But Christian Cooper also said he was disturbed by the fact that people were making death threats toward Amy Cooper, which he called abhorrent. Amy Cooper Took her Dog to a Rescue. That is where she is wrong. “Amy Cooper engaged in racist criminal conduct when she falsely accused a Black man of trying to assault her in a previously unreported second call with a 911 dispatcher,” the statement reads. Again, Amy Cooper says that others are now destroying her life. Catch up on the day’s top five stories every weekday afternoon. The small section of the park they were in, the Ramble, is a protected space home to dozens of bird species. A … One 911 Call About A Black Bird Watcher Wasn’t Enough For Amy Cooper. As fragile as they may be, white women know that even the shards of … Amy Cooper — the woman caught on viral video calling in a false 911 report that a Black man requesting she leash her dog in Central Park was threatening her — made a follow-up call claiming he tried to assault her, prosecutors revealed Wednesday. I am a strategist, management consultant, executive coach and international speaker and have delivered meaningful results for executives and leaders across 3 continents. Prosecutors charged Amy with falsely reporting an incident. The result was that Emmett Till was kidnapped from the home he was staying, tortured for hours and then brutally murdered. Though Amy Cooper has since apologized for her behavior and actions in Central Park, she still describes herself in victim terms. But it was a lie, prosecutors say. And instead of apologizing by saying that she basically used bad words on Monday, Amy needs to reflect on the above three things she did that caused harm to her own reputation and career. Count: That’s the only answer to President Trump’s nonsense, Video shared by Eric Trump showing person ‘Burning 80 Trump Ballots’ is fake: officials, Alabama mother sentenced to 723 years in prison for abusing daughters for a decade, Greta Thunberg to pouting President Trump: ‘Chill Donald, Chill!’, Man arrested for horrific massacre of Mormon moms and kids in Mexico last year, Brooklyn gangster who kidnapped rapper Tekashi69, gets 24 years in prison, Man shot behind steering wheel of car in the Bronx by fellow motorist, 'Count every vote’ NYC peaceful protest ends quietly while other demonstrators clash with cops; multiple arrests, Led Zeppelin ‘Stairway to Heaven’ copyright battle revived with new appeal to U.S. Supreme Court, Trump struggles to lift glass of water during ‘60 Minutes’ interview, Teenager murdered and brother stabbed over ‘wrong’ look in Queens, [More New York] Teenager murdered and brother stabbed over ‘wrong’ look in Queens, [More New York] High-ranking NYPD officer in charge of workplace harassment posted racist messages on law enforcement ‘Rant’ board, City Council investigation finds, [More New York] Killer Bonanno mobster released from prison after catching COVID-19. Britni de la Cretaz. She was trying to ensure that the only impression the individual could get was that her very life may be taken if he or she didn’t act quickly. After this, she can work to successfully repair the damage. Every single one of these actions is wrong, and Amy Cooper needs to own all of it before she can rebuild her reputation and career.

“Fortunately, no one was injured or killed in the police response to Ms. Cooper’s hoax. During a recent CNN interview, Amy Cooper said that her “entire life is being destroyed right now” after Christian Cooper posted a Facebook video of their encounter in Central Park. Then she followed through on the threat and set things in motion for him to suffer for even daring to request that she put a leash on her dog. The dog had been evaluated by its veterinarian, "who found that he was in good health," the statement said. If there had not been video, what horrors would Amy Cooper had brought down upon Christian Cooper’s life? I recommend that instead of complaining about how her life is now destroyed, Amy Cooper should reflect on how so many people now believe that she tried to destroy Christian Cooper’s life. ", White woman apologizes for calling the cops on black man, Video shows Amy Cooper calling cops on Black man in Central Park, See Biden's potential pathway to winning Georgia, Here's where the Trump campaign has filed lawsuits, Protesters assemble outside of Arizona elections facility, Dana Bash reports on Trump's mood as Biden eyes 270, Meet the candidates who made history in the 2020 election, Biden: We believe when the count is finished we'll be the winner, Ana Navarro: What happened in Miami may not happen in Arizona, Democrats' bid for control of the Senate comes up short, Biden on election night: Your patience is commendable, 'Shockingly disappointing:' Tapper rebukes Trump's chilling speech, Georgia special election Senate race heads to a runoff, Federal judge rejects GOP challenge to invalidate nearly 127,000 votes, Residents describe moments of horror after Vienna attack, See the fence being built around the White House, Tensions escalate in some areas ahead of Election Day, statement from Abandoned Angels Cocker Spaniel Rescue, Christian Cooper is asking people to stop making death threats against the woman who called the cops on him. After the incident, her dog was surrendered to the shelter he was adopted from a few years prior. EY & Citi On The Importance Of Resilience And Innovation, Impact 50: Investors Seeking Profit — And Pushing For Change, Derek Chauvin and three other police officers. “Do you understand that?”. (CNN)When Amy Cooper called police for a second time, she claimed that a Black man birdwatching tried to assault her. Assistant District Attorney Joan Illuzzi said NYPD officers quickly arrived on the scene after Amy’s hysterical calls — and that she admitted that at no time did Christian try to assault her. Amy Cooper’s dog is a cocker spaniel named Henry. It also damages a leader’s credibility. In that video, white police officer Derek Chauvin is seen kneeling on Floyd’s neck as he pleads for his life. I don’t know if Amy Cooper is racist or not, but her behavior on the Monday in question was indistinguishable from what most people expect from racists. Emmett Till was a 14-year-old black boy from Chicago. Story from News. So She Called Again. That apology apparently wasn’t enough for her to hold on to her job with Franklin Templeton, and it won’t be enough for her to rebuild her reputation and career either because you first have to own what you did before you can successfully repair it. "Accordingly, and consistent with input received from law enforcement, we have now complied with the owner's request for return of the dog," according to the statement. Judge Nicholas Moyne warned Amy that she needed to attend her next court appearance on November 17. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own.

Christian Cooper recorded video of part of their encounter and posted it on Facebook, where it has since been shared thousands of times and became a trending topic on Twitter. To increase the sense of urgency for police, she changed her demeanor, raised her voice inflections, and heightened her cries and animations all in an attempt to get police on the scene ASAP. Let us not allow the sheer amount of suffering and the Covid-19 pandemic to erase or overshadow what Amy Cooper did when she feigned being attacked by Christian Cooper in Central Park on the same day that George Floyd was killed. During a recent CNN interview, Amy Cooper said that her “entire life is being destroyed right now” after Christian Cooper posted a Facebook video of their encounter in Central Park. She can rebuild her reputation and career, but first she has to take full responsibility for destroying it. "I think her apology is sincere," Cooper said. Using nothing but the color of his skin, Amy sent the message that she was superior to Christian and that he needed to step back in his place because he was a black man. Amy Cooper decided that Christian Cooper would indeed suffer for having the audacity to challenge her power and her privilege. You may opt-out by. Latest Election Results as the votes are counted in key states, Nevada election official says he’s worried for staffers' safety as vote count continues, Brooklyn shooting victim was college student filled with ambition, Fox & Friends tells Trump to leave Twitter, 'Stay calm’: Biden calls for patience with election results and vows to steer U.S. out of ‘terrible’ pandemic, High-ranking NYPD officer in charge of workplace harassment posted racist messages on law enforcement ‘Rant’ board, City Council investigation finds, GOP observers granted court order to watch vote counting in battleground Pennsylvania, ‘F--k you, we did a good job’: Polling guru Nate Silver defends election predictions amid backlash, Teen arrested after teacher sees him having oral sex with 7-year-old girl during break in online class, Count. I have committed my research, education and professional talents to transforming governments, corporations, nonprofits and educational institutions and develop leaders and managers who have the capacity to create high-performing organizations and the competence to affect positive change. Yet upon being asked to follow this rule, Amy responded with the kind of superiority and indignation that could only be read as white privilege. I cover careers, professional advancement and leadership development. "I find it strange that people who were upset that ... that she tried to bring death by cop down on my head, would then turn around and try to put death threats on her head. Christian Cooper told CNN's Don Lemon that he accepted her apology. Two days later, investment firm Franklin Templeton fired Amy Cooper for what it described as racism. 52 years later, Carolyn Bryant Dunham, admitted that she lied and made the story up. While she's on the phone, her dog appears to be straining and trying to get free while she tries to restrain it by its collar. "I'm taking a picture and calling the cops," Amy Cooper is heard saying in the video. Our office will pursue a resolution of this case which holds Ms. Cooper accountable while healing our community, restoring justice, and deterring others from perpetuating this racist practice.”. The 911 calls came on May 25 during Cooper’s notorious confrontation with birdwatcher Christian Cooper, who asked her to put her Cocker Spaniel on a leash.

The first thing I thought about after watching Christian Cooper’s Facebook video was the Emmett Till case. She held that lie while she lived a comfortable life and raised her own children. On Monday, Amy Cooper called police on Christian Cooper (no relation) after he asked her to put a leash on her dog and then refused to stop recording her. "Where does that make any kind of sense? In doing this, she was letting Christian Cooper know in the most pressing way she could that she had power over him; that she could use her race and gender to get over on him; that she could truly hurt—even destroy—him with one phone call. Amy Cooper called police on Christian Cooper (no relation) on May 25 during an encounter involving her unleashed dog. “I’m going to tell them there’s an African American man threatening my life,” Amy told Christian, her voice rising with hysteria as she spoke to a 911 operator. Before actually calling the police, Amy Cooper first threatened to do so.

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