If animal is not registered with WDCR, list the registration number from other registry and email a copy of the papers to the Registrar. We, the White Dexter Cattle Registry, are committed to promoting and expanding our breed with integrity and simplicity. The upgrade began in 1999 when a registered White Park bull was bred to ten registered black Dexter cows. Dexters are a naturally small cattle breed, but they are not “miniature cattle.” Since Dexter cows often continue to grow until 3 years of age and bulls can continue to grow up to 5 years of age, an animal’s mature size can take several years to ascertain. This is a group for White Dexter Cattle.

Excessive white on the body, pervasive spotting, or brindling are not considered optimal. This is a fully upgraded breed with a quality registry to maintain the pedigree records. Online Registration/Transfer can be submitted by using the green buttons above.Click here for a printable Register/Transfer form to mail. [9] "The government has no interest in where our food comes from or how it tastes, so it's nice to set your own welfare and quality standards,” said poet and songwriter Pam Ayres, who has a small herd of Dexters on her 20-acre (81,000 m2) Cotswolds property. This is a group for White Dexter Cattle. These crosses are for people who like the white with black tips color pattern but want a small animal with the good traits of both the Dexter and the British White. An interactive group for White Dexter owners and those that love them. Australian Kyrhet Miniature Cattle Society and Registry, Miniature Angus, American and Australian Lowline Society and Registry, Dexter Miniature Cattle Society and Registry, Durham/Shorthorn Miniature Cattle Society and Registry, Hereford Miniature Cattle Society and Registry, Highland Miniature Cattle Society and Registry, White Dexter™ Miniature Cattle Society and Registry, Zebu Miniature Cattle Society and Registry, Texas Longhorn Miniature Cattle Society and Registry. [4] The occurrence of bulldog fetuses is higher in calves born with a black coat than a red coat, because black coat colour is more common. Dexters are everything they are advertised as being:  wonderful dispositions, hardy, easy calving, great mothering skills. No testing is required by the registry.

WHITE DEXTER CATTLE hat 2.345 Mitglieder. We will have a limited number of calves available, both ADCA registered Dexters and the Dexter / British White crosses, in 2021. [7], Originally, Dexters were typically horned, but a naturally polled strain was developed in the 1990s. Originally, White Dexters were registered with the IMCBR. From that date forward, the offspring of each year were then bred back to only registered, purebred Dexters. The breed virtually disappeared in Ireland, but was still maintained as a pure breed in a number of small herds in England and the US.

The result is a polled, small, white with black points  (or sometimes red points) animal that is just slightly larger than a dexter.

Beef animals in the US are expected to mature in 18–24 months and result in small cuts of high-quality, lean meat, graded US Choice, with little waste. 1,615 people like this.

Raising small acreage cattle is supposed to be fun and profitable……it is possible again! As an upgrade to the 200 year old Dexter breed, we intend to keep the triple purpose characteristics of beef, milk and oxen with our exciting new color. WHITE DEXTER CATTLE has 2,254 members.

Completed form and applicable registration papers can be mailed to: WDCR PO Box 16155 Wichita, KS 67216.

Their versatility is one of their greatest assets, and probably has something to do with the number of countries where Dexter cattle are found, including North America, South Africa, Australia, and much of Europe. Happy she has joined us here at Nature’s Own Dexter Cattle. Dexters should have no white markings except for some minor white markings on the belly/udder behind the navel and some white hairs in the tail switch.

PUT "PRETTY" IN YOUR PASTURE Please … This is Meadow DOB 07-15-2019 She is out of Pointer Ridge Buck #010230 and R Lil Meadowlark #010116. Dexters have three coat colors - black, red, and dun (brown). Or scan and email to: WhiteDexterRegistrar@gmail.com, $5.00 additional if registration includes a parent of a different registry. The upgrade began in 1999 when a registered White Park bull was bred to ten registered black Dexter cows.

The Dexter breed originated in southwestern Ireland, from where it was brought to England in 1882. We refuse to burden our owners with mandatory testing and expenses. As with Chondrodysplasia, PHA-affected Dexters should not be bred together. We started looking for a breed of cattle that was easier to work, more hardy, and smaller. Considering their small size, their bodies are wide and deep with well-rounded hindquarters. We also have small frame British White cattle. (One-time data entry fee.). Management practices vary by breeder and country. Breeding with integrity is of the upmost importance therefore we will maintain an accurate registry. The breed virtually disappeared in Ireland, but was still maintained as a pure breed in a number of small herds in England and the US. A rare breed until recently, they are now considered a recovering breed by the Livestock Conservancy.[1]. If the album does not show, please refresh the page to try again. The White Dexter breed is a full upgrade of the original Dexter breed.

Welcome! "[9], The popularity of Dexters has been fueled by a desire for organic food, health concerns over factory farming, and food prices.

The Dexter is a small breed with mature cows weighing between 600 and 700 lb and mature bulls weighing about 1,000 lb (450 kg). [8], Dexter cattle have short legs compared to other breeds; increased shortness is displayed from the knee to the fetlock. (to be completed only for new cattle registrations). Use your Paypal account or credit card of choice.Click Buy Now button to make payment or email Registrar at address above for payment options. Submission of this application certifies that the above statements are true and accurate and that the animal for which registration is requested conforms to WHITE DEXTER CATTLE REGISTRY standards and rules established June 17, 2016.

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