Is a Correctional Administration Career Right For You? One bad word from your probation officer could land you in custody. All rights reserved. Standard probation is typically one officer to 70 defendants. Reality: Parole officers supervise defendants released from prison; probation is typically before a prison sentence. Reality: In my career, I have been assaulted, sustained three concussions at work, been threatened with a knife. There are also minimum caseloads, which have several hundred defendants to one officer, and unsupervised probation. Others officers, particularly in urban populations, may hold specialized caseload positions, and work with specific groups of offenders such as sex offenders, offenders sentenced to electronic monitoring (house arrest) or GPS monitoring, and cases with severe mental health, substance abuse and/or violent histories. Probation in Thailand is currently under the auspices Department of Probation, Ministry of Justice, Thailand. The English & Welsh system has two levels of officer, the Probation Officer, and the Probation Service Officer - the latter will normally have less training than the former, and will be limited to supervising offenders at low and medium risk of serious harm. If we seize illegal items, it will only be a probation violation. Outside organizations may include legal services, substance abuse counseling and social services agencies. *The salary information listed is based on a national average, unless noted. At the institutional level, parole officers make recommendations concerning offender transfers, temporary absences, and other forms of conditional release, including parole release as part of reintegrating offenders into society. Other jurisdictions are expanding a parole officer's duties to include post-incarceration supervision under special sentencing, such as convictions requiring sex offender registration, civil commitments, and violent offenders. The work of drug addict rehabilitation is currently in the transition to the Ministry of Public Health. Many parole and probation officers have a master’s degree in criminal justice. This may be called “Tools” or use an icon like the cog. Other duties include writing progress reports and working with many community agencies to help secure stable housing, employment and income. I, in no way, want to be a police officer. Since the abolishment of parole in the federal system in 1984, there are no longer any federal parole officers. Reality: There are times when defendants have not spent a day in jail or prison. Probation officers are also charged with providing a variety of reports on offenders throughout their criminal justice lifecycle, such as pre-sentence reports making recommendations on interventions likely to reduce the likelihood of reoffending or of causing serious harm; pre-release reports making recommendations on licence conditions or other interventions necessary for offenders being considered for release on licence; and parole reports advising the Parole Board of the probation service view of the offender suitability for release.

[clarification needed] These cases involve persons who have completed their incarceration, but who must be supervised under the special sentence for three years, or even for life, as in the case with Community Supervision for Life sentencing for sex offenders. Responsibility for juvenile probation was then transferred to the Department of Juvenile Observation and Protection and probation for parolees was transferred to the Department of Corrections under Ministry of Interior. Let your probation officer know if you have to meet immediately after work. to possess excellent oral and written communication skills, a broad knowledge of the criminal justice system. Probation officers are usually issued a badge or some other form of credentials and, in some cases, may carry concealed weapons or pepper spray[1] for self-protection.

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