERWISE IF YOU WANT IT ROAD REGISTERED WE MIGHT BE ABLE TO HELP WITH SOMETHING TAX FREE. NOW THEN. IT WILL LOOK AFTER YOU AND KEEP YOU SAFE. It was also used as a road racer and has been made into some nice street bikes.

ITS IS FOR A NOVICE OR THE BEST. OTHER PHOTOS ON A SOGGY DAMP FOGGY NEW YEARS DAY 2013 WEARING UNDERPANTS OUTSIDE OUR TROUSERS FOR SOME REASON. NOTHING WE COULDN'T DO. WE ARE GOING INTO 500 CC SIDECAR SPRINTING AND LAND SPEED STUFF FOR 2014 SO OUR WASP NEEDS USING AND A NEW OWNER. The frame was succsessfully raced in both on and off road competition. Sidecar cross is probably what first comes to mind when you think of WASP Rhind-tutt.For over two decades during the height of the sport, those big four stroke engines were found almost universally in Wasp frames. Or if you just want to restore your Classic Pre65 Motorcycle to it's former glory, call Terry Weedy he will help.

WE WANTED LEADING LINK FORKS. Seller's notes: A PROPER ROBBIE RHIND-TUTT TRAILS SIDECAR OUTFIT. Wasp motorcycles new site Link. Sale type: Fixed price listing, < Previous Yamaha motorcycle      Next Yamaha motorcycle >, A PROPER ROBBIE RHIND-TUTT WASP SIDECAR TRIALS OUT. BEFORE THIS WASP. Total weight is 155kg. LIKE A VAN OR CAMPER OR CLASSIC OR HOT TUB OR BOX TRAILER. The engine is one of the very first 1978 SR500 with the bigger flywheel. Wasp Motorcycles Ltd. 50 Years. Tel: 01722 792827. SELL IT AT THIS BARGAIN PRICE AS WE REALLY MUST CONCENTRATE ON OUR F2 SIDECAR. In my opinion, (and not surprisingly that of Rob Rhind Tutt) the Wasp RT3 is simply better than the Rickman Mark 3……let me explain; The Rickman frame has two full loops, each is made of two main tubes. NON FINER FOR THE MONEY. Your email address will not be published. PLEASE PLEASE. Wasp Motorcycles Ltd DO ASK. By avoiding a tube cross over at the steering head it is intrinsically stronger and most Wasps don’t need to run a head steady…..the frame is that strong! Today Wasp Motorcycles are still building sidecar and solo motocross rolling chassis to order. WE WON FIRST TIME OUT AGAINST THE MODERN TRIALS SIDECAR OUTFITS. the rear one hasn`t seen a lot. THINK LOADS OF PHOTOS ON www. Today Wasp Motorcycles are still building sidecar and solo motocross rolling chassis to order. Thank you for taking the time to visit our site. HAS BEEN USED AT CHAMPIONSHIP LEVEL MOST OF ITS LIFE INCLUDING INTERNATIONAL AND 7 YEARS GERMAN EURO CUP. The secondary drive is as short as possible 10/54 and allows a high speed of at least 50 mph. suspension full adjustable Koni. TRIALS WASP SIDECAR OUTFIT Yamaha SR 500 FIRST KICK STARTER WORLD EXPORT SWAP. When the time comes to adjust the rear chain, the adjustment is carried out at the rear wheel spindle. Royal Enfield Continental GT Parts/Upgrades, Triumph Thruxton & Bonneville/T100 Parts/Upgrades. AN ALLOY TANK.

ALWAYS FIND NEUTRAL. The RT3 was the first real production kit built by Rhind-tutt Motorcycles. Rob's frame. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. New web address. Manufacturing motorcycle frames and forks. we are not asking for any. To find out what else we build and manufacture, please click on the links at the top of this page. Your email address will not be published. EASY CLUTCH. WE WANTED BIG SINGLE 4 STOKEWE WANTED IT LIGHTER. They were produced in motocross and road race variants and were a contemporary of the Rickman Mk 3 scrambles frames.

ITS BUILT AND MAINTAINED PROPERLY. ANY INSPECTION. 50 years on and around 5000 frames made, including solo’s, sidecar’s and quads across the range of motorcycle sport. The RT3 was the first real production kit built by Rhind-. ... Home On the road Wasp MX Solo Wasp Trials Solo The MkIII,MkIIIa and MkIV solos BSA scrambler Pre 85 Twinshock sidecar contact Gallery. Manufacturing motorcycle frames and forks. RT3 Solo. WILL UPLOAD DETAILS AND PHOTOS DURING AUCTION TOO. TRAINING DAY ON PRIVATE TRIALS COURSE IN NORFOLK WILL COST YOU ONLY £116 HIRE OF FULL TRACK. The former is strengthened by a pair of hefty plates carrying the swinging arm pivot point and the latter requires some serious head- steady bracing (like on the Norton Featherbed). com please dont think we need the money.

Twinshock Sidecars. AND VERY TIGHT MODERN TRIAL STUFF THAT IT SIMPLY PLOUGHS THROUGH WONDERING WHY THE OTHER BIKES LOOK WIMPY AND THE CREW WEARING LYCRA. Having left school in 1956 he was employed by … alloy oil tank with a capacity of 3 pints is placed in the frame triangle under the seat. WE RACE IN TWEED JACKETS. A VERY FAMOUS INTERNATIONAL SIDE CAR OUTFIT.FIRST KICK STARTER.. LAST USED TO TAKE XMAS PRESENTS TO ADDENBROOKES CHILDRENS HOSPITAL AND IT KEPT UP WITH THE SOLO ROAD BIKES AND TRAFFIC. PHONE TERRY for the best price you will be very happy with the price. chassis for motocross and grasstrack together with solo motocross frames to sell on the worldwide market. WE OFFER LUXURY BED AND BREAKFAST £35 PER PERSON PER NIGHT IF REQUIRED AND USE OF WORKSHOP TO CHECK OR ASK HOW IT WORKS. in 1956 he was employed by the Ministry of Defence as an engineering apprentice. TALK TO USPRICE INCLUDES DELIVERY UK OR EUROPE. tyres are IRC. Following the performance of the home built outfit, other riders began to take more and Wasp Motorcycles Ltd. 50 Years. Required fields are marked *. The RT3 entered the world scrambling scene with some success. MARK ON 07712 825138 UP TO 8PMmark@v1twn. Terry Weedy can … IF YOUR A NOVICE. Fiderglass kits are made to order and come in many wonderful colours like british racing green,black,red,blue.yellow and white plus many more!

Headlight 7 Inch with LED Internal Turn Signals Fits ALL Brands and Makes of Motorcycles, Triumphs should be a good option for 2016. the exhaust pipe is made from stainless steel. Rob Rhind-Tutt was born in 1941, on the same plot of land that he still occupies today. The Wasp RT3 frame is made from two full loops of smaller diameter tubing. ITS LOOKED AFTER US. Ready to race. THEY HAVE QUOTED £1500 PLUS VAT TO MAKE THE BIKE WORTH £8500 OF ANYBODIES MONEY. Underneath the plastic however the frames are quite different, when you look at them in detail.

Home On the road Wasp MX Solo Wasp Trials Solo The MkIII,MkIIIa and MkIV solos BSA scrambler Pre 85 Twinshock sidecar contact Gallery.

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